Thursday, October 04, 2007

Two words

EEEE ARGHHHHHHHH! Okay, now I'm going over my two words. Haha!

I am SO tired. Why am I even blogging? B/c I'm having withdrawal....

I was so busy yesterday that I just squeezed in that picture in place of a post.....

Today? Well, I think I've checked my mail maybe twice....and had NO time to think of blogging....

Think that's a lot? Not when you look at my average log-ins.....I usually check my mail approximately 12-14 times per day. LOL.

I had to work last night from home. Didn't get finished, but had a previous project we had planned to do tonight at KC's parents, so we went up there after work today, which means it was a late night for me. It's 11:15 and KC has been snoozing for almost an hour now. Munchkin? Well, she's been asleep since around 9. I actually fell asleep in there with her for about 30 minutes I guess....LOL. Not intentionally, I guess I was just a little tired. *sigh*

Anyways, tonight I finished the work I had to bring home. I finished it 15 minutes ago and I've been working on it since 9:30. *sigh* My eyes are crossing. I've heard Wy-T telling KC before about all those computer side jobs in which he works all night long and then goes back to work the next morning. I don't see how he does it. I'm such a wimp. LOL Ahhhhh well. I'm going to go crash now.


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  1. I hope you finally got some sleep. That is a horrible feeling when you can't even keep your eyes open and everyone else is sleeping.


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