Thursday, December 06, 2007

Hair today, gone tomorrow.

Well. Gone today, actually, but it didn't sound right to say it that way.

*PLEASE NOTE --- GIRL TALK BELOW, GUYS JUST CLICK HERE TO GO AWAY* home early this afternoon and decided to use that hour without kids to pamper myself with a nice loooooong hot shower. So sad how things like using a razor just don't make it to the top of the priority list as often once you have kids......*sigh* Since the K-man is usually banging on the sides of his crib and crying to get his diaper changed at dark-thirty in the morning, I'm typically doing the 'spit and run through it' kind of shower so I can throw on some clothes and get the kids ready for school.....and the evening shower doesn't actually include removing my clothes, it's usually taken on the side of the bathtub while trying to keep the K-man from either tinkling on me or in the tub and/or splashing water on every last square inch of dry places on my person. Yeah. Anyways. I feel like a girl again. Nice feeling, that.

As you can see, I have nothin of importance to talk about, so I'm going to hop off here and go to bed. Just needed to get on here and say SUMPIN since I haven't posted in several days. YOW. If you'd like some humor, you might find a laugh or two in the comments section of my last post....hehe. Love that hubby of mine. *smiles*

Tay. I'm going away now.



  1. You know I had to follow the link you left for the men... LOL!! LOL!!

    Glad you posted to let us know all is well. :) And yes the comment section is so worth a read!

  2. hehe. Love the girl talk warning and the guy link. Don't feel too bad, I'm single and don't have kids, and using a razor isn't always on the top of my priority list either. *LOL* By the way, thanks for the help on Sallie Ann's blog. Love ya!

    PS Deleted comment is mine again. Messed up on spelling and had to fix it *grin*


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