Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Crazy Weekend (part 2)

So Sunday morning we get up and I get the munchkin a bath since we didn't get back in time to do one Saturday night. And she is coughing like crazy and acts like she doesn't feel good. And she's all stopped up. So....instead of going to church after I got her dressed, I ended up calling her doc and taking her to the weekend nurse while KC went on to church (since he's the Adult Sunday School teacher and kinda has to be there...LOL). She was fine, just congested. So we got some cough medicine and a refill of her allergy meds and I went to find a pharmacy that was open on Sundays. Walmart was, but I had to wait a few minutes for it to be filled. So we walked around Wally world for a few minutes while we waited, then I brought her home.

That was pretty much the highlight of Sunday. She felt better Sunday night, so we went to church....

However, going to the doctor on Sunday morning is not my idea of a fun time. Not that I would complain this time, since it did give me a chance to catch up the laundry that didn't get finished from Saturday. Munchkin "helped" me. That was funny. She loves turning socks inside out. Which is fine if they're wrong side out to start with, but when they're right side out, it gets a little frustrating b/c I hate turning them and after she did them once, she didn't want to do them again. LOL. Oh well.

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