Saturday, March 10, 2007

A Very Random Saturday Post

Had another scrappin day at my house. I can never figure out what to call it. I guess it would be a “crop” but for some reason….I guess b/c it’s all people I have known for awhile and not strangers….it doesn’t feel right to call it that. Anyways. It’s not ALWAYS people I’ve known for awhile, but generally it is. Well. It was fun. Got two pages done and started on two more. I sure wish the workdays passed like the crop days do cuz it sure didn’t seem like we were scrapping for 6.5 hours.

Tonight we’re going up to KC’s parents for supper. She’s cooking dinner for my birthday. Yum. I’ll probably post pictures later. Very sweet. I can’t wait. Actually, we’re heading there now and I’m typing this on my laptop. LOVE THAT! Unfortunately I won’t be able to post this until I get back to internet connection, but oh well.

Started watching a few of the LOST episodes that KC downloaded onto his I-tunes. UGH. I’m definitely “lost” since we haven’t seen most of season 2 and these are somewhere in season 3. One thing though…Kate is cool…and you know….Jack and Sawyer….LOL. Anywho. I think that it is going to make us late to supper. Oops.

Can’t really think of anything else to say right this minute….nothing that I can post on here anyway. LOL. SO we’re almost there and I need to go.

Kay I'm back now. I'm waiting for the pictures to load. It is only 9:13, but you know we lose an hour tonight, so I need to hurry and get in bed. *grin* I'm trying to get myspace to let me's been hateful for me all day today. GRRR. Oh yay, it just let me in! Woohoo. Haha.

Oh, supper was great. Loved it. As soon as the pictures upload, I'll show you. *grin* Only one problem. I ate a teeny tiny bit too much. *sigh*

Here we go....


I forgot to take a picture before digging this is half eaten burrito. Hehe
Also to note: I'm drinking Dr. Pepper. (how did you celebrate your birthday...."I had a few drinks......of Dr. Pepper"....ROFL!) And was it ever worth it. I won't enjoy the headache later, but it sure tasted good tonight. *grin*

Then for dessert.......mmmmm....




I'm not sure what was so funny.....?


Then everybody looks at the camera and its not so funny anymore. LOL. Left of KC is his mom and J and right of KC are my mom and dad. Dad forgot to look. Bad dad. *grin* Just kiddin'.

So anyways. That was birthday dinner number two.....the two moms and I played Skip-Bo while dinner was settling.....we played two games. One mom won each game. Did I win one? Not a chance. *sigh* Where is the fairness in that? LOL. Bummer. Oh well. I'm a good loser. Teeehehe. And that statement is true in more than one way. *grin* S'okay, ya'll. I'm a loser, but I'm SHORE good at it. *G*

Okay. I really have to go now. Later!

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  1. Well.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU!! Congrats! My birthday is on Wednesday, but I've got a few more candles to add to my birthday cake! :)


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