Monday, April 30, 2007

Crazy Weekend

I'll come back and edit this later when I have some time to talk, but for now.....just wanted to post the only pictures from the weekend that I'm allowed to share on here. =)

dora cake

The cake....which turned out WONDERFUL....was a huge hit and there was not a bite left. It was sooo yummy. If anyone is interested in how I made it (the decorating part, that is....the actual cake was just the classic yellow duncan hines box mix), you can click on the picture and it should take you to my flickr account where I put the information in the picture description.


And the party table. It was sooo windy. ARGH. So much for nice weather. I was afraid it was going to rain, but thank the Lord it cleared up and the sun even came back out for a little while. I wish it would have been a little warmer....everyone had to wear jackets. It has been so nice and warm....except for the few hours of the party on Saturday. *sigh* Oh well.

More later.

Okay. I'm back. I was drifting into another one of those monotonous letter folding induced comas and thought I'd take a quick break and try to wake up. My, how I love my job. LOL.

Anywho. When did I last post? It's been awhile I think. Let me go see where I left off last.'s been since Thursday. Bad me. Okay....Friday....same ol' stuff there. Friday night when I got home from work, KC was waiting for me, and I didn't even unload munchkin....we just drove on over to Chick-e-fila for supper and then on to Hickory to get munchkin's birthday presents. (Target rocks, by the way) Anyways, I love the fact that we were able to buy several items for her and she never even knew it. *GRIN* We walked through the toy department and picked out what we wanted to get for her, and then I took her to "the bathroom while KC checks out" and then left KC with the buggy to run back through and grab the items and go check out and then I met him after he'd finished checking out. She never even noticed that the buggy had a LOT more in it when we left than it did while we were shopping. Hahaha.

Then we went back home and I worked on the treasure hunt maps for her party. I forgot to take a picture of one, but I still have one left, so I'll post a picture later. *edited to add picture*


I hand drew each one and used her dora coloring book and some pictures I had from an earlier trip to the park for a guide. They turned out really cute. The kids were SOO excited about the treasure hunt. They were SQUEALING! It was great. And Ms. Nikki (a friend from church and also munchkin's teacher at daycare) led the treasure hunt for me....she's so good at stuff like that. I put Nonna at one spot, Mawmaw at the second and I got the other one. Way cool. I wish I could take credit for the idea, but I got it off the internet and adapted it for my purposes. LOL. But the kids loved it. oops. I'm sidetracked again.....

So that was Friday night. Saturday morning I got up and hit the floor running. Man. It was crazy. Six am. Started cleaning the house and working on laundry. Got munchkin up and breakfast, started to make the cake....had the oil and water in the bowl and then realized I forgot to get eggs. DUH! Thank heavens I hadn't put the mix in the water yet. So I just put a lid on the bowl and left all that there and went to clean the church (it was our weekend to do that....always happens on a weekend when I'm terribly busy). I took munchkin along and gave her a clorox wipe and she "helped" me clean. LOL. Got that done in about an hour and then back home by nine-thirty and picked back up on the laundry while I waited on KC to get back from all the errands he was doing (he was picking up some eggs for me while he was out). Anyways, he got back, but forgot to get the eggs, so he had to turn around and go get them. So then I started on the cake. Whoooeee......I am so not a cook. But it turned out surprisingly well! I did have a backup plan though....I was going to leave in enough time that if it didn't turn out, I could run by the bakery. LOL. Obviously I'm a little short on "FAITH" in myself. haha.

After the cake thing (which "mawmaw" came and helped entertain punkin and ice the cupcakes and also mixed the food coloring for the face color......and then.....put Punkin down for her nap) while munchkin was knocked out, I brought the presents inside and KC and I wrapped them and put them back in the car. Then I took the decorations and headed out. (KC and mawmaw came later after munchkin woke up) I had to go by Ingles and get some balloons and plastic forks (oh the things we forget) and then went to the park to grab a shelter. There are only two small ones and they are first come, first serve. And all full when I got there. So I sat and waited....and waited. Finally I went up to one and asked what time they were going to be finished (cuz it looked like they were cleaning up to leave) and they were leaving and were out in plenty of time and then I set up the table. It was so terribly windy....I had a hard time by myself trying to keep the stuff from blowing away. But I got it all ready and then KC and punkin get there and he gets her out of the car and she sees the balloons and is like....oh look! And then she saw me standing there, too and she just screeeeeched! "MOOOMMMYYYY!!!!!" She was totally beside herself with excitement. She kept saying "my bir-day, my bir-day!!!!" It was too cute.

And she got all kinds of toys, too. She was on toy overload when we got home. She couldn't figure out what to play with. She kept going from one thing to the next and then back and then to the was funny. I finally had to narrow down her selection and stick a few things in her dora backpack (that KC and I got for her) for her to play with later. That helped a lot. It was great though. She had a good time.

Kay....break's over. Going back to the dull and monotonous letter folding now. I'll be back to finish later.

Finally boring letters finished. Time for lunch now. I'll finish Saturday and then I'm going to do a new post cuz this one is gettin long!

So Saturday evening we got home and while munchkin was playing with her new toys, KC and I decided to take a quick snooze before going over to R&BB house at 7 for the newsletter meeting (which was cancelled and ended up just being a get-together for supper). Anyways, quick snooze turned into long snooze as we both apparently fell asleep....I didn't think I slept, but apparently I did....anyways, we looked at the clock and it was 7. Oops. Munchkin was still in the same spot on the floor playing with her toys but when we woke up, she came over to us and said "mommy, me nonny" (which is munchkin-ese for hungry). I'm like, uh, yeah, I guess you would be. SO we hurry up and fly out the door over to R&BB's (we were only 10 minutes late and got there before anyone else did anyways. LOL) Had taco salad over there (which was absolutely YUMMY) and hung out and chatted for a little while before heading home.

The end. (or at least the end of what I'm going to say for the first part of the weekend...I'm nonny and I'm going to go eat now.)

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  1. Okay... I can't tell you how many levels of impressed I am!! The cake... the map... to just how much you love this little girl. Wow. There is nothing in life as valuable as investing yourself in a child. Nothing will ever have the dividends like making a difference in the life of a child. Thank you.


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