Friday, May 18, 2007

I'm All Out Of Fun Titles

I was looking at some of my old posts today and I actually used unique titles for my posts back then! The longer I blog, the more I find myself going to titles like: "Another Monday" or "Well" or "Long Day" and etc. *sigh* Back then I was using titles like "Caffeine Buzzed". case you haven't noticed, I've been trying to work on my sidebar that dummy me messed up. I have changed a few things and decided to add a few things over there. Some of the things I'm adding take up too much room to fit in the sidebar, so I'm creating posts and linking to the posts in the sidebar. So if you see weird posts showing up for previously unknown they're known! *GRIN*

Tonight was really interesting. They're having revival again at church but I stayed home with the munchkin b/c I had to get the church newsletter printed out so they can reprint it on the copier at church. KC went on to church. I also needed laundry really bad. So bad in fact, that the day before yesterday, I actually went out and bought some "unmentionables" because I didn't have any that were clean and didn't have anywhere in the schedule to fit in a load. And I really did try! LOL. Anyways, tonight I worked on laundry, watched the munchkin, rounded up food for the two of us, changed both beds (cuz they were getting yucky), gave the munchkin a bath, got the munchkin ready for bed, did the editing on the newsletter, emptied the trash, printed the newsletter, folded the laundry, put the munchkin in bed, and tidied up the house a bit. Let me tell ya, I am wore OUT!

Things that made the night more interesting: (three guesses on the common denominator in each of the interesting situations....and the first two don't count! LOL)
- Munchkin had a problem in her pants in the middle of eating supper. I'll say no more. Well, actually, I will say one more thing about that: Yuck. Okay one coulda' been worse. LOL.
- Munchkin decided to brush her teeth on her own before mommy could come help her, even though I told her to wait. I should have known that the quietness was signalling a problem. I got in the bathroom after I finished throwing the next load into the dryer to find red toothpaste smeared from one side of the sink to the other and a bathroom that smelled like strawberries. She was trying to scrape up the toothpaste with her wasn't working. *rolling eyes*
- Finding Munchkin's leftover food smeared on the floor looking partially chewed. Actually, I'm not sure who was to blame for this one, since I didn't throw it away right away, and it may have been the "giant flyin kitty" who created this mess. Anyways, it was discusting.

Well.....I'm going to put one last load into the dryer (hopefully it won't wake the munchkin) and then head off to bed. I'm really's like 11:30 now and it's been a long day. Tomorrow the Mawmaw is keeping munchkin for the day and KC and I are heading up the hill for a day in the big town. I'm's been awhile since it's just been me and him for more than 30 minutes before bed. LOL Maybe I'll take pictures.


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  1. I can relate to unique title issue. I have so much to say sometimes, but spend too much time thinking of a cool title, that I loose interest all together. ADHD? Maybe... And the tooth paste thing - brings back memories!! :)


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