Monday, January 21, 2008


So I jinxed the snow day by buying/borrowing snow gear for the kids. Didn't do a THING on Saturday OR Sunday.

I was bummed.

In other news, there's not much news.


I just missed blogging and wanted to post SOMETHING.

Oh yeah, KC told me a munchkin funny that happened at church last night (while I was home with the K-man who was sick AGAIN).....

He said that munchkin was doing REALLY good, just sitting there on the pew with her legs spread apart and playing with her toys on the pew between her legs when all of a sudden.....


He said it was a really quiet moment, and it was long and drawn out........and then, to finish the quiet moment.....

"*giggles* I TOOTED!!!! *giggles*" (in a normal tone of voice)

He said, along with being completely MORTIFIED, he pretty much lost it. Along with the entire back half of the church. LOL.

"Daddy, why you laughing?????"

He had to take munchkin and go out so he could get control of HIS giggles. ROFL!!!!

Sorry I missed it, but I hope you enjoy the laugh as much as I did.

Ya'll have a happy Monday, now....ya hear?


  1. Ha-ha!!! Wendy and I were lost and didn't know what happened. Glad you let me in on that one! ;-)
    Munchkin and Carter were sitting beside me during choir and something funny happened so Casey made a reference to Bro. Church saying "Sometimes you just have a hallelujah breakdown" and both of them responded with their own hallelujah's!

  2. LOL! Yeah, KC didn't tell me about anything that happened during choir, but I'm pretty sure the TOOT was just a plain ol hallelujah's...LOL!!!!!!

  3. Gotta love humanly body noises!

  4. I would love to have been there!

  5. Don't weren't the only one who jinxed that snow day! :o) Love hearing about the Munchkin sayings! She cracks me up!

  6. lol!! That is funny! And Munchkin is so cute!! I love that age!

  7. omgosh! Too funny!
    Sorry i haven't been around much, but I'm trying to catch up.


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