Monday, April 16, 2007

Post #298

Only two more posts to reach 300. So what shall I do to celebrate the 300 post mark? Hum. I think I shall research some random questions to answer. I've found a couple of interesting ones. If anyone has any ideas on where I can find a few more thought provoking questions to ponder and answer that don't involve sex (that's personal, thankyouverymuch) or boyfriends/girlfriends (been there, done that, and then I married him) or who your best friend is (and this matters because?) and if they've ever hurt your feelings (duh, if you've been friends for any length of time, it's inevitable at some point that one or the other will get hurt feelings) or if you've ever kissed them (uh....NO) get the picture. If you look up blog quizzes/surveys, it's not too easy to find good/clean/fun, random, and/or out of the ordinary questions. They're all just different versions of the same.....and all about the previously mentioned topics. *sigh* argh. Teenyboppers.

Speaking of teenyboppers. I received a returned package at work today in which the person who wrote a note of explanation on the return actually used the word teenybopper. I believe her letter went something along the lines of....

I pledged to support your organization, but I'm sending this tshirt back. It is the ugliest green tshirt I have ever seen and if this is a ladies large, then I'm Elvis. Send it to some hippy teenybopper who can wear it. And as for the nonslip dashpad cell phone holder, isn't it illegal to even have things on your dash? You can keep it.

*of course, I don't have the note, so I'm just paraphrasing from memory. But that is a pretty close quote!* *also to note, the women's tee is a smaller cut....they're that babydoll tightfitting kind of shirt....but pretty much a normal sized junior department tshirt...LOL*

So I sent her the MEN'S large tshirt in navy blue (who doesn't like navy?)...along with this note:

Dear Elvis,
I apologize for your lack of good taste. Please refrain from going outdoors since this shade of hunter/dark olive green may be seen in many places....such as grass, trees, bushes, vehicles, and even on our military. As this apparently offends your senses, I'd like to help you out by sending you a replacement shirt in Navy. Hopefully the night sky is much less offensive as the darkness does tend to hide all those ugly shades of green........and hopefully this one will fit.....have a lovely day and remember to close your eyes when you go outside during daylight hours.
Very sincerely,
NotABit Sarcastic

----By the way....I'm totally kidding----about my answer, not about the original note. That part was all true. But I wrote a professional little apology back that I included with the replacement the good little girl I am. LOL! Yes, I know. Thank you. I'm proud of me, too. =)


PS Don't forget, if you know of a really interesting question, tell me about it! Thanks!

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  1. Oh. My. I wish you could have sent the note to "Elvis!" That would have been SO funny. But I supose not a good way to run a business! And I DID check to see if I could find you on my stat counter... and NADA... nothing... what is the point in having a counter?? LOL!


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