Thursday, January 10, 2008

I'm not sure, BUT......

I DON'T think JUST an ear infection will include a 2:30am fever and puking session. I'm thinking maybe if munchkin were to retake that flu test, it might NOT be negative this time. Thank heavens that the K-man slept better last night. Although at one point last night (or actually early this morning), our living room contained our whole family....asleep on various couches. FUN.

You'd think being home for 7-10 days, I could get stuff done, but I'm exhausted just keeping up with the poor sick young-uns. And dumping bales of echinacea and vitamin c down myself to try to keep from getting it. Oh yeah, and catching snoozes every chance I get cuz I know I'll need it....maybe not right this minute, but I'll sure appreciate it later.

So that's the update. Will come back some other time when I feel like it. Who knows when that will be. But anyways, thanks everyone for the well wishes....sure do appreciate it.



  1. I'm SO sorry ya'll are sick. Let me know if there's anything I can do. Love ya!!

  2. Wow... you all had quite a week of sickness!!


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