Monday, June 18, 2007

Oh Dear Me.....

I believe the appropriate description for me tonight is "plumb exhausted"!!!!!!! I could literally keel over into a deep sleep at this very moment, but the fact that I still have so much to do is keeping me from doing so. And what am I doing instead of all those things that are desperately needing to get done (like those stinking piles of laundry on the bed that need to be folded or those pictures from the weekend that need to be uploaded....and let's not forget that the house is a complete wreck.....and the craft for the first night of VBS on Sunday night....). Anyways. I'm blogging.

At this particular moment, I felt like it was more important to document yet another milestone in our lives than to do the other things that need doing. That, and I'm addicted to blogging.

But enough about what I'm doing here when I should be elsewhere.....and on to the important stuff.

Like the fact that our family is a family of four now.

Yep. Bouncer is back. In his room. Currently asleep at the moment. And so is the Munchkin. In her room, that is....

And life goes on.

I can tell you one thing....if I didn't know that things will be better once the kids (and we adults) adjust to the new arrangements, I'd be worried. However, after our experiences with the munchkin and adjusting to a new person in the house, I know it gets better. So we're just bucklin' down and gonna get through this and adjust as quickly as possible.

It's a fun ride here at the nut house!

Speaking of crazy us and enjoying the ride........oh well....I'm going to talk about that on the private blog. I'll link it when I get it posted for those of you who have the password to that....all five of you....or at least whichever ones of you five that are interested in hearing me do more of this ramble thing on topics that are not for the general public to read. *GRIN*

So as for the weekend, we had a perfectly lovely time. The munchkin adored playing with her "cousins" and being the youngest there, received plenty of attention, which she totally ate up! Naturally. She did great on the ride home yesterday....only a couple of minor meltdowns and the last one resulted in her falling asleep about an hour and a half before we got home and she didn't wake up until 8 this morning. Bless her little heart. She was plumb worn out! Kinda how I feel today. when we got home last night, I just carried her in and laid her in bed, only taking her shoes off before tucking her in. Poor baby.

And she was disappointed again this morning when BM didn't show (for the second week in a row after requesting more visitation in court).

So they took her over and did a repeat of last week....and then BM calls later after they've taken her back to work....leaves a voice mail on the SW's answering machine, sounding distraught and saying "I overslept again and....oh @#$"

SW said she has no idea what's going on, but I'm sure she'll let me know if she finds anything out. Very interesting. Again, I don't know how to feel about it. I'm upset that she's not calling ahead of it if she's not going to be there b/c it is so hurtful to the munchkin to go over to where she sees her BM and then she's not there. She was sooo down tonight when I went to get her. Definitely not her usual self. I even took a new hairbow over for her and a cookie and her mawmaw and pawpaw had stopped by the house to drop off some stuff she'd left in their car and she was barely excited over any of that. Not like she usually is....squealing and smiling and being happy. It was soo sad. Breaks my heart to see her that way.

hang on a's really hard to type while eating a banana popsicle. *grin*

Kay. I'm back now. (not like you noticed I was gone or anything....haha)

For up this morning and started on the laundry and unpacking from the trip. (Strangest thing how much adding one little person to the family increases the amount of stuff that is needed for a 3 day trip) Took the munchkin to daycare and came back and got myself somewhat presentable and then met my friend to go to the big town to pick up the rest of the supplies we needed for VBS crafts next week. Also picked up a few other things while we were out....I had a good time. My friend is just the sweetest person....ya'll have no idea. Everytime I'm around her, I just have the greatest time and her boys are adorable. I have no idea how she goes out with them by herself though....between the two of us and the two of them (they're 2 and almost 5 months I think) I was worn out from shopping and maneuvering two little boys. But they were very good....I just don't see how she does it alone. It's a major handful.

Like....when we were leaving Walmart, me carrying oldest cutie and her carrying sleeping baby cutie and pushing the awkwardly loaded buggy between the two of us....and the stuff I'd laid across the buggy slid off, dumping our load in the parking lot....and it was extremely hot outside.....If I'd had any hands free, I'd have taken a picture....but then again, if I'd had any hands free, I would have (tried to) prevent the spill in the first place. Course, if I'd loaded the buggy in a more appropriate manner, we probably wouldn't have had any trouble, but you know accident waiting to happen.

But there are nice people left in this world. Like the guy walking out behind us who immediately saw our dilemma and how we were trying to juggle the babies to pick up our fallen goods and dropped his very pregnant girl's hand to retrieve our stuff and help us reload our buggy while his VPG stood by in the extremely hot....heat and waited patiently. And then there was the man in Sam's who was in front of me in line with a huge load of items as I stood there with my two little things (while my friend and co. were waiting in the car for me) who saw me waiting patiently with my two items and insisted that I go in front of him since I only had two things. I was very appreciative of that very kind gesture. It's nice to know that there are still people who will do a kind deed for a stranger.

Then we went to the mall for lunch and to go in Children's Place. Oooooh....they had some goooood sales.....I could have spent a fortune.....I had a very hard time. I actually didn't go originally, I stayed in the family spot in the mall and gave the baby cutie his bottle while my friend ran down there with older cutie, but then she came back and was showing me all these cool things she got for so then we went back and I spent more than I probably should have. *grin* Oh well. It was for the kids.

Oooh. That feels strange. "It was for the kids." "the kidS" We are a family of four for now. That definitely feels odd.

So we went and picked up the bouncer tonight after KC got home and brought him and his things back to the house and settled him in....he had several bags of things and a box of toys that was his....I'm definitely going to need to pick up a few more clothes for him...especially summer clothes, but I'm sure the thrift stores will come in handy now that I know his sizes.

So just before bed as I was sitting in the floor folding laundry....the munchkin is sitting in her chair next to me in her adorable new six dollar jammies (which she absolutely LOVED), drinking her drink....looks up at me and says, "mommy, me happy."

Okay. So that just about made me cry. She was just so serious the way she said just had to be there, I guess. It was sweet.

I really wanted to post more pics tonight, but i'm so tired that i think i'll have to wait. I need to set up an extension of this blog for password protected pictures anyways before i can post some of those pix, so i'll hopefully get to that soon.

I don't think I'm going to get to that private post tonight either....I can barely keep my eyes open and I've got to get some sleep if I'm going to be able to keep up with the bouncer AND the munchkin.

More later.


  1. Awe...that's so sweet! (The part about munchkin saying she's happy). And I know what you mean about your friend's cuties...they are cute! :o)

  2. I agree with Jules. So sweet. I hope you get lots of rest!!! Of course I am waiting to see those pics!! :)

  3. PS I'm addicted to blogging too... I wonder if there is such a thing as BA. (Bloggers Anonymous). Of course... as long as we admit it, I don't think it is a problem. :)


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