Wednesday, October 10, 2007


What a week! I'm feeling it! I'd REALLY be feeling it without the help of my faithful friends!!!! (God bless'em!!!)

I was saying tonight, it's kinda like a mom who gives birth to a second child, she gets time off work, hubby gets time off work, grandma comes in to give an extra hand with the first child and ease the load until the mom gets adjusted to it.....only foster parents don't get a lot of that normally. All I can say is, thank goodness for friends who have stepped in and offered help because the circumstances have totally prevented my family (who are all MORE than willing to help and be there) from helping this time. I've had to just say, okay....I'm not super mom, they're offering help, just accept it and appreciate it b/c you DO need it, regardless of how much you'd LIKE to be super mom!!!! Haha.

We'll make it. I got the boy to sleep tonight without too much trouble, while Nikki read to the munchkin, and then Nikki got the munchkin to sleep while I took a nice LONNNNNNNG, hot shower! Aw it was sweet!

Plus, I was able to get two loads of laundry folded tonight, too. We won't think about the fact that it's still piled neatly in the basket vs the appropriate least it's folded. LOL.

Now. I'm going to bed. To try to get as many hours of sleep in as possible before the boy wakes up. Last night was wonderful b/c AB stayed again and she kept the boy in the room with her and her little boy, so she could get up with him if she needed to, so I could get some sleep. It was SOOO appreciated!!!! And he only woke up once she said, and he went right back to sleep, so it was good. HOpefully he'll do the same tonight. =)


PS I'm thinking JackJack is going to be my vote for the nickname for him. *GRIN* Sweet one minute and then he doesn't get what he wants and turns into this crazy child. Haha. Just like the incredible's jackjack, just like munchkin.....and probably just like every other two year old on the planet, I'm sure. Wow, I totally didn't realize how much progress the munchkin had made until the boy came along. Anywho.....going to bed now.


  1. It is so awesome that you open your home for these kids. I know it has to throw you off, but think of the influence you have in their lives.

    Hang in there! Keep us posted.

  2. You sound so happy right now! Wow I am used to having 2 kids and my children probably think that the laundry hamper is their dressers LOL..a good day for me is when I actually fold clothes right out of the dryer instead of the next day when I remember..hehe!
    Take care faith! Your a great mom and laundry folder!


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