Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday Messages - The Headache Edition

Dear Blog,
Woohoo, this is post #497. I have almost put you over the 500 post mark. Are you excited yet? Hehe...I didn't think so.

Dear K-man's potential birth dad,
Please don't be his dad, please don't want him, please don't take him. I know foster parents are supposed to support re-unification, but you've never been in his life to start with, so how can it be better for him to go to you instead of staying with us. Please don't let this pan out.
Praying he'll be ours

Dear Rest of the people who want the K-man,
Look, I understand why you want him, he's a great kid, but can't you see how great he's doing here? We love him and I know this makes me a terrible foster parent, but personally, I think this is the best place for him. Please don't try to take him.
Praying he'll be ours

Dear hubby,
Don't let it get you down, I know you are the bomb and you know you are a genious at what you do. Don't let those people who don't know what they're talking about get you down. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.......
Love always,
Your Dory

Dear Munchkin,

Dear Headache,
GO AWAY. You are making my head hurt. Oh. Right. Yeah, that's what you're S'POSED to do. *sigh* Well, I'm not liking it, so could you stop? Thanks.
The head

Dear body,
STOP FALLING APART. You are only 24, for crying out loud. At this rate, you won't survive to see 50. Better start taking those vitamins that your dad swears by....LOL.
Your brain

Dear Cookies in a Jar,
You are a lot harder to make than it sounded like on the instructions. I think you are the cause of my headache. I sure hope whoever gets these for Christmas appreciates the backbreaking two hours I spent putting them together. LOL. And if anyone who reads this blog gets one of you, then they better do two things....act surprised and be very thankful for my effort. I know you're not finished yet, so just be patient until I can get the rest of the supplies and get you taken care of. Thankfully, you are much more quieter while you wait than the kids. *grin*
Your creator

Dear Bed,
Is it just my imagination or are you screaming extra loud for me to join you tonight??? Me thinks if you get much louder, you're going to wake the kids, and you know we don't want THAT to happen, so I guess I will get off of here and go appease you. *smiles*
Sleepy & Tired

Dear Expensive Self Cleaning Litter Box,
You better do your job. The cats have started going elsewhere again. I will be very mad if you have lost your appeal this fast after we spent that rediculous amount of money on you so that the kitty kats would quit urinating and defecating in places that do not contain litter. Don't make me hurt you! I'm mean, you know.
Very seriously,
Not kidding

Dear Self,
Go NOW. BEFORE THE BED WAKES UP THE KIDS with it's screaming at you!!!
The extremely tired You


  1. Are you guys ok? It sounds like you may be going through what you went through with munchkin. I'm thinking good thoughts for your family.
    Take care

  2. Happy 497!

    I hope your dreams come true with K-man. We have a couple in church that went through a similar situation. Victory was theirs. I hope that for you, too.

  3. My oh my... I feel like I really catching up with your life now... but I read the most recent first so I sort of know what happened at the end of the chapter sort of thing... :)

    Life is full of ups and downs, but rest assure that He has written every word in the story He has planned for you and those you love the most. :)


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