Monday, March 12, 2007


Do you have any idea how difficult it is going to be to do a 12-12 this month? Absolutely nothing worth taking pictures of happened. I was so desperate, I even took a picture of the sign to the women's bathroom when I made a pit stop after lunch. LOL. You KNOW it's bad when you have nothing else to document but a bathroom break. Haha. So I took the picture....but I don't know if I'll use it or not. Teeehehe! And then when I fixed taco casserole whatchamacallit for supper, I forgot to take a picture of it. GRR. But I'm not skipping. I will do this no matter how boring some of these 12-12s are going to be. Next month, I'm going to make sure that I have SOMETHING planned for the 12-12. Haha! Anyways, I'll try to work on those pictures and get something posted soon....hopefully.

So I'm all confused about the stats on my statcounter. For some reason it no longer shows up whenever I (or anyone else where I work) connects to my site. I can't figure that out. It makes me wonder if those are the only stats that are messed up. Oh well. It's not about that anyways. But I do like to have a heads up to who is reading this in case I need to not talk about somebody. LOL. Just kidding. Honest.

On the mysteries of statcounters: There was somebody from Georgia that came to my blog through my myspace link....can't figure that one out. It looks like Newark may be back....although I still can't figure out who they are either....and it doesn't look like they're coming through myspace anymore, so either it's a different person, or they remembered the link. LOL. Then there are people that I know from church that found me through some pictures I did for a family here....which was kinda surprising....

I don't know how to figure those things out... Don't really care, except just that I don't want any creepy people coming around. LOL. So if you're not creepy, then "welcome to my little insane blog" and don't get mad if that's all you find here. I'm just me. Crazy, Klutzy, weird....but mostly And I'm generally happy even when I'm griping. Cuz that's just the way I am.

Right this minute I'm sitting here blogging (yeah, duh...obviously) and from behind me, this is what I hear:

"What are you doing? You are so FAT. FAT!!! You need a bath."

I'm really hoping the cat is sitting behind me. I'm REALLY hoping KC is talking to the cat. ROFL!!! No really, he's talking to the cat. Three guesses as to which one, and the first two don't count. Heh!

Oh, and responding to a few recent comments: Shoutout to RebeccaBoo who stopped in and left a comment....thanks, girl. I missed you! ....and your blog! =) Also, Happy Birthday to Rochelle as well, who left a comment wishing me happy b-day and hers is Wednesday. Go tell her happy b-day, ya'll. =) Denise: thanks for the bday wishes, and to answer your question (albeit a little late) no special birthday plans except for the dinners at the parents and that dear KC bought my laptop this year as my birthday/valentine gift. Which is pretty cool. And we'll probably go away....for vacation....but that will be, you know....vacation. *GRIN* And it's okay that you didn't send a card. It's the thought that counts, right? And Ben: no kidding. It's a bummer. =)

And I can't really think of anything else right now to talk about, so I'm going to get going here.

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  1. First, I really like this song. It makes me linger all the longer! Second, thanks for the birthday wishes. I feel special. :) Third, you really do have a FAT cat. Cute, but fat. Fourth... I have the same issues with my stats counter. Weird. Fifth... oh.. I don't have a fifth! LOL!


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