Tuesday, July 17, 2007

EEEK! I'm getting dangerously close....

to being a STALE BLOGGER!!!! Somebody help me! What is wrong with me? LOL.

Well, as I sit here awkwardly typing over the three year old that is sleeping sprawled across my lap, I think I might know what the answer to that question might be.

It's not me. It's my crazy busy life. By the time I get time to blog, I'm too busy reading non-fiction books on topics such as: surviving kids, time management for hectic families, boredom busters, how to do it all and not kill yourself......

Now.....I need a "how to take care of a sick kid without going crazy in the process" book.

I took her in to the doctor today after a night of at least 5 night awakenings to go give her a sip of water b/c she woke up crying while trying to swallow and the doctor said the strep was negative. Said she's just got a viral infection and sore throat and we just have to wait it out. And she can't go back to daycare until she's been fever free for a night. I don't think that will be tomorrow. And today was miserable....for both of us! She spent all afternoon crying and throwing fits b/c her "neck hurt me" and she refused to listen to me when I tried to tell her that I couldn't do anything except give her liquids and cold stuff which she generally refused.....AND then she also refused to listen to me when I tried to tell her that screaming and throwing a fit was going to make her throat hurt worse. UGH.

All she wants is to be held. Which is okay, except it makes for a really long day when you're trying to hold her and you feel good enough to get things done and you see all this stuff around the house that could be done if you didn't have a 35 pound dead weight tying up your hands. And even things that can be done while holding her (like working on the computer) is made much more difficult when said weight is blocking clear access to keyboard. I'm getting a crick in one shoulder now....*sigh* And when I tried to lay her down after she went to sleep, that only lasted a few minutes and then she would cry until held again. I finally just let her cry.....and then put a movie in and that kept her occupied for awhile.....*sigh*

Now I feel like I'm getting a bit achy...not not not NOT good at ALL!!!! I'm just really hoping I don't end up coming down with it.

She's so pitiful though. It's really sad. Inconvenient for me, yes, but I do feel really bad for her and I hate to see her having such a hard time......

I'm going to have to go get her some children's tylenol i guess. I'm wondering if she might not be sick on her stomach the way she acts when she wakes up out of a dead sleep and just starts crying and gagging uncontrollably and no amount of coddling can calm her down. Then suddenly, she just falls back asleep......while sitting up.....this is so weird. And I can feel the heat radiating off of her.....I don't care what the thermometer says about her temperature being normal....I think it's broke. I'm going to go try it again.....

Lord, please make this young'un better....for all of our sakes!!!!

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  1. Sounds like you two have had a rough time of it. I wish I knew a good joke that would put a smile on your face but I'm horrible at remembering things like that. I'm thinking about you two and hoping that she makes a speedy recovery for all your sakes.


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