Thursday, July 19, 2007


After whining and throwing fits all evening, I decided that the best thing for her would be some sleep, so I gave her a bath (which was drama in itself for whatever reason) and put her jammies on and started rocking her and the munchkin fell asleep within fifteen minutes......and I laid her in bed at 7:58. Knocking on wood here, hope that's not a bad sign. I was really hoping to sleep in my own bed tonight. The floor is getting old. Oh wait....maybe it's ME that's getting old. Ha!

Anywhooo....I took them both to daycare this morning and went to work. The munchkin didn't run a fever yesterday and didn't complain about her throat hurting after yesterday morning, and then by yesterday evening I started noticing that she was becoming something of a drama queen and I have come to the conclusion that she figured out that crying and moping got her lots of attention if she was sick so she was going to play it for all it was worth. This became more obvious every time she noticed that your attention was anyone or anything else. She was suddenly wailing then and when you stopped and went down the list, asking her if specific parts hurt and she said no to all of them and then you asked why she was crying, the tears and pouting just magically disappeared and she went about her normal business. Uh. Hel-lo....we're being played here! She was just like, "oh. uh....okay, you got me....I'll go back to normal now."

And the funniest thing, she went back to daycare today? Had a good morning. Later this afternoon, they said she started moping around and saying her throat hurt and just drinking a LOT! Well, I got her home and started making some sandwiches for supper and the first thing she asked me: Ice cream? No, sweetie, I'm making supper. If you are hungry you can eat a banana for snack.

NOO! *screaming and grabbing throat like she's being tortured* ICE CREAM!

Uh. NO. Banana. Final answer.

So she goes off and plays and then comes back later and eats supper and then goes back to playing and I have not heard a single mention of her throat since (although I did give her a half a dose of children's tylenol just in case her drama was real -- which could play a small part of that.....however, as much screaming and throwing of fits as she did over various things tonight, I'm sure that if her throat was really hurting that bad, the screaming would have made the small bit of tylenol that I gave her wear off quickly, so I'm fairly sure that it was mostly just drama for the sake of ice cream). I guess I shouldn't complain since that is a fairly intelligent conclusion to come to for a three year old. Throat hurts + crying = mommy falling all over herself to baby me + yummy popsicles. Yeah. I'd say she's a pretty smart kid. I wish she would put it together in other ways....ya know, like: Throwing fit +/- whining +/- not listening = loss of various objects +/- time out. Do you think it's the +/- signs that are throwing her? Really, I make it simpler than that, I'm just generalizing for the sake of this blog.


I got a book in the mail from paperback swap today. I feel that it will be fairly appropriate for this stage of my life. It's called: (are you ready for this?) Mommy's Locked in the Bathroom: Surviving Your Child's Early Years With Your Sanity and Salvation Intact! And it's looking very much like I'm going to actually find some bathroom time if I want to read it. Haha. So when I come back and tell you all about the things I'm reading in this book.....well, that's as far as I'm going with that train of thought! ROFL!

Random question thrown in for the sake of throwing in a random there ever a point when you'll get close enough to God that the devil will leave you alone? I was thinking about it today, and I can tell by the circumstances that go on in my daily life what my spiritual life is accomplishing. For example, there will be days when the mornings go terrible and the nights are worse, and I don't get to do any kind of Bible reading or focused praying and I don't take time during the day to think about the things of God....those days, it seems like the devil just leaves me alone....which is a BAD sign. But this week, I've tried to spend more time thinking about scriptures and talking to God, worked on some studies and church materials....and after a few days like that, it's like the devil gets mad and throws people up in my path to trip me up. Don't get me wrong, I'm not having a problem with....people that are in my path to trip me up.....and it's nothing that....people in my path are doing to cause problems either, it just seems like for some reason, paths will cross for no reason and then I'll spend way too much time worrying about paths crossing in the future or what if this or did I say the right thing or will this cause problems there.....ugh. I just hate the devil. Like I said, it's not that there are any actual problems, it's almost like a thought diversion....oh no, you're thinking too much about Godly things, let's throw this up in your face to distract you and make you worry.

And in a complete change of direction (cuz it's my blog and I can) that random question for the sake of random questions line reminded me of my doofus self at dinner tonight. When I told the bouncer, "Let's not worry about where we're at right now, let's just worry about where we're at right now." and as the words were leaving my mouth, I thought. Hum. That made no sense. What I meant to say was, Let's not worry about where we're NOT at right now, let's just worry about where we're at right now. And even after I corrected my thinking, I decided that to try to correct myself would simply be too complicated (remember this is the kid with 1001 questions over everything), I simply decided to just let it hang out there and hope no one caught it. (Other than KC of course, who gave me the "Uh.....that made no sense" look) About 1 minute later, bouncer looks at me and says, "Mom? That made no sense!"

LOL. I was like, "I know." Moving RIGHT ALOONNNNGG!!!!!

So our licensing worker told my hubby today that there is a possibility of a sibling group that may possibly need placement in the near future. 2 year old twins and a 5 month old. I was like....uh....the five month old sounds REALLY tempting, but 2 year old TWINS? PLUS our three year old drama queen (who rolled out of her bed mid-sleep tonight for the first time ever as I sat here blogging and she was furiously mad that her sleep was thus interrupted and refused to calm down even with me instantly at her side and holding her) and who knows when exactly that bouncer will be moving on into his adoptive placement. I'm nuts, but I'm not quite THAT certifiable yet!!! ROFL! Actually, I did think about it....for all of three seconds.....and then common sense kicked in. That would be four kids 3 or under and not only that, but they're all kids that come with all the issues that are involved that caused them to be put in foster care in the first place, bless their hearts. It's really sad, but I don't think placement in our home would be their best scenario....or mine....

Ya know, though....there is a piece of me that just longs to be able to do something to help them ALL. I don't know. Maybe I'm nuts, but I would absolutely LOVE to be rich and have a huge house and take in at least fifty of these kids who need a home. While I'm dreaming, I'd also like a housekeeper and nanny for those times when my sanity is needing a bit of time off. Also a gardener and repairman to show up a couple of times a week. Oh and let's not forget a cook. And since with all that money, I won't need to work, I'll be able to stay home and be like Julie Andrews and make them clothes out of curtains and then go out and play with them and teach them to sing do, a deer, a female deer, ra, a drop of Back to reality....actually I'd probably spend all my time taking them from one counseling appointment to the doctor appointment to football practice......hey....wait....I could just have a chauffer, too....that way the only thing I'd need to do is just have fun with them!!! ROFL. And sew their clothes out of curtains of course.....unless I also had a seamstress on staff....which wouldn't be a bad idea considering my lack of talent with a sewing machine and I'm not all about creating complete pieces of clothing with hand stitching..........................okay. End of this dream.

I'm sure you couldn't tell that I'm tired tonight. But's a blog entry. And if I'm not badly mistaken, I think this makes three nights in a row. Which is what I was going for anyways. Tonight is definitely a quantity not quality night. Hope you're not too badly disappointed. =)

Well, it's almost 10 and I haven't got much else besides this blog entry accomplished in this lovely evening where the kidlets have fallen asleep ahead of schedule for a I'M the disappointed one.....

K. Later.


  1. I'm glad to hear punkin is feeling better and you may be able to sleep in your own bed tonight. To provide an answer or opinion on your question I believe that no matter how close you are with God or Creator (in my case), the devil will always be around because you need the bad to see the true strength and beauty of the good.
    Hope you all have a quiet, restful night!

  2. It is always worth reading your bloggy stuff. Good to know you can still pull off the writing while short on sleep. You are talented!

    OK...for random stuff said to kids category. The other day my kids were walking to the car and I yelled "stay in the street." Meant to say..."stay on the sidewalk." I am just too tired to try anymore.


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