Tuesday, October 30, 2007


It's 9:25 pm and I fully plan to be in deep sleep by 9:45pm. Just wanted to let ya'll know. *GRIN*

Tonight was a fall festival at church, so it threw a wrench in our routine.....the kids just now fell asleep....we even tried to leave early so we wouldn't upset the routine so much. Hoped they'd fall asleep in the car and even drove down the interstate a few extra miles in hopes they'd conk out before we reached home. Not tonight, unfortunately. *sigh* Ah well.

I am seriously really excited about joining them in lala land. It is terribly sad, the state I've reached. *huge sigh* I have lots of thoughts running through my mind right now and lots of things I'd like to do on the internet right now (answer my friends emails, write a couple of other friends, enter some more giveaways that are going on this week, etc etc...) but sleep is climbing very rapidly up my priority list. LOL. Maybe one or two giveaways first.....


Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday Messages

Dear Self,
Why are you here? GO TO BED, you crazy loon!!! I know you want to do just a COUPLE of quick messages but your eyes are like falling shut! Like they were again on the road this morning. This is not good. Your kids will probably not sleep through the night, so while they are sleeping so peacefully now, you should go do the same. Crazy nut!
One of the seven dwarfs...the one whose name starts with S and ends in Y

Dear Work,
Will you just go away already? There is too much to do. I can't handle the pressure. *sigh*

Dear hubby,
Thank you for all your help in the house tonight. I am so blessed to have you. And I'm not being sarcastic or funny on this one....LOL. Dishes, munchkin duty, garbage chores, cleaning the kitchen, all that fun stuff....what a sweetie.

Dear kids,
I don't like steroids. Let me be more specific. I don't like YOU on steroids. This combination is NOT agreeing with my sanity. (or lack there-of). (lol) Please try to act normal....or at least stop talking back when I ask you to do something....you're only three and two....and one of you isn't even talking yet....so how is that you can both backtalk with NO problem? I'm not understanding here.

Dear blog readers,
Please forgive my lack of sanity....and the poor quality of this Monday's Messages.....we're blaming it all on the lack of sleep and the steroids....a lethal combination to any sensible brainwaves that might attempt to break forth....LOL.


I Totally Should Not Be Here

I'm with CV on this one....only where she should be doing her schoolwork, I should be doing.....well...lots of other things besides this. Haha.

My kids are asleep, praise the almighty God! I stayed completely calm through the entire evening of tantrums and defiance and I didn't let anything they did rile me up. That helped the evening go a bit smoother than the previous few days. Now, I was still as strict as ever (I guess we're too strict apparently, but I think we keep a good balance between authoritative and permissive....especially when I see the results in our children when we lean a little too far to either side....they behave best when we keep it straight down the middle, which is very hard, in case you're wondering and if you don't agree with our parenting style, then go get your own kids. LOL) but I didn't let their tantrums and defiance upset my calm or determination to stick to my guns. I think it was the book I got today from the library...it's called something like a tough mother or something like that and it's how to stick to your guns and not let your three year old walk all over you. ROFL. Exactly the book I need. Haha!

Anywho, I wanted to get on and get this meme done that I was tagged by Denise to do......

So here goes:

The Rules
1. Link to your tagger, and also post these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird, whatever.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of you post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they are TAGGED by leaving a comment on their blog.

Ahhhhhh.....let's see....there are so many. LOL. Which ones haven't I shared already? *GRIN*

1. I have nightmares about snakes anytime I see one....like at the zoo, in the yard, whatever....*shudder* I've held a snake to try to overcome the fear and it helped, but the fear is still definitely there.
2. I'm one of those crazy people that you see driving down the road in the car by herself singing away at the top of her lungs....and not necessarily sounding very good either....hahah
3. I have just enough talent at just enough things to make me very dangerous....sometimes, I want to not be a jill of all trades...i want to be really good at SOMETHING. Something besides blogging regularly.....which isn't really that unusual....haha!
4. When I folded the towels before kids, I folded them "just so" and when I stacked them, I always tried to make sure they were in a pattern and no towel of each color could be beside a towel of the same color. It was like a puzzle and it really irritated me if I messed it up, but sometimes I would let it be messed up on purpose just so I wouldn't feel like such a freak. (Does that make me a freak in itself?....LOL). Anyways, after kids.....they're folded "just sorta so" and every now and then a couple of the colors will follow a pattern. And I always remember the "before days" when I stick them in the closet as I shrug and move on to the zillion other more important tasks ahead of me....like bloggin.....hahahaha!!
5. I'm really paranoid about getting worms....ya know, like parasites? I think everybody has them, but I remember all kinds of horror stories in my science books in school about getting them from dogs or from running around barefoot in the grass......and every time I look at poop, I wonder if there are worms in it. ROFL. And no, I don't think about that when I'm changing poopy diapers....that's different. HAHAHA. But I do wash my hands REALLY good!!!! And now you know MUCH more than you ever wanted to know, I'm sure! HA! Not to mention this one old guy who went to our church a long long long time ago brought a jar of specimens in for show and tell one time.......EEKKKKK....talk about feeding my paranoia!!!! LOL
6. I think toe-jam smells like limburger cheese. Stop looking at me that way!!! It DOES!!! Have you ever smelled it????(BWAHAHAHA......are you totally grossed out yet? I'm not PURPOSELY trying to come up with gross facts.....I'm just trying to think of stuff I haven't said before, plus Denise's #7 reminded me of that weird fact about me! HAHA. And seriously, that's a true fact!! hahaha)
7. I can't stand people who are stuck on themselves. I think a healthy dose of self esteem is great, but when people who are nice looking think they are just "IT" and you should worship the ground they walk on, that drives me crazy. I also don't like the opposite of that either...when people are NOT nice looking and think they are just "IT." I try really hard not to be stuck on myself. Of course, I fall in the first category, but I'm trying not to think of myself as just "IT" because I know how irritating that is for all the "NOT IT"s around me......ROFL. I AM SO KIDDING!!! For the record, I love being normal and average. I know to think I'm normal is totally living in a dream world, but I'm certainly not "IT" and normal/average is much better than the alternative.....ROFL!!!

Okay, that is seven (hey I can count!! woohoo) now, i'm supposed to tag 7 more people....so let's see....who should I tag????

1. I'm Not Weird, I'm Unique (CV) (even though she's a private one, she should have lots of weird....er....unique facts to list)
2. Sense & Sensibility (Mike) (another private one....but maybe this will get her posting again...it's been like three days and I'm not going to let her slack!! hahah!)
3. Thanks for Listening (JandKsmummy)
4. Snot & Kisses (Janelle)
5. Horizon of Chaos (my hubby....who needs to get back to it....)
6. Nikki at Gilleons on the Go
7. You....IF: you have a blog, you haven't done this yet (or you want to do it again), you leave a comment telling me you accept my challenge.....so are you up for it?

Now I guess I have to go post this and tag these people! *grin*

Hum....wonder if there will be nuff time for a Monday Messages???

hum hum hum. Maybe if I hurry! Really fast. *sigh*

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Recipe for the Longest Weekend EVER!

One child coughing continuously from bedtime Friday night until 6:00 Saturday morning.
Two parents taking turns trying to find something to help the coughing so the child and the parents can sleep
One loveseat recliner to pile up two parents and one coughing child for the remainder of the night
Various pointy child body parts jabbed in female parent's back/ribs/head at 5 minute intervals throughout the night while sleeping in the recliner (which, incidentally, was built for two....not three)
One child waking up early with coughing like other child
One trip to doctor for both children (incidentally, much like the trip on Thursday...except this trip would have been unneccessary if they'd just taken care of business during Thursday's trip)
One Saturday morning spent with getting kids ready to get out the door and waiting at the dr office with two extremely grumpy kids and two parents who didn't rest very well....and then waiting in the pharmacy drive through to get prescriptions filled while two kids scream and throw tantrums in the backseat
One naptime in which the kid who stayed up all night coughing falls asleep instantly after taking medicine and the other kid screams and throws fits and refuses to take a nap or to lay down or to get up or to listen to anything mommy or daddy say or to do anything except call mommy and daddy names and tell us that we're not her mommy and daddy, while mommy and daddy try to get a nap, then finally exhausts herself and falls asleep just in time for the other kid to wake up, and neither mommy or daddy get the much-needed nap
Two doses of medicine administered after nap: steroids to clear up the croupy kids, per doctor's prescription......and they were NOT kidding when they said that the side effects are extreme hyperactivity and irritability
Two extremely bratty kids for the rest of the weekend
One Saturday evening and One Sunday which we will not even talk about.....except to say that I have a bruise and teeth marks on the inside of my left arm......administered to me during church this morning......and not by my set of chompers either!!!!

Throw all that together and you have an extremely long weekend....one in which you find yourself at least every 10 minutes checking your watch and wondering how much longer this could possibly last.

Boy. I can't wait to see the bad notes they get from daycare tomorrow!!! Whoo. They are going to have some kind of fun....after this, they'll think their usual behavior was angelic!! Unreal the monsters that this medication has created.

Seriously, I wish I were kidding.

It's been bad. I haven't even felt like blogging. That's saying a LOT!!!!

I actually wouldn't be here now if it weren't for the fact that I'm trying to NOT be a blogger who skips too many days at a time. Like the four people who have been doing really good on my private friends blog list.....but haven't posted....in the last day....or four. Or the ones on my regular friend list.... *SIGH* I think I'm addicted. Blog ya'll! LOL! I'm missing you!

Okay. Well, I'm going to go now. Denise tagged me for the seven random facts meme....I'll get back to that soon...I'm still thinking about it. *grin*


Friday, October 26, 2007


Why "wahh"???

My friends haven't updated their blogs since the last time I checked.....and yes, it has been more than 5 minutes ago....well...maybe six...hahaha. Just kiddin....really, its been quite a few hours.....

I'm tired. Still.

My cool idea to start doing on Fridays is already claimed. *sigh* Not only that, but it doesn't seem to be doing very well on the claimer's blog....LOL. Oops.

Even if it wasn't claimed, I could tweak it a bit and make it my own......however, the stuff I need to do it is stored in the munchkin's closet and she's finally hushed and I think asleep, so I don't think going in there to get the stuff would be the wisest idea.

I'm sleepy and it's only 9:53, but I know if I don't go to bed now I won't get enough sleep because the K-man will wake up at 5:30. If I go to bed now, he will probably sleep until 6:30 and if I'm extremely lucky.....SEVEN. I'm tellin ya, it's a good thing he's cute! I wouldn't get up that early for just any old ugly dudley.

That's all my wah's for now. Here's a couple of pictures for ya.
First is tha' lovely Mike friend of mine.....this is at our CPR class on Thursday night. Right after she informed the instructor (who was a different instructor from the first night) that the reason I was taking pictures of the dummies was for my blog..........and then the instructor was like....wow, I've never heard THAT one before!!! Most people are just ready to get out of here when they finish....not hang around and take pictures.......LOL. I started to tell her, I wasn't "most people" but I din't wanna sound like a smartypants.
So I got Mike back.....and took her picture. Hah!
Anywho, then the other picture is pretty self explanatory....it's the dummy for the infant part of the cpr classes. It was a strange looking little alien. Bwahahaha!
By the way, when doing infant rescue breathing, you're only supposed to do a small puff of air instead of a full breath like you do for a larger child/adult. Know what happens if you give them too much air? It goes down their esophaugus (i know that's not spelled right) and makes them puke. Well, when she made us go around and demonstrate the steps to make sure we all had it, I got a bit nervous and blew a huge breath into it before I realized what I was doing......and then I realized that was a no-no and was like....oops....guess I made him puke. ROFL. I was a little embarrassed. *oops*
Okay. That's it for tonight. Tune in another time for a more interesting post.
Oh yeah, one thing cool....I got to see the Grasscals live music and interview at work today. WOOHOO. Front row seats and the band was great! Several of the folks at work popped in the studio to watch today's session. It was pretty neat.
Going now. Later!!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Quick....I'm tired.

Well....lots of stuff again tonight....but not nuff time to say it.....not nuff energy nither. *sigh*

So a quick run-down....

Up at 6 with the K-man. Do you think he knows the days that I could possibly sleep in and deliberately chooses THOSE to be up early? Ya think?

Kids to school by 7:30, back home and go to bed until 8:30 (had to wait until the Dr offices opened to make all the appts).

My appt scheduled for 11.

Kids appt scheduled for 1:45.

Kitty appt scheduled for 3:15.

Remainder of CPR/First aid training class at 5:30.

And in between there, I cleaned the house up b/c I found out that mom-in-law was coming tonight to help KC while I was in class, did two loads of laundry (although I didn't get it folded), filled prescriptions, went to pick up my friend (did that early so I'd have some help), got the kids from school, rearranged the kidlets bedrooms to be more accessible, took the kids back to school so that me and Mike could leave for class (KC picked them up after work)......and not all necessarily in that order either. *smiles* But....nowhere in there do you see it listed for me to be sick. Mommies don't get sick days. *sigh* It's a rough life. Wouldn't trade it for nothin though!

Anywho, I have a sinus infection. He gave me antibiotics and decongestant.....*sigh* They're some major horse pills, too, let me tell ya! My face is pretty much hurting. *sigh* And I'm really really tired. Doc said that's from the infection. I guess that means I have had an infection for years. LOL!!! Cuz I'm ALWAYS tired! Seems like it, anyways!

So my friend, Mike, was my lifesaver today. Helping me out with the kids so I could get the cat taken care of, and get them their snacks, and be able to run in the store without getting every-of-tha-body out of their carseats.

I gots some pics of tonights class, but not time to post them right now. Seems like there was something else I was going to post about, too, but I don't member what it was now.

OH, one thing....I got a little bit of my itch for bloggy redecoration out of the way....just switched up some of the colors to make it "fall"-y. Haha.

Also, I'm contemplating a new Friday thing for my blog. Just for fun....stay tuned and maybe I'll get a chance to get the first edition out tomorrow. *grin* IF I have time. *smiles*

Meantime....I'm going to finish my online fun (which is checking out my friends blogs and catching up on me email stuffs) and then head to bed.


Oh one more thing....apparently I got tagged by Denise, so I'll try to get to that soon, too. I don't even know what I got tagged on, I haven't gone over to read it yet, so we'll see....may be in for some interesting moments...ya just never know! =)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lots O Fun Stuff

Guess we'll start with Pictures from Saturday. They're on the private pictures blog, so if you don't have access, let me know and I'll send you an invite. (Crazy stalkers not included....LOL) The pictures are a couple that I took of the K-man when we went to the big town to stock up on supplies (like diapers and quiet toys) and he fell asleep in the car on the way back home. Then there's one of him on his new CAT. *grin* CAT-erpillar, that is.....it's a dump truck that little kids can ride on and also push, or haul blocks in it....etc. It also makes large truck noises. Someday if I ever get the capability of posting clips from our video camera on here, I will maybe post the clip of him riding it for the first time....it's really cute....and for the enjoyment he's already gotten out of it, I'd say it was well worth the money we spent on it.

Anywho, in other news, my dear hubby has perfect timing. See, I have been meaning to take CPR/First Aid certification for the foster parent thing for awhile now, and just have never had the time or inclination to go sign up. Well, if ya'll remember Mike (my little friend from church who blogs on GirlTalk), she had signed up to take the class and needed someone to go with her so she wouldn't have to do it alone. Cool, I can kill lots of birds with one stone....I can get the CPR certification that I need, and I don't have to do it alone, PLUS, I'm helping out a friend who needs someone to go with her so SHE won't have to do it alone.

One flaw in this plan. I have two kids. Class is on Tuesday and Thursday evening. Okay....well, I will just get KC to watch the kidlets while I go to class. Monday evening, my hubby reminds me that he's flying out the next day for a sales dinner in Florida on Tuesday evening. WHAT? Oh poo! How convenient for him. Now, I would have been upset, but he had told me WAY way way in advance, but I had forgotten, so it was really MY fault. Okay then, I will just get Nikki to keep the kids....it's last minute, but I'll just pay her for her time, especially being such last minute.

So KC flies out on Tuesday, Nikki takes the kidlets home with her, me and Mike go to class. I'm expecting class to last until around 7:30 at the latest. 8 rolls around and I'm freaking out b/c we're not even CLOSE to being finished and I have two kids that were supposed to be home and in bed by 8:30......YIKES. 9 oclock the class gets out. I call Nikki and apologize like crazy for being so late to come get them. (and by the way, I did pay her extra, I'm not a complete slouch....LOL....and of course, she said it wasn't necessary, but I insisted. I'm not going to take advantage of friends....at least not on a regular basis!! haha.) So I get there and they're both giving her a hard time about going to sleep. Poor Nikki. I took them home and put them in bed and they were zonked by 10:30 (which is really late....bad mommy....haha...oh well....it was for a good cause....it could save their life someday, although I hope I never have to use my newly acquired skills--LOL!)

Speaking of the newly acquired skills, here's a couple of pictures for you...... dummy
this one is the dude that I got to make out with for the evening. He was rather plain-looking for my tastes, and kinda stiff. He also wasn't a very good kisser, course, that may have had a lot to do with the fact that he had rubber lips and no teeth. I didn't really care for his hairstyle either. But then, in my book, there's nobody that could compare to KC. I think I'll stick with him.....he's a much better kisser!!!! ROFL!!! Besides all that, I don't really care for using a protective shield when I kiss. Cooties or not!!! Hahahah!

and THIS one is my bandage attempt of Mike's "booboo" (pretend booboo, of course).......

I passed. So did she. Now we just have to go back on Thursday night for the Infant/Child CPR part of the class. And KC will be home to watch the kids this time. LOL.

There was a couple of things that made me absolutely wince during this class. One was when the class had paired off to practice using the triangular bandages to create a sling/splint for a broken arm.....each person had to do one on the partner, and then swap so that everyone had done it. There was one older guy in the class who was paired off with this young/middle aged woman and he was tying the sling around her arm and he tied both of her arms in it by accident and there were some insinuating comments made that I won't even repeat here. Thankfully, they were just insinuating, not specific comments, or else my innocent young friend would have been terribly embarrassed. I've learned to just ignore stuff....well, to a point, but I do wish people would think before they said things. I guess there are so few innocent kids left in this world that no one even thinks about it anymore.

I have mixed feelings about innocence and the lack thereof.....on the one hand, I applaud innocence and feel very strongly that it should be protected, but on the other hand, I know from first hand experience that there are those in this world who are more than happy to take full advantage of that innocence, and that scares the fire out of me!!! I still have a lot of innocence left in me, enough to make me paranoid about it. I guess, just knowing that those kinds of people are out there and always looking for the opportunity to attack.....well, from time to time, that leaves me feeling very vulnerable. Innocence is all well and good as long as there is someone who isn't innocent is around to protect it, but when the innocent is out from under the protective watch, either by their own unknowing choice or by circumstances beyond anyone's control.....what happens? So is it better to be innocent and unknowing of the danger that lurks around in sometimes very deceptive ways, or is it better to be jaded and fully aware/extremely cautious of all the avenues in which one could be taken advantage of??? What is the happy medium??? I'm not sure how much of this we'll have to be concerned about with our kids, since probably a good portion of the kids coming through our home will have lost their innocence long ago, but I still can't help but wonder about it occasionally. And again, these are just thoughts in my head, I'm not speaking against or putting down anyone, or their choices....and comments are always open if you'd like to put your two cents in......

On lighter topics, Nikki told me that DSS called them about a 1month old baby last night. They called DSS back to let them know they would take it, but they'd already found a placement for it. That's a bummer. I know they didn't call us about it, and I'm glad, b/c I have a hard time saying no.....especially for a ONE MONTH OLD.....especially when it would pretty much be the end of my career....hehee. Here's the funny thought I had though....if they HAD called me about it, and I HAD said yes, it would have happened while KC was away AGAIN. Ya know, they called me about the K-man while KC was out of town on his LAST business trip and I just told them yeah without talking to KC b/c I knew he'd be fine with it, plus he was in a place where I couldn't easily reach him. But it would have been SOOOOO funny if KC had came home again to another child. LOL. I'd have been like, honey, I'm tellin ya, you got to put a stop to these business trips!!!! ROFL!!! Every time you leave I have a kid. BWAHAHAHA. Anywho, they didn't call us, and this time, I'm glad.

Well, we didn't go to church tonight. Me and KC both have some sinus junk, plus the kids (munchkin in particular) have been acting out again, plus I had a splitting headache when I got home. Both of the kids had a rough time doing the bedtime thing tonight and I don't think either one of them were asleep before 9:30....even though I put the K-man through the bedtime routine at 6:45 and finally gave up rocking him and put him in bed at 8....and also put the munchkin in her bed at 8:15 (except she had to do some timeout first b/c she was backtalking and refusing to go to bed when asked very nicely). She ended up getting put in her carseat in the car in the garage b/c she was having such fits in the bedroom about not going to bed that the K-man wouldn't even think of going to sleep during all that screaming. Once KC buckled her in her carseat in the car, we checked on her a few times and asked her if she wanted to come back in, and she kept saying no, so we left her out there for about half an hour. Then KC went and got her out and she was very nearly asleep. He stuck her back in bed and very sweetly tucked her in......but NO BANANA!!!! SHE WAS AWAKE AGAIN. What is up with her not wanting to sleep in her room? SHEEESH. Some nights she's fine and other nights it's a fiery blazing hot battle!! ARGH. I keep hearing thumping on the wall, but I'm really hoping that she's just sleeping against the wall and bumping it when she rolls over b/c it's now almost 11 and she better NOT be still awake. I'm halfway thinking about moving the rocking chair into K-man's room and moving her bed away from the wall. I'd probably have to stick it in the center of the room to keep her from tapping SOMEWHERE. Then she'd just get up and walk to the wall and tap it. Irritating child. Lord love her. *sigh* I do, too, she's just very difficult at times. I can't wait to get past this stage. The K-man doesn't seem to be nearly as frustrating. He has fits, but he is easily distracted....at least so far....we'll see.

Okay. I'm going to check on that banging now. If she's asleep, I'm going to just pull her away from the wall....and if she's NOT.....well, I'm going to have a COW! That will be a sight, let me tell ya. LOL.

No Cow. Thank goodness. She kinda woke up a little bit when I pulled her away from the wall, but I think she went right back to sleep. Judging from the soft little snores....LOL.

So tomorrow I'm calling in sick and I'm going to the doc. I am almost sure that I've got bronchitis again. I'm hacking up a lung and that's not good. Hopefully he can cure me. Plus the munchkin's still got some ear gunk, so I am going to try to get her in to see the doc, too. *sigh* I hate to not go to work b/c there is so much work to be done, but we're just feeling rotten around here and this has got to stop. Oh, thank the Lord, the headache did go away, (strangely enough, it was about the time the kids were in bed and finally quiet....hahaha....) but my throat is still yucky feeling and my sinuses are still messed up.

The headache? Got a LOT worse during todays meeting. In which we were informed of the bonus we were getting next month....and the source it was going to have to come from.......good GRAVY. On top of it being a virtually wasted two hours for non-programming staff.......***banging head against wall*** Oh wait, maybe THAT'S why my head hurts. But I can't help it, I WORK IN A LOONY BIN!!!! EVERY TIME I TURN AROUND there is a new reason to bang my head against the wall. It's much more productive than any alternative task I might be given. TOTALLY. Basically, the place we work is "owned" by another business, and we are paid through the "other business." HOWEVER--- the bonuses??? Well, the other business excludes us from getting bonuses along with the rest of the employees b/c in addition to funds from the business who owns us, we raise additional money to operate. Their solution? Take OUR funds (that we've raised) and give OUR people the SAME bonus that the business is getting from the state. We're not allowed to get OUR bonuses out of the same fund from the state that they're getting theirs from. Well okay then. But at the SAME TIME, when we want to take OUR FUNDS and hire more staff for our departments b/c we're all overworked and there's still work not getting done......"NO, that's not in the business's budget for salaries, and you're not allowed to take it out of your funds to do that." Well, why-ever not? Why should we be penalized for raising funds? Why should we work to raise more funds to do more stuff and make our business better when it's really going to hurt us being that we're all overworked as it is....and we're not going to be able to accommodate the staffing needs that more funding will create.....HELLO!

Boy, I love working for the state. People quit and they don't replace them....they just load up the work on the already overloaded.....and then complain b/c the department is getting up there in the comp hours. In a way, I'll feel bad when I leave b/c I don't know if they'll hire anyone to replace me or if they'll just distribute my tasks among the staff. When I was hired on full time, I actually replaced someone who left. However, not long after I was hired, my manager quit. At that time, there was only two full time staff and one part time.....when she left, it was me as full time and my mom as the part time staff. What did they do about it? They gave me most of the stuff that the manager was doing and a few things fell on mom. That lasted for about 2 years....then they hired a marketing person.....who stayed around for about a year and left.....guess where HER duties ended up??? Yep. On me. Oh and somewhere in that time frame, they also fired the "jr engineer" who was helping "Wally" set up for sessions and do all that stuff down the hall. Did they assign anybody to help him after that? Not a chance. So who helps him now? Yep. That would be me.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I have a very good job and I enjoy *most* of what I do.....but my job description still says that I am basically a receptionist. What-DOUBLE-ever.

And see, the thing is.....it's not just me. That's the story for everyone in development, and I'd say there are a couple of folks in programming that would also fit very well with that story. And we can't hire more staff b/c we're not allowed to use OUR FUNDS to pay for additional salaries. BUT WE CAN USE OUR FUNDS TO GIVE OURSELVES THE SAME BONUS THAT THE STATE FUNDS ARE GIVING TO THE OTHER EMPLOYEES OF THIS BUSINESS. Pardon me while I fume.

Okay. I think this post has gone on quite far enough. If you're still reading this, I have to give you kudos. As you can see, I have a lot on my mind right now. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. *sigh* It's been a long week already. I'm really glad this is hump day.....and I'm really sorry for the sake of whoever might be reading this, that I am having a very NON-wordless wednesday. ROFL.


Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday Messages -- Another Random Edition

Dear Proverbs 31 Ministries,
Thank you for Today's Devotion. Actually, thank you for this blog. It quite often hits home to me and is great to jumpstart meditation during my busy days. Had I time, I'd actually send this message to you, but unfortunately, this is as close as I'll probably get. LOL. So. Thanks.
-Busily Meditating

Dear K-man,
Just cuz Munchkin was in a good mood this evening, didn't mean that you had to make up for it by being extra grumpy. Sheeeesh. Well, at least I managed to get you to go to sleep at a decent hour tonight. I figured you could use it.

Dear Kids,
Are you both sick? K-man, you slept until 6 THIRTY this morning and Munchkin, I actually had to go WAKE YOU UP!!! Go figure, you would decide to do that on the morning that I had planned to be ready when you were up early and made sure I wouldn't need to get my shower in the morning. *sigh* Do I dare hope you might do that tomorrow? Doubt it. I think I'll just take my shower again tonight....just in case. LOL.
Love you both anyways!

Dear Self,
You have lots of projects you need to get done. You better find some time and get busy! No, you may not get the blog re-design itch just b/c everyone else is doing bloggy make-overs....you don't have time. Thank you very much. Don't listen to that Faith girl who is beginning to get twitchy about that itchy and tossing ideas at you for a blog redecoration.....she is nuts! Just keep ignoring her and stay focused on the things that you're supposed to be doing....the productive things. Kay? Great. Glad you're listening.
Your Conscience

Dear Cold or Sinus Junk....or whatever you are that is causing discusting stuff to come out of my throat and nose,
GO AWAY already. I'm sick and tired of hacking up yucky.....uh.....stuff.....and I'm also tired of blowing my nose. It's been a whole week now. And while you're leaving, could you also take Mr. Runny Poo that has been harrassing the K-man for almost two weeks with you? I'd REALLY appreciate it. No, really. You have no idea!
Thanks very much,
Sick and Tired

Dear Bloggy Friends in Real Life,
I'm just going to tell you....I know ya'll are busy, but KC, Dawn, Julie, Becky, Amy, Nikki, GirlTalk.....you need to get/keep posting already!!!! Lil ol me would like very much to read some/regularly updated posts. See, I'm real nosy like that, and I'd like to know what's going on with you guys!!! *sigh* And ya'll three on my private friend list, ya'll are doing good....just keep posting, kay? By the way, I really would like to encourage you guys to make your blogs public.....it makes me sad that everybody can't enjoy them like I (and the select others you've allowed) get to. *sigh* But then, I understand privacy, too.....*sigh* Anyways, and if there are any of you other friends who have started blogs, please let me know so I can stalk.....er.....READ....yeah, read.....you. LOL. So....my email is over in the sidebar somewhere near the top....just send me a leetle email with your link....or post a comment on here.....I'd LUV to add your blog to my Friends IRL either private or public blog listing. So....all ya'll....get moving!
Your friend and hopefully, fellow blogger

Dear Hectic Life,
Haven't I told you before that you need to chill out already? You are SO not listening. Matter of fact, I'm beginning to think you're backtalking. B/c if anything, you're getting worse. If you don't stop, I'll have to put you in time out. Oh wait....you're not one of my kids, I can't do that. But hey, if you act like one of my kids....and you ARE acting like it.....then can I help it if I have the urge to treat you like it???? GRRRRR.
Faith (aka Mommy)

Hey...I think I just realized what "aka" stands for.....does that mean "also known as?" OH MY GOODNESS.....I can't believe I have used that so many times and known what it "meant" but not what it actually stood for.......that has to be it. Eh. I'm too tired to google it. So if that's not what it officially stands for, then I don't care. It works for my book....er....blog.

Dear Bed,
It's too early. Stop hollering for me. You're ALSO sounding like one of my kids!!!
Trying to stay awake

Dear Work,
I want to quit. Please. Please. I want to quit. I'm so tired of dealing with people. Why can't I just be left in peace. And no, nothing new has happened (for those of you who are aware of my history of dealing with idiots), I'm just tired of working there....seems like every time I turn around there's a new idiot. Ugh. And I know....it's not going to be perfect if I stay at home and/or work from home, but good gravy, it HAS to be BETTER!!!!
-Just want to be left alone

Dear Munchkin,
Oh you are so cute. And I didn't even tell you to pray for that.

Tonight's Bedtime Prayer/Conversation -- By Munchkin

Dear hevewy fawer, tank you fow mommy daddy, tank you fow baby bwuder, hep daddy go to work, hep mommy to stay home with me and baby bwuder not work, hep bwuder lissen skool tomowwow not get bad note, hep me not get bad note skool mowwow, hep me get good note and hep bwuder get good note, hep mommy go work mowwow, hep mawmaw pawpaw, hep nonna poppa, hep ane, nikki, and ____ .......{long pause} mommy, me pway for me not get bad note?

Honey, you already prayed for that.

Nuh, uh!

Uh, huh!

Nuh, uh!

Okay, whatever, just finish your prayer and go to sleep.

Hep me not get bad note, Aaaaaaaaaa-MEN.

a-MEN! Alright. Goodnight, sweetie. I love you.

Me hove you, too, mommy! Doodnight!

****TRANSLATION***** (for those who don't speak Munchkin-ese)
Dear heavenly father, thank you for mommy {and} daddy, thank you for baby brother (although she used his real name), help daddy {when he} go{es} to work, help mommy {to get to} stay at home with me and baby brother (again, used his real name) not {go to} work, help brother to listen at school tomorrow {and} not get a bad note, help me not get a bad note {at} school {to}morrow, help me get {a} good note, help brother get {a} good note, help mommy {when she} go{es} to work {to}morrow, help mawmaw {and} pawpaw, help nonna {and} poppa, help Shane, Nikki, and {little man}......and i think you can figure out the rest. The brackets are what I added b/c she doesn't use a whole lot of pronouns and connector words yet. LOL....and unless you know what she's trying to say, sometimes it doesn't make a lot of sense. Haha.

Anyways, it was really funny. KC gave me this LOOK when she prayed for mommy to get to stay home instead of going to work....and I whispered to him while she was praying...I DIDN'T TELL HER TO SAY THAT!!!! LOL.

Okay.....that's all for today. It's not as early as it was awhile ago....(naw, duh, right?)....so I'm going to bed now.


Actually, I take that back, I'm not actually going to bed RIGHT now, but I'm going to post this blog and then go check my mail and probably a few other friend's blogs and THEN go to bed. LOL.


Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Lovely Sunday and a B double R double A double T....


That, ladies and gents, is what we live with.....particularly today. Ugh. I was so hoping these days were over. She has been a totally hateful child today. Brat is almost not even a good enough description. She's done so good over the last few months, just keeps on improving, but last night and today it's like we've had a rerun of the days during the visits with her BioM. NOT fun. Defiant, hateful, screaming, biting, hitting us, refusing to do anything requested or commanded of her, refusing to go to timeout on her own power....it required the assistance of mom and dad to get her there AND to keep her there.....just a totally hateful brat all stinkin day. And believe me, it wasn't because we weren't lenient enough with her. If anything, we may have been TOO lenient with her. I can tell you, we sure gave her plenty of chances to make a better choice before the consequences got her....I think we'd have all been better off if we just hadn't given her any chances and just got the fit over the consequences over already.


In other news, the other child in our house seems to be being influenced by the b-r-a-t-factor, as he fought sleep for over two hours again tonight and at one point during the evening was heard repeating over and over (although it was largely ignored), "nonononononononononono." We also had crying in unison for at least a good 45 minutes collectively over the entire day. On the drive home from church (which we left early b/c munchkin had worked herself up into such a fury over the fact that she didn't want to blow her nose or stand in time out after she hauled off and hit daddy, that she was just totally out of control in the nursery for a good solid 45 minutes (or more) and we finally just hauled them home and stuck them in bed, which is as close to a padded cell as we are allowed to put them in....LOL.....but I digress. Anywho, so on the way home from church, KC was cracking us both up by "directing" the choir...er...duet....of "wah's" from the backseat. Course, he was doing that while driving, so it was really just for our enjoyment, not really so they could follow the direction...like they would have cooperated anyhow....but it kinda relieved a little of the frustration that we were having with our lovely little b-r-a-t and her influence on the youngling. LOL.

Not that I'm complaining. It's just been a long night.

Today however, I have no complaints about. Actually, I'm very thankful for today. (SEE, I don't complain ALLLLLLL the time....ahahaha!) We went over to BroK & SisT's for lunch....they invited us over for lunch and it was SOOOOO yummy!!! SisT cooked a delish meal and then had caramel apple pie with ice cream PLUS chocolate eclair for dessert......oh I'm still full. It was SO good. And then CV put the munchkin down for a nap for me (without too much whining....from the munchkin....course CV wouldn't ever whine...LOL) and the K-man went down for HIS nap without any trouble and all us bloggy girls played around on the blogo-sphere for awhile (hopefully I'll have a few new blogs to add to my blogroll soon...even if they ARE on the private blogroll....) and KC took a nap and did some work, then we all headed back up to the church. It was a very nice day. There's just something about not being home all day....it felt so much more relaxing....I didn't sit there and think of all the things I should be doing....like folding laundry or whatever.....b/c I wasn't at home to see it OR feel bad about NOT doing it....HA! Course, I'm sure SisT would have pointed me in the right direction had I mentioned that.....ROFL!!! In that house, with all those people, I'm SURE there would probably be a little laundry SOMEWHERE that needed to be folded...or washed....haha. All in all, it was a very nice day. Well, other than.....well, what i mentioned before. No need to go there again. Once is quite enough.

Let's see....not really anything else I feel like talking about here....I have some thoughts in my head and stuff that I could write about, but I think it's more appropriate for the private blog. Just stuff I'm having to deal with lately that I haven't been very happy about......but.....not stuff I want to tell the public about....ya know.

I'm very tired. I'm ready for life to slow down. I try so hard to keep up with everything and every time I turn around I'm dropping one of the many balls I've been trying to juggle. A speaker in a meeting was talking about stress and said one way to relieve some of the stress of trying to juggle everything is to determine which of the "balls" you're juggling are glass, and which ones are rubber. Then concentrate on not dropping the glass balls and let the rubber ones go until you get a grip on things again. See, the rubber balls are the ones that bounce when you drop them, while the glass ones break. So basically, what they were saying is to get your priorities straight and focus on getting the important ones taken care of and either eliminating some or just letting the non important ones go until you can take them on again without stressing yourself out. Like scrapbooking? That one's been bouncing for awhile. Much too long, actually....along with editing that last picture session I did....at the BEGINNING of Sept...(please don't be mad, Jules! I WILL get to it soon, I hope!) And I find myself juggling the glass balls like changing poo'd diapers before they get a rash and making sure the internet bill gets paid (which is a MAJOR glass ball and one we DO NOT WANT TO BREAK!!!!)......while watching all these rubber balls bouncing around me and wishing I had another hand to juggle with b/c I REALLY want to work on some of those rubber ones!!!!


Which totally defeats the purpose of helping yourself stress less.....actually, it kinda reverses the effect b/c instead, I'm constantly stressed over the fact that I can't juggle the rubber balls right now. *SIGH*

I'm a basket case. CERTIFIABLE!!!!!


I think that will do for tonight. I'm getting rather sleepy, and UNLIKE the "under 36 inches" people in this house, I'm not one to fight it!!!!!


Saturday, October 20, 2007

I Was Right.

Why. Am I always right on the times when I'd rather NOT be!?!

K-man was up at 5:45 this morning. Not interested in rocking back to sleep....not interested in staying in his crib and playing.....ugh.

After a diaper change, a drink, and grabbing two poptarts, he was still crying and upset. And I was still sleepy. So.....I sat him in the crib with the two poptarts and went back to my room and turned off the monitor and crawled back in bed. At 8 oclock KC called me for diaper duty. And it was DUTY alright. YUCK! He has STILL got diarhea!!!! NASTY. It overflowed his diaper. Discusting.

HOWEVER, huge kudos to KC for not only keeping an eye on him while I slept, but also while watching him, he got the dishwasher loaded, the piles of papers in the kitchen sorted, and then filed. Sheeesh. Not bad. =) It was very nice to get a little more sleep.

Today we're going to go to the big town and get some groceries and do a little shopping for some QUIETER toys for the K-man. I'm also going to get some bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast for the kiddo which is what the faithful internet tells me that might help his yucky diapers.

So I guess I'll get off here and go finish getting ready......

Oh, one thing before I go.....what's up with you people who read my blog and answered the surveys??? Two of you people in particular. The two who voted that your relation to me was "love of my life." See, the first voter in that spot was my honey, KC. The very person who I created that category on the survey for......so what's up with the other two votes??? The only other people who should be in that category don't read this blog....well, not the way the typical person would read......that one would be God. And then there's my kids.....who aren't old enough to vote. So I'm confused. Who are you and why did you vote that? FYI....that position is already filled. Thanks. =)

I'm going now.


Friday, October 19, 2007

Just One

Well, tonight the munchkin's with mawmaw and pawpaw. So we're down to just the K-man....who went to bed at 8. Yahoo. Course, he'll likely be up at 5:30 IF he sleeps all night, so I should really think about going to bed early tonight. *sigh*

I'm kinda half watching a movie on KC's computer.......while working....eh....not working.....playing on the internet...checking my mail and all that good stuff....and of course, now...blogging. Anyways.....eh. Hard to do since it's rather intriguing.

But I haven't blogged today, unless you count the midnight post last night, so I thought I'd hop on and post.....something.

So. Something.

There. I posted "something."

Let's see. Funny stuff the munchkin is saying lately.....


I think that's the one thats cracking me up the most these days. She just says it SOO funny.

K-man is talking a bit these days. Not perfectly reasonable (or depending on the mood, sometimes UNreasonable) conversations like the Munchkin, but definitely workin on some words. Says Mommy and Daddy very well.....meow, doggy, peas (or please), ank u (thank you)....among others when prompted.


I'm kinda out of things to say right about now. Especially given my interest in the movie playing on the computer next door.

So. Anywho.



I'm awake at midnight. And the kids are all asleep. Am I nuts or what? I should totally be sleeping now!

Anyways, it's really okay though b/c I laid down with the munchkin at 8:15 and didn't get back up until like 10:45, so really it's a normal night....hehehe.
BUT, I am going to hurry up and post here and try to get off and get to bed. K-man fought sleep for awhile tonight, but I finally managed to get him down at 8, not too bad, and the Munchkin is still in that mood of whining b/c mom and/or dad isn't going to sleep all night with her and she's "scared" to sleep by herself. Don't know what that's about, but it's really irritating. *sigh* We all fell asleep in there at 8:15, and when KC and I woke up at 10:45 and got up to leave....she woke up, too, and was highly upset that we weren't staying with her. *sigh*

So I'm really only here b/c I wanted to post some pictures. First of the Apple Orchard Field Tripand the rest of those pictures can be found HERE!

and then some pictures from tonight, all of which are on the private blog for safety's sake. You can find those HERE. I decided tonight that I better get busy on pictures since I've got millions of munchkin and the k-man has been here over a week already and I only have like maybe 10 pictures of him. Haha. So....anyways...maybe someday I'll get caught up on printing them and then scrapping them...into all the different scrapbooks....mine, theirs, the family one........not counting any special projects. You know...the kind I like to start and never get finished??? *Sigh* Yeah. those.

Well, lots of stuff on my mind tonight, but nothing I feel like posting right now. I'm sleepy again so I'm hitting the sack.


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Very Random Thoughts:

1. I'm very sleepy.
2. Probably because I was up with a screaming child at 2, 3, and 4:45.
3. At 4:45, he was up for good. I was no good to be up.
4. I'm using that as my excuse for insanity today.
5. Everyone keeps saying how cute my hair is today.
6. It's just wet braided pigtails b/c I had no time to get myself ready this morning thanks to two very early risers.
7. I did not want to come to work today.
8. I don't want to come to work any day.
9. My hubby says I'm reading too many how to books on the subject of stay at home moms/working at home/living on one income.
10. I call it research.
11. I'm ready to stop calling it research and experiment.
12. Munchkin says: "never ever ever ever ever take me to skool gain, mommy"
13. Daddy says: "not till spring"
14. Mommy says: "but I wanna take a nap in the middle of the afternoon"
15. Mommy can't count.
16. It's cuz she needs a nap.
17. She's going to go back to work now. And dream of experimenting. While not napping.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Feels like Family

Something about this latest addition feels very right. I'm not going to plan on anything permanent, especially since the K-man's mom is more of a loon-e-tick than Munchkin's and that's saying a LOT. At this point, who knows what could happen or what WILL happen. For sure, there's nothing to feel sure about yet, but I do know that the family feels right, right about now. When the Little Man (previously known as bouncer, who has since calmed down a bit) was with us, we loved him to death, and would have kept him in a heart beat, but it didn't feel as "right" as this new arrangement feels. I think it's because he truly belongs with S&N. He is doing so well with them, and they are really doing a good job with him, and it just feels meant to be. N told me the other day that he is super excited about them adopting him and wants to know when he's going to get their last name. Bless his heart. He is adorable! I just hope it works out for all these guys that they'll get permanently put in the place they're meant to be in.

Speaking of the family, I have to go lay down with the Munchkin for a few minutes now. I'll be back in a bit. =) Hehehe....IF i don't fall asleep in there with her. Ha. Which is exactly what happened a couple of nights ago....or was that last night? Um. Maybe both. HA.

Be right back.

K. I'm back. Didn't fall asleep.....but then, neither did she, judging by that loud thump I just heard. LOL. Ah well. She'll fall asleep before long. *grin*

Anyways, if every night would be like tonight has been so far, I would be a pretty happy camper.....*smiles*

Last night....well, last night wasn't so fun. After supper, I got the K-man and the Munchkin their baths, lotioned them up and got the jammies on, then K-man has a runny smelly diaper again. Bless it, he's having a rough time with it. So I get that diaper changed again and then start rocking him at 7:30. Munchkin plays quietly in her room and occasionally comes out to see what we're doing, but overall, I'm very happy with her behavior. K-man is sleepy, nodding off....but fighting it. No worries, he can't fight it very long, I'm sure. 8 o'clock rolls around. Nothing has changed. 8:30. KC takes the munchkin to her room and tucks her in and lays on the bed beside her while I move in there to THAT rocker with the K-man, to see if THAT will put him to sleep. 8:45....they're out, K-man: no. Figures. Stand up, bounce around a little. No good. Go back to the big rocker.....9:30. Still awake. Now crying as long as I'm sitting down, but laughing when I get up and bounce. Not good. Why do I feel like he's laughing at me???

10:30....he's so falling asleep, but now he's resorted to crying to try to stay awake. I finally sat him down on the floor where he melted into a fit but never opened his eyes. Now I'm worried that he'll wake the Munchkin who has now been asleep for nearly 2 hours. So I pick him up and try to shush him. No good. EEEK. What do I do with this kid? He just screaming and nothing works. No drink, no holding, no bouncing, diaper's clean, nothing wrong. What's the deal. So finally I lay him on my bed where he melts down into another tantrum again b/c I sat him down, and me and KC just stand there looking at him.....this kid who has been fighting sleep for over 3 hours now. What do we do?

KC....my brilliant hubby.....in desperation, reaches beside our bed and gets this old bear that has been decorating one of the beds in our house for as long as we've been married and has spent the last two years on OUR bed during the daytime and discarded with the extra pillows every night. He takes the bear and sits it on the bed about two feet from the K-man.

KC: "Well hello, Mr. Bear, how are you today?"
Mr Bear (KC in a deep voice): "I'm good but I need somebody to hold me."
KC: "K-man, would you like to hold Mr. Bear? He needs somebody to hold him and love him."
Mr Bear (walking with the help of KC across the bed to K-man): "Can I sleep with you tonight?"
K-man opens one eye, looks up at Mr Bear and lifts up an arm and allows Mr Bear to be slipped up underneath it and then is silent and quiet.

KC and I just looked at each other.

Then I moved him down to the toddler bed next to our bed and he snuggled back around Mr. Bear and lay there contentedly until he fell asleep....maybe 10 minutes later.

Alrighty then. I have to confess, I did NOT expect KC's little charade to work at ALL. I mean, he had a couple little stuffed animals, and he's shown very little attachment to them, so I didn't really expect something like that to settle him down.

Well, anyways, tonight I got Mister Bear, collected the K-man, his water, and his new fuzzy blanket and went to the rocker. He cuddled and loved on Mister Bear for a few minutes and then in less than 15 minutes, he'd snuggled up in my arms and let me rock him sound asleep.

Fingers triple crossed that he sleeps through the night. Last night was rough on us all....me and KC are both having sinus fits and were up and down and sleeping in the recliners last night, so neither of us got much sleep. I am looking forward to hitting the hay tonight.

Speaking of hay, I went with the kidlets on a fieldtrip this morning to the apple orchard outside of town. I had no idea it was there....it was a pretty neat little trip. The kids got to taste different kinds of apples and learn about bees and honey and apples.....got to ride behind the tractor in this long trailer through the orchards and then saw how they make the cider. It was pretty neat. Although I have to say, I have a greater appreciation for the teachers of the 2-3 year old class now....*GRIN* It was a little bit crazy to take 17 two and three year old kids with only 2 teachers and 5 parents. Yowz. Maybe I'll post a few pics of that later.

For tonight? I caught up most of the laundry today, only one little load left in the dryer to fold, paid the bills, went on that field trip, tidied the house, and now blogged. My day has been successful....I shall now sleep peacefully.

Well, until one or the other of the kids wakes up screaming.

Till then......

Monday, October 15, 2007


Someday. Someday.....I'll get caught up again.

That day. Is not today.

Yesterday, my friend C and I took the kids to the dr...KC had to teach Sunday school and I didn't think I could handle the two little ones by myself just yet. I was right. If it hadn't been for C being with me....we'd'a had a mess. Shoo. Anyways. Munchkin's got an ear infection and they wouldn't even look at the little guy cuz he wasn't a current patient. And they both had some trouble with listening and behaving. *sigh* Ah well. We survived.

I took the day off to recuperate from last week and to try to get caught up. Well. I got caught up on a few things. Sleep for one. I got up early with the little guy who had a pee-ewwy stinky diaper and was not interested in getting it changed or in going back to bed after I managed to get the nasty thing changed. But he didn't have any problem with rocking with me in the chair for awhile. I think I might have dozed, but I'm not sure. This morning is pretty foggy in my head. Next thing I know, I've got two kidlets on my lap in the rocker and I think I might have dozed again....

Then I decided to get up and get the munchkin dressed so I can take them to school. So I did all that and got them to school around 7:30 this morning and I came back and sat down in the recliner with my phone next to me and I woke up at 1pm. I think I might have talked on the phone a few times, but I was so out of it, I would have to say that I can't be responsible for anything I might have said. LOL. Also, if anyone called and told me anything important this morning, you might want to call and tell me again b/c I'm sure I don't remember much.

KC and I both have got this sinus junk again, so between the two of us, we looked like zombies this morning. It's a wonder we didn't skeer the kids...haha. Poor KC, he had to go to work anyways. At least I got to crash in the recliner for the entire half a day.

It's now 2:30 and I've just had breakfast and got my shower, so I really should get moving and at least get the house tidied up a bit and get some laundry done (MORE laundry). Seems like that's about all I do these days. There is laundry sitting all around my house at this moment...all in various stages of the process. *sigh*

Someday. Someday I will get caught up again. I might be dead, but well....anyways.

Today's verse: Ecc 5:2 Status of today's verse in my life: needs MUCH work!


Saturday, October 13, 2007

Random Stuff

Well.....this is really going to be a crazy post, I'm sure. I have LOTs of stuff rolling around my brain right now, but I'm so tired, I'm also sure that it will not come out to make much sense.

Let's see. First, I really enjoyed reading this today. It makes a lot of sense and really hits home to me. In a way, as I was talking about the other day, this is how I feel about this blog. This is where I'm transparent, where the real me comes out, weaknesses, difficulties, and all. This is where I don't pretend life is just a bowl of cherries, instead I record the trials and difficulties so that I will see all the triumphs that will come out of it. Anywho, here....I'm not ashamed to admit, I could use some prayers. Our family could use some prayers. Now, at church? Well, that's a different story. I guess b/c it's face to face there. I am a completely different person when I'm not face to face. I'm working on bringing the two together, but it's a work in progress.

Speaking of multiple personalities....there was a person that I've had to deal with all week who has two names for herself and refers to herself as having multiple personalities, and I think she might be actually telling the truth....but I really don't like the second personality. It's very annoying. I hope neither of my "personalities" are that annoying. HAhA.

Oh an now that the week is over, let me just whine a little about why I was so exhausted this week.....

All day meeting last weekend (busy weekend).
The weeklong fundraiser at work requiring long hours started on Sunday.
KC flew out of town on a business trip on Sunday morning for training in Memphis.
I had Munchkin to shuffle around my long hours and work out daycare arrangements and after hour arrangements with a DSS approved sitter, and come up with an arrangement that wouldn't leave her really unsettled and insecure b/c both mommy AND daddy abandoned her for a week.
I got a call from DSS on Monday morning with our new kid.
He was dropped off at the house on Monday evening.
I was gone, somewhere in the vicinity of 60+ hours, for work this week.
I had to be at work by 7:15 in the mornings every day this week.
New kid has transition issues (and who wouldn't), which gives him nightmares and causes loss of sleep in the house....
Top it all off with girly stuff (which won't be mentioned any more, due to the fact that it's not just my girl friends reading this anymore....hehehe)
And now I'm getting a sore throat and the munchkin has drainage in her right ear and lil JackJack (for lack of a better nickname, until I come up with a better one) has had diarhea like five times today.....and I'm talking UHCK ! NASTY !

Thank God for friends.
Thank God for JackJack sleeping through the night last night.
Thank God for KC coming home last night.
Thank God for KC coming home last night.
Thank God for KC coming....well...I'm really thankful for that one...haha.
Thank God the fundraiser is over.
Thank God this is the weekend.
Thank God I decided to take Monday and Tuesday off. Monday to recuperate and Tuesday for the kids daycare field trip to the apple orchard.
Thank God for my bed. Which is currently SCREAMING MY NAME!!!!


Thursday, October 11, 2007

And so it begins....

Here we go...... As if I needed anything ELSE to add to the drama this week. I should have known. If it can happen, you KNOW it will.

Turns out, it wasn't for no reason that I was having a little trouble being patient yesterday evening. I can actually be a little glad about that, b/c if I can manage to handle things without pulling my hair out, WHILE PMSing, I think things will work out just fine. ROFL! Course, it does help to have friends. Thank GOD for friends!

Today I have to thank my excellent friend, Kelly, who despite having sick boys, was willing to try to help me out with my carseat sit-che-a-shun! Although I was able to get another friend (the honorable CV) to come and get the carseats and deliver them to Nikki so she can take the kids home tonight, and Kelly didn't have to go find some for me, I really do appreciate that she was going to do it!!! And I'm so appreciative of having friends that I know will go the extra mile (or fifty...LOL) when I desperately need the help!!!

Last night? Little boy slept ALL night long....didn't wake up until 15 minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off anyways, so I wasn't really mad about it. And after I got the family up and dressed and some breakfast and all that stuff, while trying to juggle kids and get myself ready at the same time......I was thankful for that extra 15 minutes. Especially given that we are now in the "jealous big sister over little brother's attention" stage. Joy, joy! She actually sat herself in timeout this morning b/c all she wanted to do was whine and I couldn't hold her b/c I was getting ready so she got mad and sat herself in time out. ROFL! It's funny now...I was kinda irritated then....LOL.

Anywho, one more night and then it'll all get better...I hope. *GRIN* Gotta run for now...need more midol. *sigh*


ps here's a pic that i finally got uploaded and i also put a few more on the private blog. this one is the s'more cupcakes i made for the all day meeting at church....i thought they turned out pretty good for my first effort, but unfortunately, they didn't turn out as well as they looked on the blog I saw them on originally. Haha. I'll have to go link that later so ya'll can see how truly sad mine looked in comparison....hehehe, but the link is on my home computer. =) Unless I find it while I'm at work....which is much more likely to happen. *GRIN* Okay here it is.....don't laugh. *GRIN* AS IF! hehehe.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


What a week! I'm feeling it! I'd REALLY be feeling it without the help of my faithful friends!!!! (God bless'em!!!)

I was saying tonight, it's kinda like a mom who gives birth to a second child, she gets time off work, hubby gets time off work, grandma comes in to give an extra hand with the first child and ease the load until the mom gets adjusted to it.....only foster parents don't get a lot of that normally. All I can say is, thank goodness for friends who have stepped in and offered help because the circumstances have totally prevented my family (who are all MORE than willing to help and be there) from helping this time. I've had to just say, okay....I'm not super mom, they're offering help, just accept it and appreciate it b/c you DO need it, regardless of how much you'd LIKE to be super mom!!!! Haha.

We'll make it. I got the boy to sleep tonight without too much trouble, while Nikki read to the munchkin, and then Nikki got the munchkin to sleep while I took a nice LONNNNNNNG, hot shower! Aw it was sweet!

Plus, I was able to get two loads of laundry folded tonight, too. We won't think about the fact that it's still piled neatly in the basket vs the appropriate places....at least it's folded. LOL.

Now. I'm going to bed. To try to get as many hours of sleep in as possible before the boy wakes up. Last night was wonderful b/c AB stayed again and she kept the boy in the room with her and her little boy, so she could get up with him if she needed to, so I could get some sleep. It was SOOO appreciated!!!! And he only woke up once she said, and he went right back to sleep, so it was good. HOpefully he'll do the same tonight. =)


PS I'm thinking JackJack is going to be my vote for the nickname for him. *GRIN* Sweet one minute and then he doesn't get what he wants and turns into this crazy child. Haha. Just like the incredible's jackjack, just like munchkin.....and probably just like every other two year old on the planet, I'm sure. Wow, I totally didn't realize how much progress the munchkin had made until the boy came along. Anywho.....going to bed now.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Coffee? Anyone?



I got about 4 hours of sleep last night. *sigh* Bless his little heart. Poor guy has just had a lot of uproar in his little life.

Thank God for friends! AB came over last night and picked up Munchkin from Nikki's for me while I took care of kid #2. (Got to get a better nickname than that). And AB stayed all night, helped me this morning, loaned me a carseat (which I forgot to leave at the daycare this morning for Nikki to be able to take them home tonight until I get off work...fiddledesticks!), and is going to do the same tonight. Bless her heart! And all the other friends who have offered help, too! And all the friends that I know are there if I need help.....love my friends. =)

So last night I got him to sleep around 8:30 and went to lay him down on the bottom bunk that I'd just put fresh sheets on.....and realized that the cats had peed right in the middle of it. Looks like two spots merged into one big one....one for each cat I guess. ARGH. And he's asleep, so I can't exactly change the sheets....so I take him and lay him on my bed. Then I go get the munchkin's toddler mattress out of the crawlspace and put it in my floor and move him down to it and put pillows around it so he won't roll off and hurt himself.

So my night?
Get Munchkin to sleep about 9:30 and put her in my bed, and go back and work on getting things laid out for today. Then went to bed around 11 and woke up to him crying at 1:30. Patted him and shushed him a few minutes and then he went back to sleep for a few minutes and I went back to sleep to wake up again at 2:30....he's crawled over the pillows and over to my nightstand and bonked his head against the leg. Which wakes him up....and makes him cry. Which wakes up Munchkin....who sees me grab him and run out of the room in an attempt to NOT wake her up. An unsuccessful attempt, apparently, b/c she panicked when she saw me leaving her and started screaming for mommy....so 2:30am and two screaming kids. AB woke up about the time munchkin quieted and fell back to sleep and I was just dealing with him, so I told her she could go on back to bed. Unfortunately he didn't want to go back to sleep....and he didn't want me to hold him....or lay him down....I rocked him and dozed in the chair for a couple of hours and then finally just took him and laid him down with a sippie of lukewarm water. That quieted him down and soothed him enough for me to fall back alseep in my bed and I guess he must have gone to sleep finally, b/c I woke up about 5:30 and he was asleep. So I got up and got my shower and got moving....

He's not a morning person, but that could be b/c he was up about 3 hours in the middle of the night instead of sleeping. LOL.

Bless it, he's a doll, though! A wild child boy, but a sweetie anyways. And BARELY 2....so major not at all potty trained....and he came with one sippie, and about 20 diapers....shoo. Bath successfully drenched me b/c he doesn't want to stop when you tell him "no" and he splashed more on me than himself....*sigh* But it will get better once we have gotten all settled in and adjusted. Poor baby, what a lot of transition for such a little guy.

I'm trying to come up with a nickname....once ya'll meet him, ya can give me some suggestions and then we'll have a vote on here....hehehehe. His picture is on the picture blog (password protected). If you want to get in there and you know me, just send me an email and I'll send you the invite to see the pics.

So far I'm thinking either
JackJack or Dash (from the incredibles....he seems to have that kind of personality)
RolyPoly (for the way he sleeps....all over the place)

I'm not sure....when ya'll meet him, let me know if you have a suggestion!

OH yeah, and Munchkin is in love with her baby bruder.....i figure that should last about 2 or 3 days....until he starts playing with her toys....ROFL. She seems to be doing good with him though.

Gotta run now....need more coffeeeeeeeee......

Monday, October 08, 2007


Text message conversation this morning:

Me to KC: Congratulations, daddy, on the new addition!
KC to me: Huh?
Me to KC: Your new 2 year old son!
KC to me: I'll call ya later!

Yep. As of 6:30 tonight, we will be mommy and daddy of TWO!

YEEEEEEEEK. Got the call this morning....woohoo! Don't know many details yet, but I'll start thinking of a nickname for him after I meet him. *grin* Sounds like he may have lots of similarities to Munchkin's issues, so we may have a head start on dealing with him. LOL...maybe. Maybe not. Anyways...we'll see.

KC wasn't upset at all that I didn't wait until I could talk to him before giving them a "YES!"


More from me later.....if I don't go insane....hehehehe
Wait....I'm already THERE! *GRIN*


Exciting Newsssssss!!!!!

But I can't tell anyone yet (outside those that absolutely *must* be involved in order for things to happen and the lucky people who happen to work with me and were right there when I got the news and was exploding to tell SOMEBODY......) b/c I haven't been able to talk to KC about it yet, since he's in training this week and can't answer the phone or get any calls unless it's an emergency and I have to call a special number for that. So, since this technically, although exciting, is not an emergency, I figured I'd better just wait until tonight.

TEHEHEHEHE......I guess he'll think twice before he makes himself unreachable by phone again.....tehehehehe.

Stay tuned....

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Random Conversation....

Daddy (exasperated to the cat): "Go to the bathroom!"
a good thirty second pause.....
Munchkin (watching a movie but sounding highly offended): "Me not need to go to the bafwoom, Daddy!"
Daddy: "Not you, JANGO!"
Munchkin: "Gango?"
Daddy: "Yes, Jango...."
Munchkin: "Oh. Gango need to go to the bafwoom? Go to the bafwoom, Gango! Go poopy, cat!"
Jango: "Meow."

three minutes later....out of the blue.......
Munchkin (watching Monsters): "Me hove you, too, Mike Wagawgi!!!!!!"

Friday, October 05, 2007

Anger Management Issues

I think. I think I work with idiots. I also think I am included in said idiots.

When, oh WHEN, will I ever LEARN??????

Today was one of those days that I would just as soon NOT had to go to work. Actually, today was one of those days when I would have gladly paid money for the ability to sink into the floor or be like Violet on the Incredibles....ya know, when she just gets invisible? Yah. That would have been a lovely superpower to have had possession of today.


Anyways. So that sounded all confusing.

Let me try to tell it without griping too much (since I got a gentle lecture on that negative attitude today, I'll try to get a grip on griping....lol). So just the facts.

Fact: I work with crazy people.
Fact: I do not work in a mental institution.
Fact: These people are supposed to be intelligent.
Fact: I have no clue why un-intelligent things keep happening.
Fact: This is cause for an occasional loss of control of my anger.
Sarcasm: I'm sure I've never done ANYTHING dumb in MY life.
Fact: I get highly agitated at my own dumb moves frequently.
Fact: Between my dumb moves and the dumb moves of others which result in me reacting with dumb moves, I get aggravated a lot.

Conclusion: I might be a candidate for anger management classes.

Today? Case in point.

This RUSH order of tshirts at work which I put through a requisition to purchase so that we can get them back in time for the fundraiser.....I mentioned to my approver the day that I submitted it, that if he didn't mind, please approve it immediately and also pass the word along to the other folks in the (long) list of approvers so that this could be a quicker than normal process (due in part to the fact that we're being charged for a RUSH order and if we can't get them back b/c it didn't get through the system quick enough, then it kinda defeats the purpose of "RUSH"). So I submitted it. I have also been extremely busy in the 24 or so hours following that action, so I hadn't checked my mail other than to glance through it and grab the ones that seemed urgent. Like the email in which my approver copied me on his note to the other approvers saying that he'd approved it and please get it through as soon as possible and here's why...blah blah blah.

So today around three-thirty, I finally get around to clearing out my inbox, answering all the calls and what not, and realize that I haven't seen anymore of the little email notices saying that each approver has signed off on it. Now I know my approver has approved it, b/c I saw an email on that, so I call the next approver (who, by the way, I am completely terrified by....mostly because I've been on the receiving end of her wrath more times than I can count, for reasons that have sometimes, but not always, been my fault) and VERY timidly ask her if there were any problems with my purchase request that were causing her not to approve it so that it could move down the line.

Well. Turns out, my approver didn't really approve it. That little email I saw, was the one where he SAID he approved it, b/c I was so busy, I must have missed the fact that it wasn't the o-feeshul email notice. OOPS. So now I feel REALLY dumb. Not only that, but my approver has left for the day. Somehow I missed that memo. GREAT. This is Friday, even if he finds it over the weekend, the chances of it getting through by Monday are NIL, since the business office is closed on weekends.

So I hang up the phone, screech out (not at the top of my lungs but pretty loudly) "ARRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHH!!!!! I WORK WITH STINKIN IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!"

Then I bang my head on my desk a few times (not really, but I felt like it) and then grab one of those big bright yellow post it notes and write--- PERSON-- THE TSHIRT ORDER HAS NOT BEEN APPROVED BY YOU! Then I got up and marched down the hall to his office.

Now I have to mention at this point, that my supervisor was not in her office either, which is right next door to her supervisor's office (who is my approver for requisitions). Basically, the place was pretty deserted, being that it was Friday and most of the classes were gone for the day, as well as a good bit of our staff. So I walked up to my approver's door which was closed and the lights were out and I let loose a little frustration and SLAMMED that post-it note on the door, right about eye level. Then I spun on my heel.....

...to see my approver's supervisor (who works like in the main office down the hill and hasn't been in our building in probably 3 months) walking toward me with raised eyebrows.

In the midst of my aggravation, both at the original situation and at the fact that my supervisor's supervisor's supervisor witnessed my display of temper, I looked straight at him, said, "ARGHGHHHH" and then spun around again and walked away from him. Which probably wasn't the brightest idea in the world....but hey....

Well, anyway, I didn't get very far. Maybe three steps.

"Whoa," he says, "what's the problem here?"

So of course....I told him. And he suggested we call my approver on his cell phone. Which I don't have. So then he calls my terror and says, override the approver and lets get this thing through, which required him to have to go back to his office when he left to put his approval on it (and he was already off work....which was rather nice of him). Then I got a very gentle lecture on being negative and how that doesn't help anyone or anything (no, it doesn't, he's right.....I guess technically Jesus probably wouldn't have slammed the post-it note on the door, OR yelled that when they hung up the phone either, for that matter....oops).....and then he left. I saw him in the hall a few minutes later, caught by more complaints from different people. LOL. I thought that was funny....hello....it's not just one person that is having a problem with crazy here....

*sigh* Anyways. For the record, they got the same lecture.

So, I guess that just leaves you, dear blog, to which I can express my frustration to keep me from slamming post-it notes on doors. ROFL. If I don't vent somewhere, I'll just blow....see, that's why I had problems today....I haven't been able to post any good vents lately. HAHA.

I'm just glad he didn't walk down the hall when I was screaming about the idiots I work with.

As an aside, I do work in a somewhat solitary part of the hall now, and the few people that work in earshot weren't in their offices at the time.....so it wasn't like I was totally careless about voicing my agony. Also as an aside, I really do keep a pretty good reign on my temper, and for you straightlaced, who may take offence at this post, it's rather tongue in cheek....

One more aside....I refuse to put "asides" explaining myself on all posts, so if you are the type to offend easily, you're more than welcome....to find another blog to read. I say that as nice as I possibly can, but I don't really like the pins and needles feeling of wondering if someone is going to take this or that the wrong way.....the only place I like my pins and needles are in the sewing box. Don't forget, there is a content disclaimer and statement of intent for this blog over in the sidebar. For what it's worth, this blog is "me." Love me or leave me.

Hey. I ain't mad about it. Anger management and all......and I'll love ya anyways.

Oh. For a smile....random bits of conversation heard around the Always House tonight:

While shaking fists and mostly playfully attempting to look angry: "ME not HAPPY, BOOOBBBBB!!!!"

Pulling back from hug first thing this morning: "Mommy, you not mell good. You tink. EW."
Hurt: "Huh? I just got out of the shower, I smell the same as always! What do you mean, I stink?" Deo? check. brushed teeth? check. perfume? same as usual, check. I'm confused.
Apologetically: "You mell good, mommy. You not tink. It's okay."

2 hours later: ohhhhhh....that's right, i had to use that funky sample conditioner in the shower cuz my regular was empty and it does smell different. not bad, just different....kinda coconutty and slightly more scented than usual.....that must have been what she meant. oops. guess she don't like coconut. LOL

Talking to the rolled up bath mat package that we were buying at walmart tonight that she was holding in the buggy: "YOU not LISTEN, baby. ME listen. YOU BAD. You need listen to me!"
hmmm.....so maybe this explains the note on her daily sheet from preschool, "had a hard time listening today." LOL. Just funny to see her talking to a rolled up bath mat. BWAHAHA.


Me tired now.


Thursday, October 04, 2007

Two words

EEEE ARGHHHHHHHH! Okay, now I'm going over my two words. Haha!

I am SO tired. Why am I even blogging? B/c I'm having withdrawal....

I was so busy yesterday that I just squeezed in that picture in place of a post.....

Today? Well, I think I've checked my mail maybe twice....and had NO time to think of blogging....

Think that's a lot? Not when you look at my average log-ins.....I usually check my mail approximately 12-14 times per day. LOL.

I had to work last night from home. Didn't get finished, but had a previous project we had planned to do tonight at KC's parents, so we went up there after work today, which means it was a late night for me. It's 11:15 and KC has been snoozing for almost an hour now. Munchkin? Well, she's been asleep since around 9. I actually fell asleep in there with her for about 30 minutes I guess....LOL. Not intentionally, I guess I was just a little tired. *sigh*

Anyways, tonight I finished the work I had to bring home. I finished it 15 minutes ago and I've been working on it since 9:30. *sigh* My eyes are crossing. I've heard Wy-T telling KC before about all those computer side jobs in which he works all night long and then goes back to work the next morning. I don't see how he does it. I'm such a wimp. LOL Ahhhhh well. I'm going to go crash now.


Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

From the files back when we were at the beach:

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Aww dear.

For some reason, I feel very....um....behind right now. I'm not sure if it's just because I missed a day of work by being sick the week before a really huge work week, or if it's just the fact that everything seems to be coming down on me at once, but anyways.

I feel a dreadful urge to blog right about now. I hate the devil. I really do. I hate that it's such a fight not to doubt myself or second guess decisions or even to wonder if I said the right things or if I said too much, or even if I didn't say enough. I hate that. I'm so not a confrontational person. I will walk miles out of my way just to avoid a confrontation that is not 100% neccessary. And the devil? Well, he just loves confrontation. I hate that. Ugh. God, help me, I will not listen to that stinkin devil. Nuff about that. I feel better just saying that. Specially since that's about all I CAN say on that on this blog. LOL. Well.

There have been an awful lot of funny random conversations lately, but I have been so out of it, that I have lost track of them. I do know that there must have been a lot of me telling her that she was funny after I cracked up laughing at something she said, cuz tonight, right before her five minutes of cuddle time was over at bedtime, she whispered, "me funny, right, mommy?"

"Yes, sweetie, you are VERY funny, and I love my funny girl!"

"Love you, too, mommy."

I'm trying to think if there were any other really funny conversations around lately, but I'm pulling a blank. I know she was highly upset when she walked into the oddly rug-less bathroom the morning after I was so sick. I base that on the screeches I heard while she was standing in the bathroom door pointing at the floor below the toilet. And I'm pretty sure that's what it was, not that she'd found some kind of remainder of the indescribable gunk I might have missed, b/c once I explained to her that mommy had gotten really sick last night and I had to wash the rugs, she was terribly relieved. Then she asked me if my "bewwy hurt?" To which I said, yep, I ate bugs and now I have the stomach bug. LOL. And then she ever so sweetly said, "mere mommy, me kiss it" and proceeded to kiss my bathrobed belly. ROFL. Tonight she came home with a paper talking about the tools dr's use and on it was a bandaid....so she took it off the paper and made me sit down and said, "me gaguh you, mommy, here" and then pulled my shirt up and stuck the bandaid over my belly button. Then she was like, "there. feew betta now, mommy?" ROFL. I was cracking up. (Very quietly of course, while I tried to be serious) And then I got up and said, "Yes, thank you doctor, please send me a bill, alright?"

"Alright, mommy."

(by the way, gaguh is how she says doctor. It took me awhile to learn that one....she has some weird letter substitutions. She's making much improvement now, though! We're understanding her about 90% of the time versus the 30% we were working with before.)

So that's the munchkin. Other stuff? Well, for other fun stuff, KC and I are sitting here on the couch watching the worst american idol auditions on youtube. ROFL. I would DIE if my audition made their worst audition list. It's bad enough not to win, but to think you have a good voice and sound like THAT....and then I don't see how some of them kept singing while the judges were just outright laughing in their faces....absolutely hysterical. I'm multitasking, of course....bloggin with my fingers, watching that with one eye and one headphone earpiece, and trying to sound normal with the rest of my brain. It's a difficult task, but someone has to do it. LOL!

I've stumbled across some fun websites lately, I need to link up so ya'll can explore, too, but I don't feel like doing that tonight.

Oh speaking of linking though, another fa-re-und has been bitten by the bloggin bug...pardon me while I cheer. Also some other of my friends that have been bitten already have gotten a bit slack....ya'll need to get moving....I keep checking in, and I miss you!!! Post already! That goes for you, too, huney! I did link my newly blogging friend, but she's another one in the private links section. I'm sure if you guys email her and ask her to read, she might let you in. Tell ya one thing, she's got one stinkin cute kid!!!!

Oh and let's add to the multi-tasking list, eat a double chocolate chunk cookie without getting crumbs in the laptop. Yum. It's nice and chocolatey-gooey, too....just the way I like'm. Am I making anyone hungry yet? If I am, just go read my last post and that should cure you. BWAHAHAHA. Sorry. Couldn't resist that. Oh, and also you guys should read the comments on the last post. Couple of them just cracked me up!!!! LOL!!!! Particularly the popsicle one. Hahahaha. And also, thanks to all the well wishes, I am feeling quite a bit better now, and the dizzy head has finally subsided as well, so hopefully, if the tummy will stop being rumbly, then I should be on the mend.

Fergus has gone home now. *sigh* I miss the little stinker. And I do mean that in a literal scents....er....I mean sense. HAHAHA. Ah. I can't help it. I just crack myself up. Anyways, I took a picture of him on Sunday afternoon before he left, but I'm too lazy to go round up the camera and post it, so maybe I'll add that to this post later.

*so for the record, we're just going to insert Fergus picture here* *mischievous grin*
***Edited to add....wonder of wonders....there they are!!!! Pictures of ferguses....LOL. First one I'm trying to hold the wiggly feller without squeezing him to death AND take a picture of us....didn't work out too well, but it's the closest....next one is of tha kit kat's reaction to tha fergus....and last, tha fergus sittin on my lap. Ain't he cute? End Edit***

Until it's actually there, just use your imagination....or go google ferguses....I mean ferrets. ROFL. It's obviously time for me to go to bed.

Speaking of.....I slept like the dead last night....and had MORE crazy stupid dreams!!! And all day today, people would say stuff that would bring some kind of crazy flashback from my dreams. It was NUTS. Here's a random assortment of the things I dreamed last night:
someone was trying to break in the house while we were sleeping, but we woke up and I got a gun out from under the bed (for the record, I'm perfectly aware of the safety issues of having loaded guns in an unsecured location, so I can tell you that I would never leave a loaded gun under the bed and in reach of a three year old) checked to make sure it was loaded and we went around to check all the entryways and found that someone had tried to break in the front door but there was a lockbox from a realtor on it, and that made it impossible to break in and when we got up because we heard them trying, they ran away........i was driving to work and there were lots of volunteer groups on the sides of the road spreading poisoned apples to try to keep the deer from getting in the road.....i was trying to do something with my cell phone and they were going to charge me this crazy fine b/c I had downloaded illegal music onto my phone and now in order to upgrade, I had to pay this fee first......i was in some kind of internet chat room and accidently mistyped some words and it ended up being a bad word although I tried to explain that it was accidental and they kicked me out immediately and banned me from ever coming back.....we were having a yard sale in somebody elses garage and it was super dark and weird people kept showing up.....I was literally up in a tree trying to "witness" to this friend that I grew up with who isn't even in church or around anymore.....let's see, what else.......um, that's all that I'm remembering right now. I just know I woke up feeling seriously freaked out until I realized it was all in my sleep and I hadn't downloaded illegal songs, and I hadn't gotten kicked out of a chatroom for accidentally using a bad word.......ROFL.

I'm a nut. A teetotal supersized nut. Segues...all about the segues.....

Remember Looney Lady? Guess who waltzed in the studio where we were working today, asking one of the managers for a play by play of the music on a radio show last night.....

Yep. The one and only. I should so draw a stick figure for you to get the full effect. Let me see if I can give you some visuals (although like the puke story, I'm sure you really would rather not know). BUT, no such luck, I'm going to tell you anyways. (LOL) Picture LL as an elderly female with bleached blond hair....and salt&pepper roots. (Yes, the bottle apparently got lost since the last dye) White button down shirt that only buttoned down about three buttons before her 4x6inch belt buckle started, then the oddly plain, but full and flowing, khaki skirt which went from the 4x6 inch belt buckle down to somewhere around her knees (and picture this as a meant to be midcalf or below skirt), and I was skeered to look lower....there could be anything down there....fishnet stockings, lace up boots, orange toenails....who knows!!

Anyways, after spewing out her wild and completely berserk question, she looked around at all of us (who were wearing the identical expression of.....blank/duh/is she expecting an answer to this question.....look on our faces), she says, in all seriousness.....and I QUOTE.....

"I know, I'm really crazy."

To which all of us had the identical response. A "wow, that is the most accurate statement to ever have came out of your mouth" moment/outburst of hysterical laughter.

And she laughed with us, so we technically weren't laughing AT her. ROFL!!! I can't help it, ya'll, I know I sound terribly mean, but ya'll, you just have to meet this woman to understand. Ask CV!!!! She totally knows what I mean!!!! Anyone who makes ME look NORMAL should NOT be outside the cell unsupervised! Seriously.

Anyways, I think that's enough fun for one night, I'm going to bed. Hopefully tonight, it will not be the sleep of the dead in which I dream more nutty and insane stuff. Knowing my luck (if you'll allow me to use that term) the Looney Lady will haunt my dreams. *another mischievous grin here*