Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sick + Kids = No fun

But hey look....this makes two posts in the same number of days.....this is progress!!! LOL

Unfortunately, I have no really funny incidents to post....I seem to have hit a block in my dumb stunts....knock on wood. That's mostly because I've done little except try to not pull my hair out while trying to get this kid to drink liquids and not throw fits b/c her throat is hurting her.

Ya'll. This is getting old. And I can only imagine how she feels.

Last night I made myself a pallet out of a handful of blankets and slept on the floor in her room b/c I had to be up comforting her every time she woke up crying and unconsolable which was about once an hour.....and I didn't want to wake KC up that often every time I had to roll out of bed and rush in there to soothe her. *sigh* It was definitely much faster to off the floor and be patting her within two seconds of her crying. She just has to be close to me....I have gotten nothing done all day....but she's been wonderful least much comparison.

All I've done today is lay on the floor next to her on last night's bed of blankets and read my book while she watches barney and elmo and various other irritating kid movies. I say irritating b/c if I have to hear "I am learning to spell my name, each and every letter, it's almost like a game, each day you get better" (imagine that in barney singsong) one more time, I might just scream!!!! After about 12 reruns through that episode of Barney's ABCs, she finally let me change it over to Elmo in Grouchland. But I can't leave the room. She's perfectly happy as long as I'm holding her or she's lying next to me. Or if she wakes up and I'm not in sight, it's the end of the world. I say that as I sit here blogging from the rocking chair footstool in her room while she lays on previously mentioned blankets and takes her nap. Needless to say, this is not the most comfortable blogging position in the world. Neither was that bed the most comfortable sleep I have gotten......matter of fact, I woke up rather stiff. All 12 times that I had to get up. LOL.

My wonderful hubby, who took off work this morning in order to attend a permanency planning meeting for the munchkin at social services since circumstances happened which tie me to the house until further notice, had much mercy on me this morning while he was here at the house before the meeting and took the bouncer to school and then came back and started a movie for the munchkin so that I could get a couple of uninterupted minutes of sleep. I feel almost normal now.

I'm contemplating what to fix for supper tonight. It's almost four and the munchkin will probably wake up any minute now (she's been asleep for about thirty minutes this last time) and I'll have to once again try to fix supper with a whiny kid attached to me.

Last night we had an episode with supper. Not from the munchkin, but from the potatoes!! I had the brilliant idea to fix baked potatoes for at FOUR oclock, I started baking them. According to the handy dandy betty crocker cookbook, potatoes should take 40-60 minutes baked in a 425 degree oven.....wrapped in foil. So I did. One hour later, I pull them out and start to prepare them. They are barely softened at ALL. So I put them in the microwave.

Naturally, I removed the foil first. were imagining the worst, weren't you? ROFL! Seriously, I have like nightmares about forgetting to take the metal spoon I'm stirring the food with out of the bowl before sticking it in the microwave. I'm paranoid like that.

SO anyways, these are already partially cooked potatoes. And there are only like four of them, so I cook them for the entire baked potato cycle in the microwave....remove them.....sheeeeesh....still not soft all the way. Only now I'm out of time....everything else is either done, or waiting on the potatoes. I'm thinking, how can I rescue this attempt?

In a last ditch effort, I peel the potatoes (which are piping hot, let me tell ya, you'da thunk they'd have been closer to done!) and throw them in a bowl with some butter and sour cream and I mash those babies with the largest fork I have. Then I dump them in a stoneware dish and mix cheese in and put cheese and butter on top and then stick it in the oven. Hopefully by the time the cheese is melted, the potatoes will have finished cooking.

I put supper on the table. Including the potato dish. Which, I must say, at least LOOKED delicious and edible. Anyways, there were no complaints from the picky ones, but those potatoes still didn't taste quite done. The cheese made it palatable though, so I guess it wasn't a complete failure. I was so aggravated though. What was supposed to be a simple dish turned into a 2.5 hour affair. ARGH!

Anywho, I couldn't quite make myself throw it out after supper....after all, there was more than half of it left. I'm wondering if I put it in the oven now, perhaps by suppertime tonight it will be more edible?????? Hmm.....I'm thinking I should have a backup plan if I decide to try that! Hahah!

I do think leftovers will be the fare tonight though. Since I managed to get the munchkin to eat a childsized bowl of chicken noodle soup and about 6 crackers, I feel like a mildly successful mom and I'm hoping that I can get lucky for two meals in a row. I just can't seem to get any liquids down her. I have even resorted to chocolate popsicles just to get something down her. I wonder if she's wised up to my strategy and is refusing drinks just to get the popsicles. LOL. Crazy kid. Well, I have limited the popsicles to only after she's finished her drink or only after she's finished a whole bowl of soup. I have a dreaded feeling that I'm going to run out of popsicles...guess she'll have to go to the fruit ones now. LOL. Note to self: must send KC to get more popsicles....sugar free ones. Teeehehe.

Amazingly enough, she's still asleep. I think this is a record....forty five minutes! I'm going to have to click post before I push my luck. LOL.

For all the time it has been since I posted regularly, maybe sometime I'll get time to catch up, but for now I'm just going to have to say that it was busy and leave it at that and then continue from this point forward. It will make it much simpler on myself and I'll be less likely to procrastinate blogging b/c I don't want to take the time to do catch up. It's my blog...I can make up the rules if I want. hahah.

Anywho....till next time....hopefully tomorrow at the latest!

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