Tuesday, January 29, 2008

*deeeep breath*

For some reason, I am having difficulty obtaining enough oxygen to completely satisfy my lungs today. I'm not sure why. Maybe b/c I didn't get much sleep last night. My body is mad at me.

No use complaining to my hubby, though. He tells me that it's self inflicted pain (which is not what I want to hear at six thirty in the morning when I'm moaning b/c I have to get up and I don't want to) Haha. I say it's not totally self inflicted, since half my problem is the K-man. Go figure, I was bragging on him yesterday and how good he's been doing sleeping since I stopped the breathing treatments.

Yeah, well, not like I'm superstitious or anything, but I forgot to find some wood to knock on after I said that.

Kinda funny though, b/c last night was KC's turn. I did get up and deal with him twice...I'm not sure why I did, I was pretty out of it, but then sometime this morning I heard KC get up with him, so I was really happy that he's getting a chance to do his share. HAHA...it seemed for awhile there that everytime it was "his" night to get up with him, K-man would sleep all night and the next night when it was "my" night, he'd wake up fussy at least 4 or 5 times. It felt extremely lopsided. I feel better now. LOL. Isn't that terrible of me? Poor KC. He's got such a meanie for a wife. *GRIN*

The self inflicted part? Well, I did have him (K-man, not KC...LOL) out past his bedtime last night. We had a girls and kids night over at KR's and us girls got to playing around on the bloggy stuff and lost track of time. Yeah, and then when I got home, I opened my computer up and checked my mail and all that, so it ended up being about 12:30am when I went to bed. That probably wasn't smart on a work night. LOL. Oh well. We're planning to do it again next Monday night, so I guess that means I'm a slow learner. HAH!

No, really what it means is that I'd rather get some chick time in than sleep. Either one puts me in a better mood, so what's the big deal anyways? LOL.

So I had to send K-man to a sitter yesterday b/c he was running a fever Sunday evening and I can't miss anymore work, and when I picked him up last night, he was like, ten times happier and in a better mood, than he ever is when I pick him up from daycare. I really wish I didn't have to send him to the daycare. I felt so much better about him being with that family all day and I wish I could take him there every day (besides the fact that it's not such a big deal if he's running a low fever or something). *sigh* But DSS won't pay childcare to a private person, just daycares, which really stinks. *bigger SIGH*

Well, that's about it for now, I guess. I've got some pictures to post, just didn't get to it the last time when I was uploading....maybe tonight when I get home. *grin*



  1. Gotta have your girl time! It is so refreshing.

  2. Well I wish you could to! I had a great time he was awesome!

  3. I hope K-man will sleep for you better!LOL!! Thanks for the comment on my blog(Sprinkles life not daily grace its kelby!!!)


  4. HMMM.. girl time or sleep? Thats a tough one but as a slow learner myself I would choose girl time. My youngest still wakes up at night and hes 2 now. Its funny that it always seems like "my night" when he does..lol or hubby conveniently sleeps through it. I hope you are having a wonderful,deserved sleep right now!

  5. I know about that oxygen thing. Truly I do! And yes, you need your girl time. It's a must! Get your chick time THEN sleep! :)


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