Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday Messages

Dear Self,
Why are you here? GO TO BED, you crazy loon!!! I know you want to do just a COUPLE of quick messages but your eyes are like falling shut! Like they were again on the road this morning. This is not good. Your kids will probably not sleep through the night, so while they are sleeping so peacefully now, you should go do the same. Crazy nut!
One of the seven dwarfs...the one whose name starts with S and ends in Y

Dear Work,
Will you just go away already? There is too much to do. I can't handle the pressure. *sigh*

Dear hubby,
Thank you for all your help in the house tonight. I am so blessed to have you. And I'm not being sarcastic or funny on this one....LOL. Dishes, munchkin duty, garbage chores, cleaning the kitchen, all that fun stuff....what a sweetie.

Dear kids,
I don't like steroids. Let me be more specific. I don't like YOU on steroids. This combination is NOT agreeing with my sanity. (or lack there-of). (lol) Please try to act normal....or at least stop talking back when I ask you to do're only three and two....and one of you isn't even talking how is that you can both backtalk with NO problem? I'm not understanding here.

Dear blog readers,
Please forgive my lack of sanity....and the poor quality of this Monday's Messages.....we're blaming it all on the lack of sleep and the steroids....a lethal combination to any sensible brainwaves that might attempt to break forth....LOL.



  1. I. Just. Love. These. And no need to apolize for your lack of sanity. It's why we keep coming back! :)

    And KC sounds wonderful. My hubby is wonderful like that too. :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by and entering my giveaway! I enjoyed the music video (one of my favorite songs).


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