Friday, May 11, 2007

I Might Hate Mondays....

But I sure do love Fridays!!!! Left work early today and got home with a few minutes to spare before I had to go pick up the munchkin. Then KC ordered Papa John's to be delivered and that was SO nice. I went to get the munchkin at 5:15 and when I pulled back up in the drive, supper was being dropped off. I LUVED that! And boy was it YUMMY! After we ate, we decided to take the munchkin to the park for a little while since it was so nice out. So we took her to this little park that KC stumbled was cool...nice big playground and deserted cuz it was kinda in an out of the way place. I've been by there hundreds of time and never even knew it was there. We had it all to ourselves...( and the mosquitos....but oh well) it was really fun! KC and I played on the playground with her...I'm not sure who had the most fun...her or us. I took my camera and got some really cool pictures. Course I can't post any of her, but I think I've got a couple that will be okay to post since there since there is nothing showing that could positively identify her. No strange birthmarks or anything that would be a giveaway. And I even blurred the back of her head just in case.....

Besides....I wouldn't want ya'll to think we were just making her up so you wouldn't know that we just went to the park by ourselves to play like two really big kids. BWAHAHA!

Okay....just a sec. Let me go grab those pics.


And here is me.....getting ready to go down the slide with munchkin...only I had to take her out of this pic since you could see her face! =)


My adorable sweet hubby! Patiently waiting/taking a break after "chasing" munchkin around the playground!


And another one.....


I was on top of the playground looking down as he was following the munchkin around. I LUV this picture!!!


This one is another favorite! She had just gone down and he was chasing her and he was a little hesitant about following her down this slide. It was a little bit small for him. It cracked me up!


Yes....and here I was still cracking up, as you can see! We are so goofy!


KC helping munchkin up the slide. I blurred the only part of her that is really identifying (and even that isn't really, since it's just the BACK of her head, but I may decide to come back later and delete this just to be on the safe side. Who knows. I just wanted you to see that there really is a munchkin! LOL


And Daddy is chasing the munchkin again. The funny thing is that if he got too close to catching her, she got mad and told him to stop. Then once she was farther ahead she'd go back to giggling and calling him to "get me, daddy!" It was cute!

Anyways. So that was the highlight of the day. We had a drama filled morning, with the munchkin waking up at 5:30 and unconsolable.....throughout the rest of the morning until I was able to get her ready and to school. *sigh* I'm a little tired.

Speaking of the drama queen and tired, I need to get her bath finished and get her in bed. So....

Later, ya'll!

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  1. What great pics and a great day at the playground!! And it was cool to see the Munchin... even if just the back of her. :) Thanks for sharing.


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