Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Who said anything about vacation? I haven't had time to BREATHE, much less take a break! I get more rest at work! LOL.

So I was really frustrated with the kids tonight. Not their fault by any means, but I spent all day cleaning the house and it looked SOOOO good. Notice that I said that in past tense. It took all of 15 minutes after they got home and you could barely tell that I'd cleaned.

Ya'll. I mean, I CLEANED! All the way down to the sheets on the beds, sorting all the toys back into the right rooms, vacuuming ALL the bedrooms, sweeping and mopping (even doing the bathroom and laundry room and moving the furniture to get all the cat hair clumps and stray odds and ends that seem to collect under there), doing the dishes and putting all of them away, cleaned the litter box, emptied the trash, cleaned out the fridge, cleaned out the cat water which was beginning to grow algae, washed up all the laundry, dusted, cleaned out all the junk in the coffee table, even going so far as to start pulling out old junk to put in a yard sale....not only all that, but then I cooked supper! Granted, it was just macaroni and cheese, peas, chicken, and biscuits, but STILL. It was hot and it was more than one dish!

Now. There's dirty dishes in the sink. I spent 10 minutes before bedtime crawling under the dining table and picking up the mashed peas from my beautiful, previously Murphy Oil Soap fresh, hardwood floors. Kid stuff is no longer contained to kid rooms. Trash can has smelly remains of supper in it.....

But I have to ask myself....as frustrating as it was to spend all day cleaning and watch it come apart at the seams as soon as the family got home.....would I rather have the house stay picture perfect or would I rather enjoy having a loving family?

I'll take the family.

Whiney, fighting, disobedient, and all. Cuz heavens.....I most certainly have my whiney, grouchy, picky moments myself. Sometimes I wonder what they would do if I suddenly put myself in time out. LOL.

Couple of funny things from today.

As I was cleaning today, I started to dust the time out chair.....and then thought.....of all things in this house, that is probably the least dusty object of all. ROFL. It gets dusted by the seat of their pants on a regular basis.

Bouncer came home from school and told KC, "My thumb let me suck it today!"
(I guess he finally just sucked all the bad taste off. YUCK!)

KC re-applied the stuff tonight. And then after he was in bed, he snuck in and applied it again. I was putting the Munchkin to bed when I heard it, "BLECH, PTWAH, WHY IS IT HAPPENING AGAINNNNNNNN???????"

KC is getting ready to go wake him up for the next bathroom trip.....I would almost bed that on his way back to bed, he'll be in the half asleep "wanting his thumb" mode and there will be more drama again!!! ROFL. I know it isn't funny, I know it's not. The poor kid. It's gotta be awful for him, but he is SOOO funny, I just can't help laughing!!!

Well, it's past bedtime again. There just aren't enough hours in the day.


Quote of the day: Cleaning the house while the kids are still growing, is like trying to shovel the snow off the sidewalks while it's still snowing.


  1. haha I love the quote on the bottom..too true! The same goes in my house. I have honestly given up on the little toys that have found their way into nooks and crannys and the bath tub but to be honest I like them there because it shows that I have little people in my home. That I would never trade for the world.

  2. ROFL! The thumb thing is WAY TOO FUNNY!!! *lol* I remember those days. My parents used to do that to me and Lori and we would suck it right off too. It didn't matter if it was hot pepper sauce, something extremely sour, or nail polish...we always sucked it right off. *lol* I hope you don't have as much trouble as our parents did! And though I don't have kids yet, I find that the same thing can happen with four adults and 2 dogs. It doesn't take long for a really clean house to be cluttered again at the end of the day. It's our never ending job! :o)

  3. LOL!!! LOL!!! I needed this today! I can so relate about the dust! It is so amazinghow long it takes to clean, and how little time it takes to mess it back up!!


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