Saturday, December 01, 2007


If it ain't one thing, it's half a zillion others. *sigh*

Wally asked me the other day if I had a "hot key" for that *sigh* thing. No, I sure don't, but I use it so often, it would save me at least 50 keystrokes per blog entry if I did. End of sentence. Press F7. Write another paragraph, insert F7.

LOL. (Need a hot key for that one, too, haha!)

So what are these half a Well, I'm sure you don't have the time to listen to all half zillion, so I'll just sum it up to say that K-man came down with some kind of virus Friday morning when he woke up, so KC and I juggled work times so that one of us would be with him all day. And I had to take him to the doctor. Figures that the only two times he puked???? On the way to the doctor's office. On the way back from the doctor's office. Bless his little heart. I had to pull off the road and try to take care of him.....made me a few minutes late to the doc, too. F7. (LOL) He was so pitiful. You KNEW he was sick....he was quiet all day and slept most of the time. Oh yeah, and figures that I had cleaned the car out and forgot to replace the spare set of clothes.

Thank you, KC, for spraying out the car seat when I got home. You're a doll!

By the way, back to the F7 thing....I just have to say that every time you see this: *sigh* I actually AM sighing. The general procedure is that I'll finish typing the sentence, *sigh* and then pause, and while I'm thinking of what to say next, I just go ahead and type that so that my fingers don't stop.

Cuz around here?

You stop, you don't get started again.

I do my best not to stop.

Speaking of not stopping....although really I'm not sure how I'm going to tie this in....this is a lousy segue....let's just stop and I'll move on to the next topic abruptly. *sigh*

Ooops. I stopped and now I lost my thought. See what I mean?

My head hurts.

I think my sinus infection is still hanging around. I took some sinus meds, but not really noticing any difference.

Hopefully I'll get to sleep tonight. I slept on the couch last night. It was easier to get off the couch and go to K-man than to crawl out of my cozy bed and go to him. He was really restless and had a rough time all night long. Ran a fever most of the night, so I kept trying to comfort him and get his fever down. I did get a couple of hours of sleep in between hopping up to take care of him. And bless my mom, she was going to come help me with the kids so we could go to the scrapbook day, but when K-man got sick and I decided I'd better stay home with him instead of taking him, mom came on anyways and played with the kids in their room for awhile so I could get some rest. It was so nice.

Munchkin had a bit of a rough start this morning. Decided she didn't want to wear boombooms and wanted to throw a fit over it, so I told her I was going to go play and when she was ready to get dressed she could come out. I went back in a few minutes later when she didn't come out and she was jumping on the bed, nekkid as a jaybird. The little turkey. So I pulled the clothes out from where she'd put them back in the drawers and put them on her, with her kicking and screaming and trying to undo my work the whole time. Then I, very calmly, said we don't run around without our clothes on, and if you want to continue this fit, then we'll do it outside. Then I gently, but very firmly, took her hand and led her out to the garage (which is attached to the house and the only way she can reach to get out is through the door back into the house). I told her when she finished her fit, she could come back inside. I figured it would be chilly enough out there that she'd not take her clothes off during the fit. I was right. She beat on the door and screamed a few more minutes and then KC opened it and asked her if she was ready to apologize and be nice. The first time he asked, she just screamed at him. So he shut the door. A few minutes later, she decided to apologize when he asked. After that, she had a fairly decent day, and we didn't have too much difficulty out of her for the rest of the morning and afternoon....all the way down to bedtime. *sigh* Good thing. I don't know if I would have been able to handle it very well....particularly since I've not been feeling so hot myself.

That girl....she's definitely got the "reaction buttons" memorized. She can sure push my buttons in a heartbeat. And a lot of times, I'll react without even thinking about it and knowing all along that's what she's doing. That, in itself, is one of my buttons, b/c I hate that and knowing that I've given her the reaction she's looking for just makes me madder. UGH. Not a pleasant cycle. I'm working on it though. Today was a good day.

In other news, Shutterfly is my new favorite thing. I LOVE all the photo stuff you can do on there and the prices are pretty reasonable on top of it. I am afraid I'm going to spend a fortune there before this is all over. YIKES!

And while we're on that, I'm going to get going here and get over to Shutterfly to place my order before the really good sale goes off at midnight! Why do I always procrastinate right down to the last minute???? UGH!


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  1. My husband is an IT tech and said it is very possible (using macro) to store *sigh* as an F key. :)


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