Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Our Funny Little Munchkin

Goodness gravy, she has been absolutely cracking me up the last couple of days!!!!!

Okay. SO Sunday night we had a footwashing service (for anyone who is not familiar with that, our church observes it as one of the ordinances like communion service -- where Jesus, in humility, served his disciples before the last supper, by washing their feet). Anyways, I have mixed feelings about the whole thing, but that's a whole 'nother blog post which may or may not ever happen, particularly since it's just my opinion and probably not a very popular one....and also probably not one that needs to be voiced.

Anywho, all that aside, my problems with this particular footwashing service were:
1. I did not know Sunday morning until after morning service, that Sunday night was to be a footwashing service.
2. We had choir practice Sunday afternoon (which means we had a quick lunch and got home so I could get Munchkin a nap before going back to the church early for choir).
3. I had to run to Walmart while Munchkin and KC were taking a nap to pick up some scrap supplies as well as other necessary household items that we were running out of....like bread and dryer sheets and hair gel....blah blah blah.
4. There was no time in that picture to take a shower.
5. From previous other posts, ya'll are well aware of my habits on clearing the forests on the lower limbs of my body, so I'm not going to spell it out what #4 is really saying.
6. In footwashing service, people see your feet...and ankles....and if you don't want your skirt wet, maybe even parts of your L.E.G. Not good, people, not good at all. At least the girls and guys separate for that part of the service, so it was just us girls in there. Still.
7. I completely forgot to make sure that my toes weren't totally gross or anything.....yikes.
8. Munchkin + Water = ????

Well. Okay then. So we get in the circle and some of the ladies start the footwashing thing....and around our place, they don't do the organized one person wash the person beside them and then that person turn to the person beside them......

No, it's whoever, whenever.....and generally turns into chaos in which everyone is boohoo-ing and hugging and trying to make sure they get everybody's feet so no one gets offended.....and when you've got 30 women/girls......well....that could take awhile. Oh wait, I'm getting sidetracked. And no, I'm not mad about that.

Anywho, I sat there and just sang along with the munchkin on my lap watching in absolute fascination. I wasn't that fascinated, she was. Then someone came and washed my feet and while I sat there in utter humiliation over the forest over my ankles, the munchkin stared in wonder and delight at the process. THEN they washed hers. And it was ON, ya'll.

Next thing I know, she's starting to sniffle. I'm like, is her nose running or what? Okay...no biggie, I'll just get out of the circle and get her a tissue....great excuse, no? And I get her a tissue and tell her to blow her nose, and she says no. Instead, she dabs at her eyes and sniffs again like she's some old woman at a funeral or something. I'm thinking.....wait a minute....?

I go back and sit down. She's on my lap. Every few minutes, she dabs at her cheeks like there are tears there, only they're dry. And she sniffs. Then someone comes and washes my feet and then hers and I hear her starting to sob. Only it is more fake than a three dollar bill. She does this for about five or six sobs, continuing the dabbing eyes and sniffing thing and then when they dried her feet, she gives them a huge hug and does the fake sob again.

Do ya'll know how hard it is to not DIE laughing at something so funny....particularly at a time when everything is so SERIOUS? It's like getting tickled at a funeral or something.

So I put my head down, covered my mouth and cracked up laughing......adding a few sniffs so it would look like I was getting hugely blessed instead of dying laughing.....really, I was trying to be good....haha.

And she looks up at me and thinks I'm crying and so she REALLY puts it on then, and she was so incredibly serious about it. She was totally copying everyone else. It was hys-TERICAL. Of course, then she wanted to help wash other's feet, so I let her help me as I did a couple and then we sat back down and waited for everyone else to finish....and people kept coming and washing ours although it was less of a boohoo session by this point, so she had stopped doing that. And then she was getting a little too carried away with it, so I had to put a stop to it until the end of the service....which was not fun.

But seriously, it was SO funny to watch her try to do what she saw everyone else doing....and the fake sniffing and wiping her cheeks and then just going all the way to the real sobs only without any tears....ROFL. It was just killing me. *grin*

ANYWAYS....with all that, I had a real hard time getting into the seriousness of the service. But humility is in the heart.....and you can show it by serving others in many ways, not JUST by washing their feet.....cuz really, you can wash someones feet and not mean it a bit, just doing a form. Oh well. I got full dose of humility.......humiliating really.....totally.

Okay. Fast forward to tonight. Putting munchkin to bed. Rocking her in the bedroom in the dark, praying softly. I finish.....then.....

Munchkin looks up at me, so I ask her if she wants to pray.....she says yes.

So she starts praying......

"Deaw Gaw hev faw tank you cuch, tank you tiny, tank you biends, tank you Nonna, ummmb, umb, ummmm, hep nikni, and big daddy, hep nonna, poppa, oh pawpaw, hep mawmaw night ummmmmmm, hep tiny, hep cuch, hep biends, ummmmm AMEN. Wait....mommy, daddy booboo??????"

"Yes, you can pray for daddy's booboo."

"Kay. Deaw Gaw, hev faw, my daddy booboo finger, have bandaid night hep daddy booboo all be-ew....um....and BIG daddy, too! ummmm AMEN! Mommy, daddy booboo AW be-ew?"

"Yes, sweetie, you prayed for daddy's booboo. Now it will get all better.

Now for the English translation and explanations:

"Dear God, Heavenly Father, thank you {for} church, thank you {for} tiny (her little friend at school that is nicknamed tiny b/c she's so little), thank you {for} friends, thank you {for} Nonna (my mom -- who stayed with her on Saturday and apparently left a pretty favorable impression), ummm, um....(yes, she is using FILLER WORDS, ya'll!!!! OH MY HEAVENS it cracked me up) help Nikni (Nikki-her teacher) and big daddy (nikki's hubby - nicknamed big daddy) help Nonna, Poppa (my parents), help pawpaw, mawmaw night (kc's parents and I'm assuming she's praying to go stay the night with them again...LOL....rotten young-un! haha) ummm...help tiny, help church, help friends, ummmm, AMEN. Wait.....Mommy {can I pray for} daddy's booboo?"

"Okay. Dear God, Heavenly Father, my daddy {has a} booboo {on his} finger, have bandaid {on it to}night, help daddy booboo all better....um.....and big daddy, too! ummm....AMEN. Mommy? Daddy booboo all better?"

Okay so the {} was the inserts to make it make sense....she's still working on the connectors in her sentences, but she's got the UMM downpat. And I have no idea why she added big daddy, too in her last little bit, but that's definitely what she said. TOO funny. And daddy really does have a bandaid around his thumb where he broke a blister from shoveling all the mulch and yardwork that he did over the weekend.

And by the way, she did that "AMEN! Wait....deaw gaw hev faw, hep ___" several times for different things, I just don't remember all of them. It was real cute....her little PS's to her prayers.

Funny child, this munchkin!
The funniest thing is she doesn't know she's so funny! LOL.

Anyways, got typing cramps so I'm off now.

Later, ya'll!

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  1. She is precious!! LOL! I love it when the innocence of children make us laugh with a side splitting humor! LOL!! This was great!


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