Saturday, May 12, 2007

More Than One Way To Skin A Cat

And don't worry....that's just an expression. Jango and Snowball are perfectly safe, thankyouverymuch! that is....from everything except mama's bad mood.... But that's a whole 'nother story.

Anywho. So I'm sitting on the loveseat rather irritated with the munchkin who was super whiny tonight, when I decided for mother's day that I was going to give myself the gift of a pedicure. So I gave it to myself....while sitting on the side of the bathtub with my pjs pushed up so they wouldn't get wet. My feet feel marvelous right about now. They were getting so discusting I could barely stand myself. You know it's bad when a three year old comes up to see what you're looking at on your foot and thinks it's a boo boo. As an aside here, it was a little hard to stay irritated when she kept saying, "aww, hurt mama? Me kiss it" and keep trying to kiss it. Which was really gross but still sweet. I decided to take some time and fix them. I spent an hour sanding down my little tootsies, scrubbing all the skin off, and then smothering them in lotion. Then while I was already there, I decided to go ahead and clear out the forest between my knees and my ankles (yeah I know, gross, but at least I do make sure to get a shower every day even if I don't have time to it's a clean forest). Ahhh....I'm in seventh heaven about now. Like I said. There's more than one way to skin a cat. If I can't shave in the shower, then I'll shave from the side of the tub. Works for me!

Of course it would have been more enjoyable and probably taken less time if the munchkin hadn't followed me into the bathroom and watched me stick my feet in the water. know. Sitting on the sidelines ain't her thing. Next thing I know, she's stripped off, in the tub, and pulling all her toys in with her. Ah. Lovely. I put my foot down (LOL) when she tried to wash her hair in that nasty water. Huh UH. That is just discusting and I don't THINK so.....NOT happening! (Naturally, by the time I finished and ran the tub full of clean water for her, she was not in the mood to get her hair wet. Couldn't have guessed THAT would happen!)

She almost created another "Grace" moment for me whenever she did this jump thing from one side of the bathtub to the other and pushed my supporting leg out from under me. I almost flipped backwards off the side of the tub into the toilet. That would have made an interesting post. For SURE! Anyways, someday I've got to learn the trick of letting go of what's in my hands in order to protect myself. Every time I nearly kill myself, it's cuz I've got my hands full and can't catch myself.

THEN. She decided to help me. Which was fine....except that she kept wanting to use the pumice stone on my knees. I did manage to talk her into using the soft brush instead to help me "wash my legs" but she ended up getting more water in my pj shorts than on my legs I think. I just wanna know why it's so fascinating to wash MY legs but when it's time for her bath, if I want to get it done before tomorrow, then I have to wash her. AGGHH.

So that was my evening....well, plus a few other things, but that's the only part I feel like blogging about.

My day was lovely, too. Actually, my day was awesome! I called a friend yesterday evening and asked her if she was interested in going yard-saling this morning. She was, so I picked her up at 7:30 and we drove all over town. And it was SO worth it. We totally racked up! This one place I found a jogging stroller for $5.....I have been looking on craigslist and stuff and even the used ones are like $75-$100. It's crazy. This stroller is not the cleanest and the tires are flat cuz it's been in storage, but even if we have to replace the tires, it's still a good deal. And I can clean it. I was so psyched! Also found a whole bunch of clothes for me and KC and a few for the munchkin. This one place had a ton of really cute shirts and sweaters from places like Aeropostale and Gap and Old Navy and they were in great shape AND my size. The best part is that I got like 8 or 9 shirts for like 7 dollars! WOOOHOOOO! I could have easily spent another 10 dollars there, but I spent the last of my cash and had to borrow the last of my friend's cash in order to pay for the ones I did get. But that was our last stop, so that was okay.

Funny thing was 12-12. So I have some interesting pictures of the day. I hope I got 12. If not, I'll just go take a picture of my feet. Or three. ROFL. Don't act like you didn't know I'm nuts!

I'll be back in a few, let me go grab my camera and the card-reader. (hehehehehe....*insert evil laugh here*)

AWWWWW. I am SOOO bummed! I took some awesome pictures of the sunrise off the front porch this morning on my SLR camera and the rest of the day used my point and shoot and I just now went back to the SLR to pull those pictures up and I open the memory card slot.....and there's not a card in there. Those awesome pictures are non-existent b/c I took them with a camera that had not the capability to save them. Fiddlesticks and snapdragons. I'm totally discusted with myself.

Anyways. I do have some on the point and shoot camera. Luckily IT has a memory card in it since I was genious enough to replace THAT one after I used it last. (ARGH)

So some of them I can't know....with the munchkin and all. But I'm sorry (hopefully this won't offend anyone) this picture totally cracks me UP!


This was one of the wonderful finds we purchased today. Cookie Monster Bedroom Shoes. And here's a hint....that's not me wearing them! ROFL! I was following her down the hall to get a picture of her wearing them cuz they look so funny on her and before I could tell her to wait, she was dropping her boom-booms to go potty* as I was taking the picture! Oops.

*a little note here...please ignore my terrible housekeeping habits. I do clean back there, just not that often. LOL! Had I planned this picture, I most certainly would have gotten on my hands and knees with KC's toothbrush and cleaned every last little crevice. (Just kidding about KC's toothbrush....actually, I'm just kidding about the hands and knees and every last crevice parts, too.....but not the part about the fact that I do clean back there every now and then. That is true...although it may not look like it. Anywho....where was I going with this?)*

And then a slightly less humorous photo: here is a picture of the yard-sale where I racked up on all the cute shirts!


And just for the fun of it.....a couple pictures of my goofy self.


first there's the me experimenting with strange angles.......


.....and then there is the smirky, sarcastic, irritable, "forgot to take my pills" me who I have wrestled with all day. At this point, she's losing the battle, but I'm not in bed yet. LOL.

And on that note, I'm outa here.


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