Monday, April 23, 2007

How Did I Know..... was Monday?

Well, I guess it started with the fact that munchkin didn't want to get up at 7. On the weekends when I want to sleep in....she won't sleep past 6:30. *sigh*

Then....I had to tease her all the way through getting dressed and ready to keep from having any tantrums. Not that THAT is anything unusual. LOL.

But next....I'm getting ready to walk out the door...and I go to get my keys. And my Pilot key is missing. Hmm. So I call KC, who is on his way to work and has been gone for 20 minutes. He drove home from church last night with that key (because we forgot his at church). So I asked him what he did with it when he got home. He says...I put it on the table. (Well, it's not there.) Then he goes...OH NO! It's in my pocket! And not only that, he had my car keys for the other two vehicles b/c he didn't have his keys (since they were at church) and was using my set so he could get to work. So he had to turn around and bring me the key back. I was only thirty minutes late for work. (I took a short lunch though, so we're still good).

Yep. This would be Monday. Today was the mom visit for munchkin, too. So tonight is going to be interesting. Apparently bioM and bioGM both came this morning and brought her birthday gifts for her birthday and cake and stuff. The SW said that the visit went fine, but during the visit, munchkin told her bioM that "my mommy at home." SW said bioM didn't say anything but got a funny look on her face. Yeesh. I'm not sure how I should feel about that. This makes three visits now and she hasn't missed one yet...and according to what we hear of her, this is not like her, so maybe she's changing. Who knows.

Okay then. That's it for now. Monday isn't is my motto lately:

"This, too, shall pass!"


PS I've lost 15 pounds now. This part better pass the rate I'm going, in about 5 weeks I'll weigh less than 100 pounds. And for a person that is 5'8", that's not good. Yuck. I did manage to get a grilled cheese sandwich down today. That's progress. Fattening progress, hopefully. Anywho. If anyone has seen my appetite, please tell it that I'm looking for it....and I would really like for it to come back. Thanks!


  1. Girl if I could RAK you my appetite, I would in an instant!!!!!!!!! I would also send your 15 pounds back as I think it came over to join my butt and thighs. *sigh* Hope tonight goes ok for the little chicka. It's gotta be so hard.

  2. MixMonk7:51 PM

    D'Oh!....MY KEYS!!!

    ...Man-o-Man!!!...I love Grilled Cheeses Sammies!!!' FRIES!!!!...

    Maybe The Punkin' will happy...she's still kinda new....

    ..."This too,shall pass!"...that's really very, very true!!!



  3. yeah, I'd love to give you my appetite and extra poundage!
    Praying for you!

  4. Praying for you. And I too will gladly give you 15 pounds... and then some! Hang in there.


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