Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday Messages

Dear blog,
I sincerely apologize for my absence....I have missed you but I have not felt up to blogging the last few days. Several being that I have not had my camera handy and I wanted to post pictures on my next entry. Another reason is that I've had a lot of things on my mind lately, that if I shared on here, would probably end up being some kind of diarhea of the mouth and most likely would be something I'd have to apologize for saying. LOL. Sometimes it's not too good to totally speak your mind.....I've probably gotten myself in enough trouble without adding more. Then there's, you know, like work, and sleep, and the kid to take up my time....
Anyhow, I guess you didn't want excuses. Will you forgive me since I'm here now and even though I don't have my camera handy, I decided to post anyways??? That should count for something right?

Dear Munchkin,
Argh. Stop banging on the wall already and go to sleep. I really don't want to have to follow through with my threat of consequences if you don't stop banging on the wall, but have no fear, if you don't, I will.
Mommy (not Faith)

*****We interrupt these messages for a brief comedic moment from Saturday evening as we were all out in the garage and KC and I were working on getting our yardsale stuff together and organized. I was up in the attic storage over the garage bringing down boxes of junk when KC hollers up at me. He called my name. I called back and asked him what he needed and got no answer, but I could hear some kind of conversation going on below. Next thing I know, KC is coming up to the top of the steps and relays to me the conversation he has just had with munchkin:

"That not FAFE, she MOMMY!!!!!!!"
"I know she's mommy, but I can call her Faith b/c I'm daddy. Faith is her name, but you don't call her that, you call her 'mommy'."
"Okay. Sorry. You're right. That's mommy."

LOL. Crazy kid. She wants to call me mommy fafe whenever she's thinking about it, but heaven forbid that daddy call me by name. LOL!

And now, back to our regularly scheduled messages*******

Dear Time:
Where do I go to get more of you? I could sure use a few extra pieces of you. And if you see Energy anywhere out there in the land of the missing things, please tell him that I could stand to see a little more of him in my life as well. Thanks very much.
Rushed Ann ExHausted

Dear friends who don't blog yet:
Please start. Yesterday. I am missing you very much and would like to keep up with you in the same way you keep up with me!!! I can't really explain the difference in letters and email versus blogging, but honestly, blogging feels much more like I've talked to you on the phone or visited with you in person than I've ever experienced with letters and email. So really, you should do it. I'm personally a huge fan of (naw duh, right?) and I highly recommend it for easy, quick, and free. All you have to do is go to and take the tour to find out more information. Then sign up and get going. If you still don't feel confident enough after the tour to sign up, then check out their help pages b/c there is lots of information there to help you figure out what is going on.
If you are concerned about the privacy issues, you can make your blog private only to people that you invite by email. I recommend doing a double blog like I do (it's all free...I've got somewhere in the ballpark of 8 or 9 going right now--most for my photography stuff), but the first blog can be a public one and the second one can be a duplicate of the first only make it a private sector, that way folks can find you on the public blog, but you can keep private the stuff that you don't want to share openly. I also recommend having a place on the public blog in which they can email you to request access to the private blog, that way if there is someone that you wouldn't mind reading your blog, but you didn't have their email (like say an old friend from jr high or something that found you through a classmate search or whatever), then you could still hook up with them and then invite them to read your blog.
Some things that I have learned through trial and error: Don't use your last name or the last name of anyone you mention in your posts. Don't mention specific cities or landmarks near where you live and this includes the given: don't list your address or phone number either. If you want to be really cautious, use nicknames for everyone....your friends will know who you're talking about. Also, if your email address that you currently use includes your last name, set up one that does not include your complete name to attach to your blog account. Yahoo allows you to have multiple free accounts, as does hotmail. I can promise you that it's easier to do these things from the start than to go back and try to fix all the problems later. LOL.
For personalizing your blog, I'm not sure where to direct you. I did mine myself using digital scrapbook supplies but it's kinda complicated to try to explain and requires some graphic design and/or photo editing skills. If you have something in mind, I could maybe put something together for you (depending on how long you want to wait for it and on how much you pay me....hahah....just kidding) and upload it for you. It's really not that difficult, just hard to explain. Or there are lots of bloggers out there who design blogs for a living. And they do great work. One in particular is Everyday Mommy, who has designed a lot of the blogs on my favorites list.
I learned blogging solely by reading lots of blogs, studying their designs and layouts to figure out what I liked, and by doing lots of researching "blogging tips, faqs, etc" on google. Also a lot of times, bloggers will post stuff like this on their blogs and that is a great way to get tips and new viewpoints as well.
Anyways, if I can do it, anyone can do it. And trust me, you will not regret it when one day you read back over a blog entry from last year or even last month and say....oh, I forgot about that....what a great little moment of life that would have been forgotten if I hadn't wrote about it.
One final note, I expect to be notified of any new blogs that belong to anyone reading about my life b/c turn-about's fair play, you know! =)
Love you, dearies.
Your friend and hopefully fellow blogger

Dear Nice Manager Guy at the Fun Place where KC's company picnic was held:
I will forever be in your debt for your extreme helpfulness to the frantic and panicked lady who was searching all over the fun place to figure out where she might have set down her purse which had her phone and camera and all the keys to the car, not to mention her wallet, in it. And for finding my purse, you rescued me from being stuck at the fun place with an unhappy husband whose keys were in said purse, along with a three year old who was already 2 hours past her naptime, therefore no words could possibly express my heartfelt gratitude over your discovery of the location of my missing purse. I didn't even remember setting it down in that room, but seeing you walking toward me carrying it, saved me from death by heart failure. I am truly and completely thankful for your service.
the panicked lady with the three year old on her hip, running around in circles to all the places she remembered stopping at with said three year old

Dear self,
Chill out, alright? You must not stress. You must breathe. Deep, please. Life will slow down. This cannot last forever. Please stop stressing over things you cannot change? Listen to your head, alright? It knows these things are true, but your body just won't listen.....just get over it already, okay? I mean, hello, you can ask your knows that your life really isn't that stressful compared to most people. You have got it really easy, you should be able to handle this level of stress. It's not that bad. Stop it with the panick attacks alright? Oh, unless they're over missing which case, panick attacks are perfectly understandable. Generally though, this is unacceptable behavior and must change. This is your final notice.
My Self

Dear Highway,
Stop lulling me to sleep. You keep skeering me the way you throw dead animals in my way when I'm trying to sleep. I keep waking up to the thump and thinking that I just hit an animal that wasn't already dead.
The sleeping driver
(PS that letter was totally kidding, so nobody panic, alright? Leave the panic attacks to me....I'm a professional....LOL)

Dear whoever you are that is reading this,
If you're still here, you're doing mighty well. If I wasn't so worthless, I'd offer you a prize. However, being worthless, all I can do is offer to come back sometime within the next few days with pictures....hopefully. And I'm kinda getting tired now, so I'm going to go away.


  1. LOL!! And tears!! Feeling a bit emotional today. :/ I can totally relate about your friends and them NOT blogging. I know I have friends that read and know me well because of my posts, I would love to read what bounces back and forth in their brains from time to time! :)

  2. Hey girl! you crack me up! I'm thinking about "borrowing" your idea of writing letters to certains objects, things, or adjetives. *loL* sure makes you look at things in a different perspective. :o) I don't want to "steal" all of your good ideas though. Sorry, I haven't had time to blog. Will try and catch up up on my married life. Can you believe it's been a whole month for me already? Time flies doesn't it?

  3. Love your messages! Also love that she called you "Mommy." Looks like a giant step in the right direction.


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