Thursday, August 16, 2007

Better Than Expected.....

I don't think we could have asked for him to take the news that he's leaving us any better than that. He was a little disappointed that he was having to leave at first, but after the SW told him that Nik-ni and Big Daddy would be his "forever family" and not only that, but they were good friends with us, so he'd still get to see us alot and it wouldn't be like he'd never see us or Munchkin again, he was super excited and even wanted to know if he could go tonight. I'm not sure if he was just acting like he thought we all wanted him to act and hiding his true feelings or not, b/c later KC asked him how he was feeling about it and he said he was sad that he was leaving and he seemed a little down, so we talked about it over supper.

Supper was his favorite (his choice for tonight since this is is last night) S'getti and meatballs and garlic toast. While we were eating, we talked to him about the move tomorrow night. He wanted to know why we didn't adopt him if he was available for adoption, and we said it wasn't because we didn't want him, it was because a lot of people wanted him and Nik-ni and Big Daddy were first in line. We also reassured him that he was not leaving our house b/c he had done anything wrong or because he was too wild or that we couldn't handle his behaviour, he was leaving b/c his new home with Nik-ni and Big Daddy was going to be a really good move for him, that they love him very much already and want him to be their forever son, and he will get to be the only child there (at least for awhile until they all decide to add more to their family) and they can help him with his school and all that. He seemed very relieved after that conversation and went back to being excited about it.

Then after that, KC laid on the floor beside him and watched a movie with him and we gave him a silkie spiderman blanket that "Mawmaw" sewed for him to remember all of us by. Then, while they were doing that, I fixed them some cookies and milk (a special treat around our house cuz I have to be in the right mood to want to spend my evening baking cookies) and worked on packing up his things.

Dude. He's got a lot of stuff. I knew he had more stuff going out than he did coming in, but I really didn't realize how MUCH more stuff. I filled two duffel bags, he's got a gargantuan tote of toys, a gi-normous birthday gift bag full of stuffed animals and toys that wouldn't fit in the huge tote, a backpack and a lunchbag full of odds and ends, a pile of toys and things that wouldn't fit in any of the bags, a gift bag full of shoes, a gift bag full of books, a sack with a sleeping bag in it, a sack of winter clothes that he came with that I didn't even mess with, just tossed it up in the closet.

As I was finishing the last few things of his packing, he came in the room with KC to start getting ready for bed and was like, hey what are you doing!?! I was like, getting your stuff together so you'll be ready to go tomorrow. And he got all down again. He said he didn't like change and he was so pitiful. I was like, I know, buddy, I don't like change either and sometimes even good changes are hard to adjust to, but it will be okay.

Man alive. I wasn't feeling like, all emotional or anything while I was packing his stuff, even though it did feel odd, but now that it's all packed and I've sat down to think about it, I'm having a bit of a hard time. He's only been here for two months and amazingly enough, I am actually going to miss the little bugger. He really is a good kid.

And this is the hardest part, not that he's leaving b/c I am 100% comfortable with where he is going and know that I'll get to see him lots and it's going to be great for him.....the hardest part is that packing him up makes me think about what I'm going to do if I have to pack up the munchkin b/c I won't know where she's going and I won't get to see her anymore and she's my baby girl. The thoughts of that just make me want to sit down and hold my head and just bawl my eyes out.

Ugh. I'm getting a lump in my throat now.

*swallowing hard*

So the good.....or on her situation is that the biological child-bearing unit did not show up for visit on Monday, but they didn't go get munchkin b/c BCU didn't call, so at least the munchkin wasn't disturbed. Oh, and they still haven't heard anything from her to know where she was at......and why she missed......and then too, apparently, she didn't show up for her "illegal substance abuse" class on Tuesday either......


Oh yeah, before I forget......bouncer wanted to pray for our food tonight at supper......
I don't remember his prayer word for word, but it included this:
"thank you God for my new mom and my new dad and my forever family and thank you for my dad and mom----i mean KC and Faith....and my foster family......"

Um. I think I'm actually going to cry over this.

I'm goin now.
*trying to swallow past the lump in my throat*


  1. Okay. I am a crying buckets of tears over here. I don't even know how to comment other than to say that I admire your love for these children. You are awesome and I'm praying for you.

  2. I am with Rochelle. Many tears have fallen as I have read this.

    Again, I can't imagine what you are feeling right now.

  3. jules8:06 PM

    Faith, I'm not a mother yet, but can feel your pain. I had a foster sister once before we moved here. Is was hard to see her go. I know that you have done an awesome job with these kids b/c I see it every time I get to see you guys. They will be changed forever (in a good way) b/c of you and KC and the God that lives in your hearts. Keep up the good work! Praying for you all! -j


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