Friday, March 16, 2007

Sick Update

Feeling some better. Thanks to all concerned. =) Still got yucky sinus drainage down the back of my throat, but for sake of TMI, we won't go there. Ain't ya happy about that? Haha.

On the bright side....I did feel better enough to go to work today (better enough? hah!) I wish I'd been able to come to work yesterday and got to sleep in today...cuz today it was rainy and yucky and would have been a lovely day to stay in bed. *grin* Oh well. I won't complain cuz I really am happier to be getting better.

No real news to report today. I was feeling some better yesterday evening...enough to go to the monthly foster parent meeting. They had two speakers in attendance. One was a counselor who had lots of interesting info on ADHD (for instance, did you know that the drugs for these kids are actually stimulants that calm them down? Logically you'd think that stimulants would speed them up....AND get this: caffeine is a mild stimulant and if you give an ADHD child caffeine, it will NOT make them bounce off the walls? Actually it will calm them down! Dude!).
and the other was a massage therapist discussing stress and the benefits of being not stressed. According to the stress test thing they had there....I need counselling. BWAHAHA. Anyways, it was very informative.

And now I'm going to lunch.

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  1. I think I qualify for counseling too. Glad you are on the mend.


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