Sunday, September 02, 2007


This is it. Today was the last day. Tomorrow we get to go home. Munchkin's mad about it. Her favorite saying...."ME NOT READY GO HOME YET!!!! ROFL. She did good nap was a beautiful day out on the beach and I didn't want to have to sit inside and I figured as long as she was in a good mood we'd just let her go. Shoo, the waves were ROUGH today though.....I am exhausted. We were out for about 4 hours I guess and I could barely stay on my feet out there b/c the waves were so powerful.....KC and Dustin had to take turns lifting the Munchkin over the breakers so she wouldn't get carried away. When I tried to carry her today, I couldn't keep us both out of the water. LOL. She is such a trooper though, I couldn't believe how good she was. She is all proud of herself this trip....doing lots of big girl stuff!!! Showering by herself, sleeping in big girl undies, swimming on her own (well, with the help of floaties), all kinds of stuff. She's done really good.

I'd post pictures, but most of the ones I could post from today show her I'm on KC's computer right now since mine is packed, so it would be kinda hard to get the pictures uploaded and edited to NOT show her face, plus his computer is much harder to work with than mine. So maybe later.

We went to Bonefish Grill tonight for supper.....the owner of the condo gave us a $50 gift card for our trouble with the internet at the beginning of the week. Very yummy. We spent all of it. *grin* It was SO worth it. YaYa and Dustin went with us there, and they liked it, too. (YaYa and Dustin stayed until late this evening but they had to head back tonight so Dustin could go to work tomorrow morning.)

Anywhoooo.....I guess I'm going to get moving here.....need to go check on the munchkin. She's watching Cars in her bed, and I'm hoping she'll fall asleep before I go in there so I can just turn it off and come back in here......but it's time to turn it off now, so if she's not asleep, I'll have to go in and lay down with her until she goes to sleep. She's so tired, she should be out quick. And if she's not out quick, I'm going to end up falling asleep in there myself.....we've got almost all the packing done and I'm just doing the laundry now so I won't have to do it when we get home. *sigh* But I'm EXHAUSTED! Vacation is HARD WORK!!! LOL.

Well, see ya later.

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