Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Rough day

I think we had the first experience of how difficult the whole foster care thing can get. We met the mom this morning. Punkin went straight to her and was loving all over her and mom was gushing about how much she missed her and yadda yada.....was kinda a punch in the gut for us. I mean, we know all the facts about it....how kids still love their parents regardless of the circumstances and everything they've gone through in the home, but you just think.....does everything we're doing not matter at all? I don't know. It was just hard. Picking her up after the hour visit was worse. She was okay when I got there but when she realized that she was going to have to leave her mom she threw one MAJOR fit. Screaming and crying.....then the mom was crying and handing her to me and I just wanted to get out of there....and I had to anyways cuz I was picking her up to take her to her dr. appointment, so I didn't look like an uncaring idiot by leaving right away. She cried and cried....I took it easy on her, since she wasn't really throwing a fit as much as she was just upset.....and understandably so. She didn't stop crying until I got to the dr. and then she was okay (although somewhat subdued).

Dr visit was okay until the very end when she decided she didn't want to put her clothes back on. And proceeded to have a tantrum in front of the doctor. Forgive me for this statement, but I'm trying to look for the bright side here.....it was kinda nice at that point to be able to say...um....she's not my kid. Most parents when their children throw a fit just have to be embarrassed, but I have a fairly reasonable excuse for her poor behavior. LOL. I know, that's bad, but this was no minor tantrum. It involved me having to literally wrestle her clothes on. Ever tried putting a shirt and jumper that requires buttoning on an almost three year old who is intent on removing her clothes and not allowing anything to be put on? Yeah. I don't recommend it. Particularly in front of an audience. Totally embarrassing. Thankfully the doctor was quite patient and understanding.

Took her to daycare after that and proceeded to have an enjoyable day with the hubby (around all the errands and appointments that were scheduled). I was afraid she'd have a rough day after her eventful morning, but when I picked her up this evening, they told me she'd had a good day and the note from the speech therapist said that they'd had a great session as well. YAY! And she's been pretty good this evening......however.....I just have to share a few things from this evening that have CRACKED me up!

Okay so first off, KC had to go up to the church for play practice (and I needed to get some things done, so I stayed home) so it's just been me and Punkin here this evening. So normally supper consists of the three of us and we all hold hands and bless the food before we eat. Tonight, it was just me and her, and I wasn't hungry so I passed on supper. But I fixed her some applesauce with her allergy medicine to get that out of the way (kinda like a snack) and didn't think to pray over it....cuz I was doing other things and not sitting there with her while she ate. But then she starts hollering that she is done and wants more. So I open a can of chef boyardee and heat it up for her and stick it in front of her and go on with what I was doing. Not even thinking about blessing it for her (oops). Well.....tonight as I've been on the computer, she's been in here playing with her "play food" and I keep hearing her set food out and then repeating over and over....amenamenamenamenAMEN. And then cooking some food and standing over it and doing the same thing. Oops. Bad mommy.

Okay, then later on, while we're in here and I'm working on the computer and she's playing in the floor, she notices my lovely enticing scrapbook paper box. And decides to start diggin in it....to which I tell her, no, that's mommy's. Don't mess with that. So she says, mommy's? I'm like...yep. Don't play with that please. So she backs up and starts like she's going to play with her toys again, then suddenly she sticks her finger out and touches it and looks at me like, and what are you going to do about it? So I say, what did mommy say about that? And she gets the defiant pouty look on her face. So I pick her up and take her to the pouting chair for a minute long time out. She pouts for a few minutes (although I'm not sure the chair is going to work since she appears to actually LIKE sitting in it. LOL). And then I let her up. Not even two minutes later we're back in the office and she's playing with her baby.....and then she says, STOP it baby! Bad baby. and carries him out of the room. So I'm curious now....and tiptoe to the corner and peek down the hall at the pouting chair. She has plopped baby in time out and is giving him a talking to. ROFL! I'm dying here! It cracked me UP!

Anyways....nuff about her for one post.

Update on the boss's daughter....this is what was posted on her carepages site that the family is updating.....
"Yesterday's tracheotomy procedure was a success. Skye is now breathing entirely on her own. She continues to move her arm at the elbow, and her doctors say that they have never seen any patient with the severity of Skye's head injury show improvement like they're seeing. In fact, they say if she continues to improve at the same rate over the next three days, they will likely step down her care level from Intensive to Critical. There are many issues that Skye still needs to overcome, including the clot in her frontal lobe, but this news is HUGE! This is the same person who 3 days ago had an almost 0% chance of survival, and yet the rules of this game appear to be breaking. Thank you ALL for your continued love and prayers!"
So keep her in prayer!

Let's see....seems like there was other things I was going to talk about, but as usual, the munchkin is needing attention. *grin* Not to mention that it's almost time for bathtime. I have been only doing every other day baths, but she was begging for one tonight and I told her she could take one before bed.....which bedtime is coming pretty soon, so I need to get moving on that.

I will just say that, although I'm getting used to having kiddo around and for the most part, I'm lovin the mommy thing, it was lovely to eat at Subway with my darling hubby today.....just the two of us.....no cajoling the munchkin to eat her food or stop standing in the chair or......well, you get the point.

Later, ya'll.

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  1. Wow... you DID have a rough day. I hope your Wednesday is going better!


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