Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Lovely Sunday and a B double R double A double T....


That, ladies and gents, is what we live with.....particularly today. Ugh. I was so hoping these days were over. She has been a totally hateful child today. Brat is almost not even a good enough description. She's done so good over the last few months, just keeps on improving, but last night and today it's like we've had a rerun of the days during the visits with her BioM. NOT fun. Defiant, hateful, screaming, biting, hitting us, refusing to do anything requested or commanded of her, refusing to go to timeout on her own required the assistance of mom and dad to get her there AND to keep her there.....just a totally hateful brat all stinkin day. And believe me, it wasn't because we weren't lenient enough with her. If anything, we may have been TOO lenient with her. I can tell you, we sure gave her plenty of chances to make a better choice before the consequences got her....I think we'd have all been better off if we just hadn't given her any chances and just got the fit over the consequences over already.


In other news, the other child in our house seems to be being influenced by the b-r-a-t-factor, as he fought sleep for over two hours again tonight and at one point during the evening was heard repeating over and over (although it was largely ignored), "nonononononononononono." We also had crying in unison for at least a good 45 minutes collectively over the entire day. On the drive home from church (which we left early b/c munchkin had worked herself up into such a fury over the fact that she didn't want to blow her nose or stand in time out after she hauled off and hit daddy, that she was just totally out of control in the nursery for a good solid 45 minutes (or more) and we finally just hauled them home and stuck them in bed, which is as close to a padded cell as we are allowed to put them in....LOL.....but I digress. Anywho, so on the way home from church, KC was cracking us both up by "directing" the "wah's" from the backseat. Course, he was doing that while driving, so it was really just for our enjoyment, not really so they could follow the they would have cooperated anyhow....but it kinda relieved a little of the frustration that we were having with our lovely little b-r-a-t and her influence on the youngling. LOL.

Not that I'm complaining. It's just been a long night.

Today however, I have no complaints about. Actually, I'm very thankful for today. (SEE, I don't complain ALLLLLLL the time....ahahaha!) We went over to BroK & SisT's for lunch....they invited us over for lunch and it was SOOOOO yummy!!! SisT cooked a delish meal and then had caramel apple pie with ice cream PLUS chocolate eclair for dessert......oh I'm still full. It was SO good. And then CV put the munchkin down for a nap for me (without too much whining....from the munchkin....course CV wouldn't ever whine...LOL) and the K-man went down for HIS nap without any trouble and all us bloggy girls played around on the blogo-sphere for awhile (hopefully I'll have a few new blogs to add to my blogroll soon...even if they ARE on the private blogroll....) and KC took a nap and did some work, then we all headed back up to the church. It was a very nice day. There's just something about not being home all felt so much more relaxing....I didn't sit there and think of all the things I should be folding laundry or whatever.....b/c I wasn't at home to see it OR feel bad about NOT doing it....HA! Course, I'm sure SisT would have pointed me in the right direction had I mentioned that.....ROFL!!! In that house, with all those people, I'm SURE there would probably be a little laundry SOMEWHERE that needed to be folded...or washed....haha. All in all, it was a very nice day. Well, other than.....well, what i mentioned before. No need to go there again. Once is quite enough.

Let's see....not really anything else I feel like talking about here....I have some thoughts in my head and stuff that I could write about, but I think it's more appropriate for the private blog. Just stuff I'm having to deal with lately that I haven't been very happy about......but.....not stuff I want to tell the public about....ya know.

I'm very tired. I'm ready for life to slow down. I try so hard to keep up with everything and every time I turn around I'm dropping one of the many balls I've been trying to juggle. A speaker in a meeting was talking about stress and said one way to relieve some of the stress of trying to juggle everything is to determine which of the "balls" you're juggling are glass, and which ones are rubber. Then concentrate on not dropping the glass balls and let the rubber ones go until you get a grip on things again. See, the rubber balls are the ones that bounce when you drop them, while the glass ones break. So basically, what they were saying is to get your priorities straight and focus on getting the important ones taken care of and either eliminating some or just letting the non important ones go until you can take them on again without stressing yourself out. Like scrapbooking? That one's been bouncing for awhile. Much too long, actually....along with editing that last picture session I the BEGINNING of Sept...(please don't be mad, Jules! I WILL get to it soon, I hope!) And I find myself juggling the glass balls like changing poo'd diapers before they get a rash and making sure the internet bill gets paid (which is a MAJOR glass ball and one we DO NOT WANT TO BREAK!!!!)......while watching all these rubber balls bouncing around me and wishing I had another hand to juggle with b/c I REALLY want to work on some of those rubber ones!!!!


Which totally defeats the purpose of helping yourself stress less.....actually, it kinda reverses the effect b/c instead, I'm constantly stressed over the fact that I can't juggle the rubber balls right now. *SIGH*

I'm a basket case. CERTIFIABLE!!!!!


I think that will do for tonight. I'm getting rather sleepy, and UNLIKE the "under 36 inches" people in this house, I'm not one to fight it!!!!!



  1. I enjoyed it today too. Thanks for all your help. And don't worry, where the kids are concerned, it'll get better with time. I know your probably thinking "Huh easy for YOU to say" *LOL*. I love ya and I'll be praying for ya.

  2. This too shall pass???? Yes. It will. :) Hang in there. I hope your week goes well. Praying for ya!

  3. Oh yeah... forgot to say that I do not fight sleepy time either. As a matter of fact, sometimes I want oact up just so someone can send me to time out and then I will promptly fall asleep. ")

  4. I really enjoyed what time I got with you and your family. Sorry about the last minute thing. I really wanted to spend the day with you. I'm glad you were able to relax. You are doing a magnificent job. Building up those patience is not a fun job. My balls are bouncing around too.
    Somehow with God's help, I've learned that if they are bouncing now, they will still be there tomorrow. Don't look at them all at once, that helps.
    Love Ya!


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