Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Post # 500 - A Positive Note

Yay....I'm glad I have something really nice to record for the five hundredth post.

DSS visit went well tonight....our social worker told us this evening that some of the social workers/guardian ad litems were talking about our household today and how many openings we have left in our home and how many more they could stick in here, and our social worker said we only had one spot left and she was going to fight to get one of her kids in it. LOL. They apparently are really impressed with how well the kids in our care are doing and how much improvement they are showing.

Which, of course, it's not us, it's God, b/c I realize a bit more every day how big my failings are....still, it was really encouraging to hear that.

And then, the same GAL mentioned above spoke with KC several days ago and mentioned to him that she had been very concerned over where the K-man would get placed when he had to be moved from his original placement, but when she found out that he was coming to our house, she was very happy. She also told KC that in her conversations with DSS, she's learned that they think very highly of us as a foster family.

Top it all off, the Child Development guy who heads up the under three speech and development therapy programs came to the daycare yesterday or today to visit with K-man and I guess see how he was doing and he saw Munchkin, who was in their program until she turned three (which was shortly after she came to us). He told our social worker that he was completely AMAZED at her and how far she's come. I mean, we've heard all this before, but it never ceases to make me extremely thankful every time we hear it.

So court is tomorrow. I'm a little nervous. I'm trying to think if there is some kind of work I can take with me to stay busy while I wait for the case to be heard for K-man. Apparently based on the things that DSS is going to ask for, it could be a longer case and our social worker says that the longer cases are usually heard after the shorter cases....which means I could be sitting for awhile. *sigh*

The good news is that DSS, the GAL, AND K-man's play therapist are all recommending that under no circumstances should his placement OR caregivers change....which means that unless the judge just makes some crazy decision, and I'm SO praying that he won't, K-man should get to stay with us. I won't count on it until it's final though.

Okay. So that's 500 posts.

Sheesh. I talk a lot. Thanks for listening, ya'll.



  1. Hey faith,
    Ok you've been a lot of encouragement to me so now it's my turn*grin*.Listen you guys are doing such an awesome job with the kids and I know it's hard(no I'm not raising kids but I do have new people living with me)but just keep your chin up and remember that I love you bunches and buches and I'm prying for you!Thanks big SIS!


    P.S.I'm starting to like that name!!*GRIN*

  2. Jules8:23 PM

    Hey Girl! Keep up the GREAT work! God is using you in those kids lives and even though I don't get to see you as often as others...every time I see you and KC with those kids they are better all the time. :o) I can even tell by looking at your family pics. So keep up the good work and as always stay focused on God and His mission for you. :o) How did the court system go yesterday? Love you girl. -Jules

  3. 500 posts!! Wow... that is a lot of writing. Congrats... :)

  4. Congratulations on 500 posts! What makes it better is how positive and happy it is. Good for you guys..I'm sure you two really deserve it!


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