Saturday, April 07, 2007

Fire in the Kitchen and other fun stuff

So Faith decides to make the evening slightly more eventful by cooking dinner. LOL. Actually, she can generally cook without creating an event, and the fire in the toaster oven wasn't technically her fault. Unless of course, you count the fact that it's been awhile since routine toaster oven cleaning.

KC made fun of me. *pouty lip here* I was in the middle of cooking dinner....chicken in the oven, draining the pasta, in the middle of heating up the sauce, and I look over at the toaster oven and realize there is smoke curling out of the sides (I was cooking the garlic toast in there). But no big deal, there are always remnants of past meals that seem to burn all the time, however it is getting close to time to take out the garlic toast anyways, so I open the door to let the heat out so they won't burn while I'm getting all the other stuff done. Then I realize there are actually flames in there. OH. My. Not good. My hands are full. So I holler for KC. "Uh....KC! Could you come here for a minute NOW? We have a little with fire in the toaster oven." So he comes running in and saves the day. And then makes fun of me. *imagine singsong voice here* "Ooooh....KC help me, we have a fire!" Sorry. My hands were full. Would you rather that supper get done and you take care of the flames in the toaster or would you rather that I do something not intelligent like ruin supper by using the fire extinguisher in the toaster. LOL. Which, had I had to deal with it is probably what would have happened. *grin* So. I think I did the smart thing by yelling for KC. Don't you?

That's pretty much the highlight of the day. Nothing else quite so exciting happened....we went thrift store shopping this morning and also to Sam's. Got a few things for the lil munchkin....

...The little munchkin who at this particular moment is intent on poking the cat after mommy told her not to. Well. She'll have to learn from the consequences. She got them the other night, too. Cat has teeth. As Bubba wittily said the other night. I'd bite too if she was poking me in the belly. *GRIN*

Shoo. I'm tired. And I need to get to that laundry.....I'm about two loads behind.


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