Monday, April 30, 2007

Crazy Weekend

I'll come back and edit this later when I have some time to talk, but for now.....just wanted to post the only pictures from the weekend that I'm allowed to share on here. =)

dora cake

The cake....which turned out WONDERFUL....was a huge hit and there was not a bite left. It was sooo yummy. If anyone is interested in how I made it (the decorating part, that is....the actual cake was just the classic yellow duncan hines box mix), you can click on the picture and it should take you to my flickr account where I put the information in the picture description.


And the party table. It was sooo windy. ARGH. So much for nice weather. I was afraid it was going to rain, but thank the Lord it cleared up and the sun even came back out for a little while. I wish it would have been a little warmer....everyone had to wear jackets. It has been so nice and warm....except for the few hours of the party on Saturday. *sigh* Oh well.

More later.

Okay. I'm back. I was drifting into another one of those monotonous letter folding induced comas and thought I'd take a quick break and try to wake up. My, how I love my job. LOL.

Anywho. When did I last post? It's been awhile I think. Let me go see where I left off last.'s been since Thursday. Bad me. Okay....Friday....same ol' stuff there. Friday night when I got home from work, KC was waiting for me, and I didn't even unload munchkin....we just drove on over to Chick-e-fila for supper and then on to Hickory to get munchkin's birthday presents. (Target rocks, by the way) Anyways, I love the fact that we were able to buy several items for her and she never even knew it. *GRIN* We walked through the toy department and picked out what we wanted to get for her, and then I took her to "the bathroom while KC checks out" and then left KC with the buggy to run back through and grab the items and go check out and then I met him after he'd finished checking out. She never even noticed that the buggy had a LOT more in it when we left than it did while we were shopping. Hahaha.

Then we went back home and I worked on the treasure hunt maps for her party. I forgot to take a picture of one, but I still have one left, so I'll post a picture later. *edited to add picture*


I hand drew each one and used her dora coloring book and some pictures I had from an earlier trip to the park for a guide. They turned out really cute. The kids were SOO excited about the treasure hunt. They were SQUEALING! It was great. And Ms. Nikki (a friend from church and also munchkin's teacher at daycare) led the treasure hunt for me....she's so good at stuff like that. I put Nonna at one spot, Mawmaw at the second and I got the other one. Way cool. I wish I could take credit for the idea, but I got it off the internet and adapted it for my purposes. LOL. But the kids loved it. oops. I'm sidetracked again.....

So that was Friday night. Saturday morning I got up and hit the floor running. Man. It was crazy. Six am. Started cleaning the house and working on laundry. Got munchkin up and breakfast, started to make the cake....had the oil and water in the bowl and then realized I forgot to get eggs. DUH! Thank heavens I hadn't put the mix in the water yet. So I just put a lid on the bowl and left all that there and went to clean the church (it was our weekend to do that....always happens on a weekend when I'm terribly busy). I took munchkin along and gave her a clorox wipe and she "helped" me clean. LOL. Got that done in about an hour and then back home by nine-thirty and picked back up on the laundry while I waited on KC to get back from all the errands he was doing (he was picking up some eggs for me while he was out). Anyways, he got back, but forgot to get the eggs, so he had to turn around and go get them. So then I started on the cake. Whoooeee......I am so not a cook. But it turned out surprisingly well! I did have a backup plan though....I was going to leave in enough time that if it didn't turn out, I could run by the bakery. LOL. Obviously I'm a little short on "FAITH" in myself. haha.

After the cake thing (which "mawmaw" came and helped entertain punkin and ice the cupcakes and also mixed the food coloring for the face color......and then.....put Punkin down for her nap) while munchkin was knocked out, I brought the presents inside and KC and I wrapped them and put them back in the car. Then I took the decorations and headed out. (KC and mawmaw came later after munchkin woke up) I had to go by Ingles and get some balloons and plastic forks (oh the things we forget) and then went to the park to grab a shelter. There are only two small ones and they are first come, first serve. And all full when I got there. So I sat and waited....and waited. Finally I went up to one and asked what time they were going to be finished (cuz it looked like they were cleaning up to leave) and they were leaving and were out in plenty of time and then I set up the table. It was so terribly windy....I had a hard time by myself trying to keep the stuff from blowing away. But I got it all ready and then KC and punkin get there and he gets her out of the car and she sees the balloons and is like....oh look! And then she saw me standing there, too and she just screeeeeched! "MOOOMMMYYYY!!!!!" She was totally beside herself with excitement. She kept saying "my bir-day, my bir-day!!!!" It was too cute.

And she got all kinds of toys, too. She was on toy overload when we got home. She couldn't figure out what to play with. She kept going from one thing to the next and then back and then to the was funny. I finally had to narrow down her selection and stick a few things in her dora backpack (that KC and I got for her) for her to play with later. That helped a lot. It was great though. She had a good time.

Kay....break's over. Going back to the dull and monotonous letter folding now. I'll be back to finish later.

Finally boring letters finished. Time for lunch now. I'll finish Saturday and then I'm going to do a new post cuz this one is gettin long!

So Saturday evening we got home and while munchkin was playing with her new toys, KC and I decided to take a quick snooze before going over to R&BB house at 7 for the newsletter meeting (which was cancelled and ended up just being a get-together for supper). Anyways, quick snooze turned into long snooze as we both apparently fell asleep....I didn't think I slept, but apparently I did....anyways, we looked at the clock and it was 7. Oops. Munchkin was still in the same spot on the floor playing with her toys but when we woke up, she came over to us and said "mommy, me nonny" (which is munchkin-ese for hungry). I'm like, uh, yeah, I guess you would be. SO we hurry up and fly out the door over to R&BB's (we were only 10 minutes late and got there before anyone else did anyways. LOL) Had taco salad over there (which was absolutely YUMMY) and hung out and chatted for a little while before heading home.

The end. (or at least the end of what I'm going to say for the first part of the weekend...I'm nonny and I'm going to go eat now.)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

I. Am. So.


The lovely medicine my doctor gave me to fix all my problems (or at least the ones that are the most bothersome right now) has the side effect of fatigue and drowsiness. It also has the side effect of insomnia, so the doc told me to take it in the mornings. Yeah. And then I drive to work. Very intelligent, huh? But the worst part is sitting here doing piddlywork that requires no thought.....ya know, like printing letters and membership cards in mass batches and then signing the letters and folding them up....yeah. It's putting me to sleep.

I'm trying to stay awake by planning the Dora party for munchkin on Saturday. I'm going to *cough cough* attempt to make a Dora cake......we'll see. I've got all the stuff now, I'm just contemplating what kind of activities to do. Found some ideas online, like doing a treasure hunt using....of course....THE MAP. Munchkin LOVES the map. Now that she's talking, whenever she watches Dora, she says "Map" everytime they're using it. It's cute. Anyways. I got sidetracked there. So yeah. I think at each spot, I'll set up a human with a goody and let them follow their map to each spot and get collect all their goodies. There are only 4 kids plus munchkin, so it shouldn't be TOO complicated. *grin*

Anyways, I haven't really talked about munchkin lately. Things are some better now. Monday night, of course, was rough with a capital R! BioM is apparently following through on her case plan, so if she continues, I guess munchkin will not be with us for too long. I'd say she'll probably be with us at least through the summer. I cringe thinking of it though. Monday's visit, bioM and bioGM brought a cake and balloons and gifts for her birthday. Most of the gifts were okay, but I wasn't keen on the Spongebob movie. OR the gazillion tootsie roll pops that were in her book bag. Okay, so it was only like 7 or 8, but that's a LOT for a 3 year old, AND she'd already eaten THREE plus cake before she even got back to the daycare. SHEESH. Last week it was a bucket of cotton candy that was half eaten by the time she got back to daycare. Hello. We're talking at 9-10am here! It's no wonder that she is grumpy by the time she gets home....she's had a sugar crash! Oh well. I'm trying to lighten up a bit and lower my expectations of her behavior and it seems to be helping some. That, plus the fact that KC and I had a long discussion on which behaviors were absolutely not allowed and which ones were negotiable and then what discipline we'd use for each so that we could be consistent on following through....that has helped. That and the fact that we narrowed down the behaviors to only a couple that require time-out (which is the discipline that usually creates her biggest tantrums)...the rest, we decided to use other disciplines (and if they escalate into no-no behaviors, THEN use time-out). So far it seems to be working better. That's pretty much it on the munchkin front.

In other things: Denise left a comment on my THUMMPP post pointing me to another "Grace" in the is that post.....don't drink anything while you're reading it, or YOU may end up with a name like "Grace".....*grin*

I think that's about it for now. I'm going back to my boring task of letters and membership cards. *sigh*

Have a lovely afternoon.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


And "Grace" strikes again! Maybe I should go back to the previous post and see how many people there are in the US with the same TRUE name as mine....Grace. LOL.

So ya know those water machines with the big drums of water on the top that chug out the little dispenser that you see in offices and etc? Well. I was pulling the empty one off the one in Studio B today to put a full one on.....and I lifted up on it and I don't know what I was thinking but I guess I was expecting it to be as heavy as a FULL one? It wasn't. It came flying up. Bonked me in the chin. AND. Not only that. I was holding my mouth right (cuz that's what ya have to do for stuff like that, you know) and had my lip tucked between my teeth, so when I bonked my chin....yep. You guessed it. I bit my lip. And I was pulling hard enough that it completely knocked my head backwards....and left me with a dull headache.

Chalk it up. Just another chapter in the the story of my life.

This is Grace.....signing out..

Wordless Wednesday

I don't have one today. But if you want to see a really good one, go visit my friend, Rochelle's. I totally laughed out loud.

Interesting Tidbit

LogoThere are
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Of course, there are actually 42,235 people in the US named FAITH, but only 203 that have the same first AND last name. There are 1,448,061 with my last name. Wow. Interesting.

Monday, April 23, 2007

How Did I Know..... was Monday?

Well, I guess it started with the fact that munchkin didn't want to get up at 7. On the weekends when I want to sleep in....she won't sleep past 6:30. *sigh*

Then....I had to tease her all the way through getting dressed and ready to keep from having any tantrums. Not that THAT is anything unusual. LOL.

But next....I'm getting ready to walk out the door...and I go to get my keys. And my Pilot key is missing. Hmm. So I call KC, who is on his way to work and has been gone for 20 minutes. He drove home from church last night with that key (because we forgot his at church). So I asked him what he did with it when he got home. He says...I put it on the table. (Well, it's not there.) Then he goes...OH NO! It's in my pocket! And not only that, he had my car keys for the other two vehicles b/c he didn't have his keys (since they were at church) and was using my set so he could get to work. So he had to turn around and bring me the key back. I was only thirty minutes late for work. (I took a short lunch though, so we're still good).

Yep. This would be Monday. Today was the mom visit for munchkin, too. So tonight is going to be interesting. Apparently bioM and bioGM both came this morning and brought her birthday gifts for her birthday and cake and stuff. The SW said that the visit went fine, but during the visit, munchkin told her bioM that "my mommy at home." SW said bioM didn't say anything but got a funny look on her face. Yeesh. I'm not sure how I should feel about that. This makes three visits now and she hasn't missed one yet...and according to what we hear of her, this is not like her, so maybe she's changing. Who knows.

Okay then. That's it for now. Monday isn't is my motto lately:

"This, too, shall pass!"


PS I've lost 15 pounds now. This part better pass the rate I'm going, in about 5 weeks I'll weigh less than 100 pounds. And for a person that is 5'8", that's not good. Yuck. I did manage to get a grilled cheese sandwich down today. That's progress. Fattening progress, hopefully. Anywho. If anyone has seen my appetite, please tell it that I'm looking for it....and I would really like for it to come back. Thanks!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday Funny...

Happy Friday....

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Twenty minutes. She fell asleep in twenty minutes. Thank you, Jesus! Not only that, but I had her asleep by 8:59. Hallelujah! This is one of the few times I've gotten her to fall asleep before 9. No matter how early I put her in bed, she doesn't fall asleep until sometime between 9:10 and 9:40. Not tonight though. 8:59. SaaaaWEEET!

And while we're on the topic of her bedtime....

Sometime last week (I think) I asked an old friend of mine (who is the mother of 2....and her oldest is about 2 weeks younger than munchkin) if she had any tips for bedtime.....and getting them to sleep when they're fighting it.

Here's what she said:
"Don't say anything about going to bed at night.. Just make it a routine time.... Like after supper comes her bath.. Then brushing teeth, and combing hair, cuddle with a book, and with the light off, tuck her in, say a prayer and a kiss goodnight.. In about 4-5 days, this will be her routine, and she will know what is coming and not try to fight it.. And if she is really upset, crying etc... Stay in there and say a reallllly LOOOOONNNNNG prayer out loud.. By the time you are finished, she will prolly have either fallen asleep, or is about to.. And then you have accomplished 3 things, you have had your time with God.. And shown munchkin she can talk to him, and 3, hopefully bored her to sleep!! = )"

Here's what I said back:
"*GRIN* That was TOOO funny. I don't know if it would work for munchkin, simply b/c if the prayer gets too long, she decides she wants to start talking again. haha. But that was hilarious though."

Kay. So. I totally didn't see that working. We always pray with her when we tuck her in, but if it's more than a few minutes, she starts trying to talk to us. Well.

Last night I didn't feel up to going to church, so it was me and munchkin here at the house. (and it was a good thing cuz she was in one of those moods....and cried over nothing in particular from 8:15 until I tucked her in bed at 8:50....there is no way I could have dealt with that at church on top of not feeling good.) Anywhoooo....she cried forever...and nothing worked. Not holding her, not distracting her, she wasn't hungry, the only thing that hurt was her scraped knee, and it wasn't that bad....but......she just kept whining and crying. All the way through picking up her toys. All the way through her bath. All the way up to me getting her in her pjs. And none of those things typically generate such a meltdown. So. As you can imagine, by the time I sat down to cuddle her for bed....I was pretty close to the end of my rope. And like we so often do when we get to the end of the seems like a really good time to pray.

Now of course, you have kind of informal prayers going up fairly regularly in your head....or at least I do. Mine usually consist of...."HELP. ME. PLEASE!" But you know what I'm saying.

So by the time we're sitting there in the dark cuddling, and I'm getting ready to pray with her for bed, (just me and her.....KC was at church) I'm like....okay. Pray. Sounds like a great idea. So I say a little prayer in the kind of language she can understand....ya know...."please help munchkin to have a good night and a good day at school tomorrow and yada yada" and I get ready to finish and she still hasn't said anything. So I'm thinking...this would be a good time to just keep going since it's just me, her, and God and she hasn't interrupted yet. So I continue....just praying softly and trying to think of everyone I can think of that might possibly need thing I know she's out. Now when I laid her down, she woke back up, but I was able to sit next to her for another few minutes and she fell back asleep in her own bed. So that was a thirty minute get to sleep episode. *grin*

Fast forward to tonight. KC and I have prayer with her and KC hugs her goodnight and goes back to fixing the closet (another big relief!!) and I hold her a few minutes and then she wants to go lay in her bed. SO I put her in bed, tuck her in and then sit next to the bed with her. A few seconds later she rolls over and says "pray, momma!?" I'm like uh, we already did that.....but okay. So I go into it again. Softly praying for anybody and everybody that comes to mind....finally I finished and she's not quite gone but almost. Within five minutes. So total of twenty minutes of bedtime routine. WOOOHOOO! That's like one part of the prayer already answered.

Just thought I'd share that lovely little story. Yes. When she said that, it made me want to just squeeze her to death. It wasn't a whine, it was just so sweet the way she said it.

Okay. Later!


That was the diagnosis. My lungs are clear now, so doc said the bronchitis is pretty much gone, but the lingering "sick" stuff.......well. He said basically with everything that's going on (including being sick for the last 5 weeks) it's created stress and the stress is preventing me from getting over the sickness, which is creating more stress on top of everything else. And then the nausea is the stress, too, b/c it's making my stomach create too much acid. So he gave me stuff to bring down the acid in my stomach before it gets to the point of creating an ulcer (yeah that would be lovely), and he gave me some medicine to get rid of a lovely infection which came from the antibiotics to get rid of the bronchitis. Sheesh.

Anyways. To answer Becky and Rochelle, it's not a baby. LOL. How completely hilarious would THAT be? *grin* But really. It's not. Although I admit, even knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that I'm not, it still did cross my mind as well. LOL.

Speaking of the commenters on my last post: Becky, Rochelle, and Anonymous (also known as
(ugh....I just lost everything I just said to you guys. ARGH.)
Becky: I'm so glad you're enjoying reading this blog....that's so great. It always makes my day when people tell me they're reading. Thanks!
Rochelle: Um. I forget what I said now. Oh yeah.'s taken a lot of meaningless blather to get to #300...and aren't you glad I didn't do a 300 question like I did for post #100? LOL. It's okay, you don't have to be polite. You can say YES! *GRIN*
Amy: So YOU are the culprit! *Grin* Thanks for coming out of lurkdom....and of course for reading. =) And yes....we do. have. our. hands. full. *GRIN*
Speaking of hands being full.....I have to get moving....munchkin is in the whiney "time to start the bedtime routine" point (which will take me approximately an hour and a I'm going to go ahead and post.)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Post #300

Well. I don't have any more interesting questions than I did when I posted #298. And I really am only here b/c I am sitting here sick but munchkin is unknowingly providing entertainment and I think I should stop laughing before I puke. I just had to post it.

See, you kinda have to be here, but she's got this little flashlight that KC gave her to play with. And ya know how cats are with lights that move around on the walls, right? Okay, so she's sitting here playing with her baby and the flashlight (don't ask...I have no clue) and the light keeps flashing across random places in the room. I look over and both cats are sitting in the room with their heads just snapping back and forth with this somewhat panicked look on their faces. TOOO funny! And then she walks across the room and the light stays in one place for a moment, so both cats take off across the room and scare her....and she still had no clue that she was the one provoking their actions. Cracked me UP! I guess I'll go get those questions to answer since this is post #300 and all.

Do you believe that love is forever?
Um. Yes and no. I think love can die if it isn't taken care of, but I also believe that it's totally possible to keep love alive forever.

Do you get hurt by people easily?
Sometimes....depends on what time of the month it is. LOL! =)

Do mean people make you sad?
Um....yeah, I make me sad. *GRIN* Kidding.

Does ice cream make you happy?
I guess so. I don't really have a big sweet tooth. I could go for months without diggin in the freezer for the cookie dough ice cream?

Do you sing in the shower?
Not normally. I do sleep in the shower sometimes though....haha.

When it rains do you like to splash in the puddles?
Uh.....not anymore......I used to.....

When you see a cute guy/girl walk down the street, do you smile and tell him/her that he/she is cute? I run the other way. *grin* No, seriously! And I never did all that before I got married either.

Do you notice when people have beautiful eyes?
Absolutely. Actually it's one of my favorite things about KC.

Have you ever cried watching a movie?
Who hasn't?

Is it cute when old people are holding hands?
Most of the time. Actually, there is this old couple that meets on the front porch of this church I pass on the way to work every's so cute. They park their cars in front and sit in the chairs on the porch and watch traffic go by every morning. Every time I go by and see their cars, I smile. It's great.

Are you a happy person?
Generally. Except for the last 5 weeks when I have felt totally rotten and can't seem to get over whatever this is that i've got....and complained enough to drive KC crazy. *sigh*

Is it fine to cut the barbie's hair?
Well, all my barbie's sported some kind of trim at some point during my ownership of them as a child....although being the anal person that I am, I don't know that I'd be fine with letting a kid cut my barbie's hair...hahah!

Ever laughed so hard your stomach hurt?
Yep. Course.

Are you slightly lazy?
Maybe slightly.

Do you like to drive with the windows down?
Not of the few things that long hair makes difficult!

Do the dishes or clean the bedroom?
Um. Both. I'm getting to where I can't stand a cluttered sink (yes, flylady rubbed off a little) and the bedroom clutter is getting on my nerves. Ya know, cuz all the closet stuff is laying all over the floor. Yuck.

Do your homework or kiss the teacher?
Homework....unless KC is the teacher.....*GRIN*

Have a fever or have the chills?
I thought those two things kinda went together.....

Take a needle or have a tooth pulled?
Needle. I hate dental work.

Lose a finger or lose a toe?
Neither thanks.

Be caught stealing or be caught cheating?

Be in an accident or cause an accident?
Depends on the severity of the accident.....*grin*

Run down the street naked or run down the street in lingere?
Uhhhh....yeah. Right. NEITHER! Fully clothed ONLY thanks.

A month without internet or a month without TV?
Well, considering I've gone my whole entire 24 years without TV, I think I'd rather skip the TV. haha!

Okay. That's it. I'm gonna get off here.

Happy 300th post.

Wordless Wednesday

....only I think it's several WEEKS that have attacked me.

This morning's verse:
I Thessalonians 5:18 (KJV) In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

in every thing? EVERY thing? That's a tough one. Can I do that tomorrow?'s YOUR verse for the day:
I Thessalonians 5:25 (KJV) Brethren, pray for us.

and sistren, too.....

Monday, April 16, 2007

Post #298

Only two more posts to reach 300. So what shall I do to celebrate the 300 post mark? Hum. I think I shall research some random questions to answer. I've found a couple of interesting ones. If anyone has any ideas on where I can find a few more thought provoking questions to ponder and answer that don't involve sex (that's personal, thankyouverymuch) or boyfriends/girlfriends (been there, done that, and then I married him) or who your best friend is (and this matters because?) and if they've ever hurt your feelings (duh, if you've been friends for any length of time, it's inevitable at some point that one or the other will get hurt feelings) or if you've ever kissed them (uh....NO) get the picture. If you look up blog quizzes/surveys, it's not too easy to find good/clean/fun, random, and/or out of the ordinary questions. They're all just different versions of the same.....and all about the previously mentioned topics. *sigh* argh. Teenyboppers.

Speaking of teenyboppers. I received a returned package at work today in which the person who wrote a note of explanation on the return actually used the word teenybopper. I believe her letter went something along the lines of....

I pledged to support your organization, but I'm sending this tshirt back. It is the ugliest green tshirt I have ever seen and if this is a ladies large, then I'm Elvis. Send it to some hippy teenybopper who can wear it. And as for the nonslip dashpad cell phone holder, isn't it illegal to even have things on your dash? You can keep it.

*of course, I don't have the note, so I'm just paraphrasing from memory. But that is a pretty close quote!* *also to note, the women's tee is a smaller cut....they're that babydoll tightfitting kind of shirt....but pretty much a normal sized junior department tshirt...LOL*

So I sent her the MEN'S large tshirt in navy blue (who doesn't like navy?)...along with this note:

Dear Elvis,
I apologize for your lack of good taste. Please refrain from going outdoors since this shade of hunter/dark olive green may be seen in many places....such as grass, trees, bushes, vehicles, and even on our military. As this apparently offends your senses, I'd like to help you out by sending you a replacement shirt in Navy. Hopefully the night sky is much less offensive as the darkness does tend to hide all those ugly shades of green........and hopefully this one will fit.....have a lovely day and remember to close your eyes when you go outside during daylight hours.
Very sincerely,
NotABit Sarcastic

----By the way....I'm totally kidding----about my answer, not about the original note. That part was all true. But I wrote a professional little apology back that I included with the replacement the good little girl I am. LOL! Yes, I know. Thank you. I'm proud of me, too. =)


PS Don't forget, if you know of a really interesting question, tell me about it! Thanks!


Sunday, April 15, 2007

Comments and StatCounter Stuff

Okay. Me confused. Really confused. So what else is new? Statcounter tends to do that to me though. LOL. Ya know that greenville person who is like driving up the numbers? Well, I clicked on my page the other day and mine said that. However, I haven't been on my site other than here to post, so it can't be me. And it shows up as someone being there and I know it hasn't been me. So here's what I'm thinking....anybody using charter cable internet in this region must show up that same thing since it must be out of the same hub. I have no clue who this could be. Maybe lots of people. Oh well.

And the comments....Rochelle, from Dream Bigger, my faithful that! =) Just wanted to answer a couple. The Easter break comment

Rochelle has left a new comment on your post "Easter Break....nearly broke me.": I hope you feel better soon. I haven't been to Myrtle Beach in FOREVER! I used to live in Charleston, SC so I would head north on occasion. I got pulled over by a corrupt cop once in that area... made me pay him cash, on the spot or he would take me to jail... NICE memories there! LOL Posted by Rochelle to Random Insanity at 2:13 PM

Yikes. Sounds like a bad cop to me!!! What a bummer!

and the comment on Friday the 13th....

Rochelle has left a new comment on your post "Friday The Thirteenth": F-R-E-A-K-Y!!!! Oh. My! Weird..... just weird... at first I thought you were going to say you had an earthquake... then I thought you were going to say the cats were chasing each other and caused the mess.... freaky is all I got to say... freaky!Rochelle Posted by Rochelle to Random Insanity at 10:01 AM

Yes....freaky is a really GOOD word for it. And speaking of that incident, I need to get moving here and help KC get the closet rods back up. I think he's getting irritated cuz I'm sitting in here on the computer. *grin*

Oh by the way, munchkin has been doing a little better on the tantrums and no bedwetting since we got home from Myrtle Beach! I'm thinking that it had to be tied to the bioM visit since now it's been two weeks and she hasn't screamed for her during her tantrums NEARLY as much and in the same time period (since we returned from Myrtle). The bad news is that she's got a visit again tomorrow, so the cycle will probably start up again. I'm almost hoping the bioM doesn't show up for this one, just b/c of all the trauma it causes for munchkin....but anyways. Guess we'll just deal with it. It's taken two weeks for her to calm down after the last visit, and now they're going to be every week, so she won't even have time to calm down before the next one. Ugh.

Later ya'll.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday The Thirteenth

Okay. So I'm really not superstitious. I'm not. However, that's not to say that I don't believe in spirits we can't see. The holy spirit for one, but if the holy spirit can move in ways that you can feel or see, then whose to say that unholy spirits can't do the same? Who knows.

So you're wondering where I'm going with that, right? Let me just give you a little bit (okay....a BIG bit) of the story. And believe me, I'm not exaggerating.

This morning. 12:45am. All is quiet. We're all doing that little thing that most people do best at 12:45am.....catching some zzzz.

Then we are semi-awakened by the sounds of munchkin crying. We're laying there waiting to see if she is going to go back to sleep on her own, or if she's going to need to be checked on....but neither one of us wants to get up, since we're still pretty much still in unconscious-ville, so we lay there.....

Suddenly at the foot of the bed....CRASH BANG (imagine sounds of lots and lots of things collapsing into the floor as if dumped by a giant hand).

Both of us sit straight up in bed! At the same time. Did you just picture that? Yeah. If you didn't, go ahead. I'll wait. =) Another of those moments that I'd have absolutely loved to have on video. Two people coming from sleeping positions flying up out of the bed in unison....with the hair standing up on the backs of their necks.....yeah. Classic.

Okay anyways. So we're both sitting there and I had no sooner sat up then I hear this horrific crash, bang, objects sliding off my nightstand right beside me. WHAHHH??? So not only do I have this crazy loud thing crashing at the foot of the bed, but it's also beside me, so I'm feeling a bit surrounded.

This is the part where I screamed.

The scream that went like this: AIGHHHIHGHAHH....oooohhhhhhaaaaaa......AIIIGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

(Please note that KC made fun of this in the aftermath of our little...ahem.....incident)

But let me explain what that scream was about.....

The first part was.......I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die.....
the middle part was......but if I scream like that, I'm gonna wake up munchkin so I better tone it down
the last part was.....oh well....she'll just have to wake up....I'm gonna have to scream anyways......we're dead, we're dead....

Okay after all that, we roll out of bed and flip on the lights....please note that not more than 45 seconds elapsed between the time we awoke and got the lights on....

Fat Cat is sitting in the hall and skinny cat is under the bed.

So what happened?

Well, we look at the foot of the bed, and the closet shelf, rack, and all that abode there-on....were no longer abiding in the normal closet position.....nope. All the above items were cascading out of the closet. What in the world?

Then I look at my nightstand. The majority of the items that were on it are now in the floor, and the heavy piece of pottery (and I do mean HEAVY) that held my spare change is split down the center and shards are all around it and it's all the way up against the wall. Weird.

Then I think....I better check to see if my screaming woke munchkin I go to peek in on her....the crying has stopped. She's sound asleep.

Are you creeped out yet? So let me sum this up for you: we wake to her crying, THEN the shelf falls (with absolutely NO previous history of sagging, nothing) the pottery on my nightstand splits in two, we fly out of bed and now the crying that woke us has stopped.

Okay and that's not even the worst of it. The only thing that ripped out of the wall from the shelf falling were the supports. All but one of the brackets that it RESTED in were completely intact. It looked like someone lifted the shelf UP and OUT of the brackets and then dropped it.

Yeah. So the next step after checking that out is to grab the baseball bat (KC did the honors, since I didn't have a screwdriver handy...LOL) and make sure the house is secure and that it wasn't like a human that trashed our closet. Everything locked up tight, no evidence of any other disturbance outside of our room.

We're chalking it up to the house settling. But only the part of the house that is in our bedroom closet. Who cares if that sounds a little absurd, we're going with that. LOL And the nightstand? That had to be my fatcat. The only thing I can figure is that he was sleeping at my feet, when the closet fell, he flipped out and made a flying six foot leap from a prone sleeping position straight to the nightstand where he wiped out the pottery, the vase, and swiped everything else off. Okay, so it doesn't fit too well that some things in the middle of things that were swiped off were left laying on the my cell phone.....not to mention that when the lights came on he was laying down out in the hall like he'd been there awhile, but that's the theory we're going makes me feel better.

Talk about fear factor! That's some major adrenaline.

Oh, and when we finished checking out the house we went back to our room and fatcat was walking very slowly toward the closet with all the hair down his back sticking up. And another funny thing....when we woke up this morning Jango was sleeping on KC's side of the bed and he NEVER ever does that! LOL. Guess the sleep in his usual spot on my side must have scared him.

Then I got to work this morning and found out that this morning at 12:45 am....that would have made it Friday the 13th.

*picture me humming the twilight zone song* do do do do.....

And now for pictures of the disaster zone.....
(leave it to stop and take pictures at 1am....hehehe)





So it is now 12:30am on Saturday the 14th. I'm wondering if it's safe to go to sleep. Guess we'll see.....

Later, ya'll!

Close Encounters!

Here's the one of the few pictures I've taken lately that I'm allowed to post (since I can't post any pictures of the munchkin. *grin*


This is from our trip down to Myrtle Beach this past week....the Ripley's Aquarium....shark tank: going through the moving walkway through the glass tunnel under the shark tank. Whaaaa....glad I'm not swimming in that water! Oh and PS, this wasn't using a zoom lens...sharkie boy was really that close. *grin*

Thursday, April 12, 2007


I was going to come post about how we haven't had any real hissy fits for the last two nights....and how appreciative I was about that.....then she went and threw one when I wouldn't let her play with her toys in bed b/c it was bedtime. And then, I think out of spite, she laid there and wiggled around to stay awake until 15 minutes past her usual bedtime. Argh. Oh well.

Other than that, it's been a good two days. =) HA! You thought I was going to complain more, didn't ya? LOL! Guess I fooled you.

Going to go catch up on Lost now.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Easter Break....nearly broke me.

*Hack Hack* *cough cough*

Excuse me. Where was I? So we had the munchkin for 5 days in a row with no break (otherwise known as daycare....which should really be known as the parent sanity saver for those wonderful 8 hours of peace and quiet before having to be the parent again). Not to mention that mommy is still sick. And we wanted to get away for a couple of days, so we went to Myrtle Beach on Sunday evening. We were supposed to stay until today, but we came home yesterday morning. I was pretty much sick the whole time. Not terribly sick, just drained and nauseated. We didn't really even go to the beach, it was chilly, so we went to Ripley's Aquarium on Monday, walked around Broadway at the Beach for a little while, then took munchkin back to the hotel for her nap. (HER nap.....I should say....ALL of our naps, since we slept the whole two hours that she did....LOL!) Then we went out and picked her up a little swimmie outfit and went back to the hotel and KC got in the indoor pool with her for a few minutes. (She LOVED that). Then went next door to the hotel to Cracker Barrel for supper. Which was lovely (hear the sarcasm)....

Anywhoo.....and we won't even talk about the trip home. We did stop at the beach after we checked out of the hotel yesterday morning.....walked out to the water for a few minutes, took a picture so we could say we were there (LOL), and picked up two seashells and then got back in the car and headed home.

I still don't feel great. I'm not sure if it's the meds the doctor gave me last week or what, but I'm just so tired and I'm kinda hungry, but everytime I get around food, I get nauseous and feel like puking. I have to force a few bites down, but after I do, then I feel sick for awhile, so it's almost not even worth the fight. Except that I've lost 10 pounds in the last two weeks (6 of them this week) and all my clothes are hanging on me. Which is not good. KC says he wishes he had that problem. LOL. I don't think he does either.....cuz it's not fun.

But....speaking of KC, he has been terribly sweet. So sweet, in fact, that he made me cry when he was trying to make me feel better by telling me that he'd watch munchkin for awhile so I could go lay down once we got home. Awwwww. At least today I haven't felt like crying all day....that's an improvement. I still have a tummy ache though, so I'm going back to the doctor at 1:30 today.

Let me tell ya....I was so ready for this morning when munchkin got to go back to school. Five straight days of working on those stinkin boundary things that she is pushing to the limit, and I was desperate for the break. I needed to go to work this morning, but I couldn't do it. I am so tired.

I'm gonna stop gripin now and go lay down.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Update on Skye (boss's daughter)

Because it appears that this is going to be a long recovery, it will probably be easier to just direct you to the website that they are updating pretty regularly on her progress. I probably should have just done that to start with....anywhoo, if you're interested in following her status, please email me for the link to her carepage. You'll have to create a login and password, but it's free and easy. It's really awesome to see the support system that has kicked in for her. Way cool. Even cooler is the fact that she seems to be beating all the odds that are against her. It's definitely a God-thing. She's still got a ways to go though, so keep her in your prayers.

statcounter fun

What exactly is "softer, normal fafe" ?????

And why is it strange that my blog is the third link pulled up when doing a google search on that?

Cuz guess what. Somebody from Germany came to my blog for 0 seconds from that search. Guess my blog is not the "softer, normal fafe" they were looking for. Is fafe a deutch word for something? I might not want to know, huh?

Love stats. Even though they usually completely confuse me.

Fire in the Kitchen and other fun stuff

So Faith decides to make the evening slightly more eventful by cooking dinner. LOL. Actually, she can generally cook without creating an event, and the fire in the toaster oven wasn't technically her fault. Unless of course, you count the fact that it's been awhile since routine toaster oven cleaning.

KC made fun of me. *pouty lip here* I was in the middle of cooking dinner....chicken in the oven, draining the pasta, in the middle of heating up the sauce, and I look over at the toaster oven and realize there is smoke curling out of the sides (I was cooking the garlic toast in there). But no big deal, there are always remnants of past meals that seem to burn all the time, however it is getting close to time to take out the garlic toast anyways, so I open the door to let the heat out so they won't burn while I'm getting all the other stuff done. Then I realize there are actually flames in there. OH. My. Not good. My hands are full. So I holler for KC. "Uh....KC! Could you come here for a minute NOW? We have a little with fire in the toaster oven." So he comes running in and saves the day. And then makes fun of me. *imagine singsong voice here* "Ooooh....KC help me, we have a fire!" Sorry. My hands were full. Would you rather that supper get done and you take care of the flames in the toaster or would you rather that I do something not intelligent like ruin supper by using the fire extinguisher in the toaster. LOL. Which, had I had to deal with it is probably what would have happened. *grin* So. I think I did the smart thing by yelling for KC. Don't you?

That's pretty much the highlight of the day. Nothing else quite so exciting happened....we went thrift store shopping this morning and also to Sam's. Got a few things for the lil munchkin....

...The little munchkin who at this particular moment is intent on poking the cat after mommy told her not to. Well. She'll have to learn from the consequences. She got them the other night, too. Cat has teeth. As Bubba wittily said the other night. I'd bite too if she was poking me in the belly. *GRIN*

Shoo. I'm tired. And I need to get to that laundry.....I'm about two loads behind.


Friday, April 06, 2007

Mean Mommy

Yep. That would be me. These fits are really getting to me. How do you make a two year old quit throwing tantrums? It would be one thing if it were something predictable that I could try changing the procedure to make things go smoother, but it's not. She gets dressed fine every day. Suddenly, today-- she'd rather not put her clothes on. Another episode identical to the one in the doctor's office only without an audience (thank God). So she got to sit in the pouting chair in her underwear until she finished screaming and crying and was ready to get dressed (it only takes about a minute and a half....although it seems much longer at the time, but it's really not that long, and I'm not really THAT mean). But she's no dummy. She knows exactly what she's doing. And I'm not letting her get by with it. She gets a warning. And she knows that if she doesn't straighten up, the second time she repeats the behavior, she gets to sit in the pouting chair. And she also knows that she can't get up until she dries it up. It's really kinda funny actually (after she stops with the screaming, that is....).....she'll quieten down for a couple of secs and then sniffle and then I hear a "me stop now" and another which I promptly take her a kleenex, smile at her, and ask her if she's ready to get dressed now. And then it's a meek nod and she's as good as gold for at least a couple of hours. We're getting there. It seems to work well for her. That's how they handle the fits at school, so we're trying to keep it all consistent. Hopefully she'll start realizing soon that the fits aren't getting her anywhere and are a waste of time. *grin*

Course, then we go with Mawmaw and Pawpaw like today and they spoil her like crazy. Lovely. Then I REALLY feel like the mean mommy after that. But it was really sweet today. We drove down to Greenville and met Aunt C and Uncle R and his daughter and her son.....Mom and Aunt C got the kids each an Easter basket full of goodies and we had lunch at California Dreamin. It was a lovely time. The best part is that there were no fits until the last little bit of the trip back....and that's with her only getting 20 minutes of nappy time instead of the two hours she so desperately needed. We paid for that one tonight, let me tell ya! But it was a good time. I got lots of pictures with Mom's camera (since I took my camera but left the old memory card at not intelligent of me!). I'll try to find a couple I can post on here later maybe. When I get them from her. Anywho.

Speaking of Greenville....somebody from Greenville is looking at my blog like.....lots and lots of times in a clicking onto my page enough to count the entries. Who are you? It looks like a charter hickory IP address, so I can't figure out why it says greenville, but whoever you are that is clicking on my blog lots of times, could you at least stop and say hey? Thanks! =) You're a peach. =)

Okay. I'm off to bed now....tonights dose of cough syrup is KICKIN in!

Later, ya'll!

Thursday, April 05, 2007


I'm back now. Shoo. I hate tantrums. Forget the fact that I understand how she feels in that sometimes I'D like to throw one, but...anyways. I still don't like it when she throws a fit.

Since today is Thursday, and since my blog has migrated into just another mommy blog in which nothing is about me anymore, because there is no time for me.......I think I'll just do a Thursday Thirteen that is ONLY about me. LOL. And I can do this now b/c Punkin is now in bed and *crossing fingers* asleep. Not only that, but I have to hurry cuz I took the full prescribed dosage of the prescription cough syrup and I've got maybe 15 minutes before my eyelids will be glued shut. I can feel them getting heavier as we speak. *sigh* *yawn*

Must hurry.

So. Now. What shall the thirteen things about me be.....shall i have a topic? Hum. Should have waited on the cough syrup. Forgive me for anything I say tonight....we'll blame it all on the medication.

Thirteen of my deepest darkest secrets.....
1. Um. Can't talk about that one.
2. Um.....scratch this idea. I're disappointed, but some things should just stay deepest darkest secrets......LOL

Thirteen Things I Would Like To Have Free Time (without being sick) To Do:
1. (Yes, I can already tell this is going to be a much better topic) Scrapbook --- and I need several WEEKS of free time for this one!
2. Organize the pantry.....which is in desperate need but I can't talk about why b/c this thirteen is all about ME!
3. Read. Do you know I haven't even had time to go to the library in like two weeks? I've probably got some overdue fees on those three books on the coffee table which haven't even been cracked open. And poor DW....her book supplier has slacked off. I should have taken her these ones on my coffee table since I haven't even touched them. I have gotten through maybe three chapters of one of those heartsong books (that used to be a one hour read for me) in the last two weeks b/c the only time I have to read now is the bathroom. TMI? Sorry.
4. Clean my desk. EW. It's discusting.
5. Clean my laptop computer screen. My desk isn't the only thing that's discusting.
6. Sleep. Although this is one that I've been able to do while being sick. *sigh* (speaking of sleep, I must hurry.....cuz my eyelids are blinking rapidly in an attempt to remain open to the last number)
7. Relax. Nuff said.
8. ReOrganize my scrap stuff (for like the millionth time) into a useable and manageable system.
9. Take pictures.
10. Shave my legs...along with various other personal maintenance issues that have been sadly actually doing something with my hair...etc.
11. Watch a movie.
12. Blog un-interrupted (oh wait.....that's what I'm doing now)
13. Have I mentioned sleep yet? Oh yeah, that was number six. Um. What shall number thirteen Sorry. My fingers are just following my eyelids here. Um. Um. Can't think. I a purse! A nice big perfect one. And I want to go shopping for it all by my lonesome. Maybe on a lunchtime next week I'll tackle that one. *grin*

okay. That's thirteen. And b/c I'm too sleepy to make it official, if you want to see other thirteens, just go to I think that's the site.


PS Can I also add that I really love my hubby? I don't talk about him much anymore either. And although he was having a little bit of guy PMS issues today, he's been really awesome. And so helpful with everything that's going on around the house. He's been off work all this week and next week, too, and he's been a busy little beaver around the house and getting all kinds of things done. What a sweetie. Not to mention the fact that he's been very sweet about the fact that I haven't had time to shave my legs and hasn't complained yet.....about that or anything else, really. *grin* I love him. And tonight I really miss him cuz he had to go up to the church for skit practice. And I'm going to have to go to bed now and he still isn't home. Wahh. (oh and by the way, he's not been reading the ol blog lately, so I'm not saying any of this cuz he's reading. *grin* in fact, he'll probably not see this at all......and speaking of not seeing things, I have to direct you to this blog post.....I've seriously considered doing this, although if dear hubby happens to read this, then it won't really work. (hang on a sec...KC, if you're reading this, DON'T go click on that link, okay? Thanks!) *GRIN* So ya'll (except for KC) go check it out (don't forget to look at the sidebar....LOL! FOUR WEEKS on one! WOAH!). And have a great day!

Sick. Again.

Well. According to yesterday's doctor visit, there is a reason I've been hacking up a lung for the last 2.5 weeks. *sigh* I have allergies that have developed into bronchitis. Lovely. Now I'm on like 4 different kinds of medicine. Joy. Like I needed anything else right now.

In other news, the munchkin has had accidents at school for two days in a row now. I can only assume it is tying back to the bioM visit. And now, joy of joys, her tantrums last longer and involve screaming "I want my mommy." Which is not fun. I hope this doesn't last forever.

Gotta run now....we're in the middle of one of the previously mentioned tantrums.


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Rough day

I think we had the first experience of how difficult the whole foster care thing can get. We met the mom this morning. Punkin went straight to her and was loving all over her and mom was gushing about how much she missed her and yadda yada.....was kinda a punch in the gut for us. I mean, we know all the facts about kids still love their parents regardless of the circumstances and everything they've gone through in the home, but you just think.....does everything we're doing not matter at all? I don't know. It was just hard. Picking her up after the hour visit was worse. She was okay when I got there but when she realized that she was going to have to leave her mom she threw one MAJOR fit. Screaming and crying.....then the mom was crying and handing her to me and I just wanted to get out of there....and I had to anyways cuz I was picking her up to take her to her dr. appointment, so I didn't look like an uncaring idiot by leaving right away. She cried and cried....I took it easy on her, since she wasn't really throwing a fit as much as she was just upset.....and understandably so. She didn't stop crying until I got to the dr. and then she was okay (although somewhat subdued).

Dr visit was okay until the very end when she decided she didn't want to put her clothes back on. And proceeded to have a tantrum in front of the doctor. Forgive me for this statement, but I'm trying to look for the bright side was kinda nice at that point to be able to's not my kid. Most parents when their children throw a fit just have to be embarrassed, but I have a fairly reasonable excuse for her poor behavior. LOL. I know, that's bad, but this was no minor tantrum. It involved me having to literally wrestle her clothes on. Ever tried putting a shirt and jumper that requires buttoning on an almost three year old who is intent on removing her clothes and not allowing anything to be put on? Yeah. I don't recommend it. Particularly in front of an audience. Totally embarrassing. Thankfully the doctor was quite patient and understanding.

Took her to daycare after that and proceeded to have an enjoyable day with the hubby (around all the errands and appointments that were scheduled). I was afraid she'd have a rough day after her eventful morning, but when I picked her up this evening, they told me she'd had a good day and the note from the speech therapist said that they'd had a great session as well. YAY! And she's been pretty good this evening......however.....I just have to share a few things from this evening that have CRACKED me up!

Okay so first off, KC had to go up to the church for play practice (and I needed to get some things done, so I stayed home) so it's just been me and Punkin here this evening. So normally supper consists of the three of us and we all hold hands and bless the food before we eat. Tonight, it was just me and her, and I wasn't hungry so I passed on supper. But I fixed her some applesauce with her allergy medicine to get that out of the way (kinda like a snack) and didn't think to pray over it....cuz I was doing other things and not sitting there with her while she ate. But then she starts hollering that she is done and wants more. So I open a can of chef boyardee and heat it up for her and stick it in front of her and go on with what I was doing. Not even thinking about blessing it for her (oops). Well.....tonight as I've been on the computer, she's been in here playing with her "play food" and I keep hearing her set food out and then repeating over and over....amenamenamenamenAMEN. And then cooking some food and standing over it and doing the same thing. Oops. Bad mommy.

Okay, then later on, while we're in here and I'm working on the computer and she's playing in the floor, she notices my lovely enticing scrapbook paper box. And decides to start diggin in which I tell her, no, that's mommy's. Don't mess with that. So she says, mommy's? I'm like...yep. Don't play with that please. So she backs up and starts like she's going to play with her toys again, then suddenly she sticks her finger out and touches it and looks at me like, and what are you going to do about it? So I say, what did mommy say about that? And she gets the defiant pouty look on her face. So I pick her up and take her to the pouting chair for a minute long time out. She pouts for a few minutes (although I'm not sure the chair is going to work since she appears to actually LIKE sitting in it. LOL). And then I let her up. Not even two minutes later we're back in the office and she's playing with her baby.....and then she says, STOP it baby! Bad baby. and carries him out of the room. So I'm curious now....and tiptoe to the corner and peek down the hall at the pouting chair. She has plopped baby in time out and is giving him a talking to. ROFL! I'm dying here! It cracked me UP!

Anyways....nuff about her for one post.

Update on the boss's daughter....this is what was posted on her carepages site that the family is updating.....
"Yesterday's tracheotomy procedure was a success. Skye is now breathing entirely on her own. She continues to move her arm at the elbow, and her doctors say that they have never seen any patient with the severity of Skye's head injury show improvement like they're seeing. In fact, they say if she continues to improve at the same rate over the next three days, they will likely step down her care level from Intensive to Critical. There are many issues that Skye still needs to overcome, including the clot in her frontal lobe, but this news is HUGE! This is the same person who 3 days ago had an almost 0% chance of survival, and yet the rules of this game appear to be breaking. Thank you ALL for your continued love and prayers!"
So keep her in prayer!

Let's see....seems like there was other things I was going to talk about, but as usual, the munchkin is needing attention. *grin* Not to mention that it's almost time for bathtime. I have been only doing every other day baths, but she was begging for one tonight and I told her she could take one before bed.....which bedtime is coming pretty soon, so I need to get moving on that.

I will just say that, although I'm getting used to having kiddo around and for the most part, I'm lovin the mommy thing, it was lovely to eat at Subway with my darling hubby today.....just the two of cajoling the munchkin to eat her food or stop standing in the chair or......well, you get the point.

Later, ya'll.

Monday, April 02, 2007


(It's a deep subject....and I don't have my diving gear on today, so we won't go there.....and yes. I know. Corny)

How do you make a two year old go to sleep? No really. I'm not being funny....I'd really like to know. B/c I have work to do and so far I've had to get up twice to go see what the problem was (luv the baby monitor...she has no idea that I know everything she's doing in there....although truthfully, it does feel strange to walk in there to check on her and know that KC can then hear MY breathing as well. LOL). Anyways, the first time she just started wailing and crying, "no, no, nonono mommy noooo." I'm thinking...okay what's up with that? She's not dreaming, there's nothing different about the whole situation than there has been for the last 2 weeks....what's the deal here? So I go in and ask her why she's crying....of course, there is no response. LOL. So I start you upset? Nod. Is it b/c you don't want to go to bed. Shaking head no. Is it because the light is off. Nod. Do you want the light on? Nod. Okay. I'll turn the lamp on if you go to sleep. Nod. Lamp on. 15 minute you think she's sleeping? Why NO.

So I'm going to stop right now and go check again. And if she's still awake....I'm going to be frustrated cuz there is really nothing else I can do. *sigh* And whoever says baths make them sleep better never met this kid. She just had a nice long can do. Oh but the good news is that now she's actually loving much so that when I turn the water on she immediately starts ripping her clothes off and screaming in frustration b/c she can't get them off fast enough. Boy, I love two year olds....the terrible twos is the terrible truth! Oh, and now she's not only getting her hair wet herself, but she's LAYING back in the water and getting her hair wet on purpose.
"Look, mommy! My hair wet!"
Then when it's time to get out....after she's had plenty of play time in the bath......
URK! So now I have the opposite problem. Now she don't hate it. *sigh*
Although....ya'd think....working where I work, I'd have had plenty of experience and be used to dealing with two year olds. Bwahahaha.....
oh hang on....i hear banging. Be right back.......
Kay. MAYBE....just maybe.....maybe she's asleep now. *sigh*

So really. I should be working right now. I've got a church newsletter layout from our church that needs to be's probably already late, but they just got the articles to me like yesterday....and I still don't have them all....but I just am not really in the mood to work with it tonight. I've tried. I really have. But Punkin only watched Happy Feet in the chair next to me (on the other computer) for about fifteen minutes before deciding that she wanted to keep watching it from the comfort of my lap. AND she wiggles. Regardless of the number of times I told her to sit still. So I got about as far as getting the articles downloaded to my computer off of my email and that was about it. And now KC is here (he had a meeting in Charlotte tonight and got home late) and he's tired and ready for bed. It's 9:29. Where does that leave me any time to do anything. And gripe, gripe, gripe, but her breathing just got UN-consistent and she's moving around again. GRRRR.

I have to go now.

Oh yeah, update on the boss's daughter, still not good....her body is responding more, but the doctor's aren't sure that her brain will be okay, which could be a bad thing. Keep praying!

I'm going to put her to sleep now.