Thursday, March 22, 2007


So I have some pictures of her that don't show her face....but I'm still scared to post them. Does anyone know if that is crossing the line of confidentiality? I wouldn't think so, since you can't see her face, but I don't want to get in trouble.

Anyways. Thursday Thirteen today. I guess I could do thirteen random things, but I don't know if I could make it to thirteen or not.

Work today = crazy
Social worker visit tonight = anxiety attack.....the house is a disaster zone....we're adjusting, but the house hasn't....
Punkin = seeing improvement. Bathtime last night was a MAJOR improvement. No tears. A couple of ten second pouts but no major drama. YAY! She did wake up crying this morning...and earlier than I was ready for since I was not ready AND I hadn't got my shower the shower was quick this morning. But b/c she was able to get up and play in her jammies for a few minutes while I was getting ready, by the time I was ready to get her dressed, she was all cheerful about getting dressed and no tears there either. Another big YAY! And number three YAY....she didn't get upset when I dropped her off at daycare this morning. Hallelujah!
Yesterday's Toy Run = Lot's of excitement when I got home last night. I gave her the baby set and my little pony last night. We took the pony to church for her to play with, so she was occupied most of the service with that. Oh my...she absolutely LOVED the baby doll and stroller. I knew she would....she was so cute when KC was getting it out of the box....standing there bouncing and clapping her hands together. And first thing when it came out....undress it and put on the diaper. ROFL. KC is officially the toy opener now. I gave her the My Little Pony after she and KC had opened the baby set and she carried it straight over to KC and handed it to him and said "get out." (She was saying to get IT out, not for him to get out. LOL)
Yesterday's first KC Daycare Pickup = Some tears, but okay. She got her goldfish in the car and that fixes most problems. LOL. And he did great with her at home while he was waiting on me to get there.
Me = PMS'ing and trying really hard not to get grumpy with Punkin. KC's used to it (LOL) but she's not, so I'm trying really hard to be happy and cheerful despite my moments of total "grumpy gills" Haha.

Well, that's today's catch-up. I need to get moving. Somebody tell me if I can post a picture of her and KC opening her baby set when all you see is the top of her head cuz she's busy playing with the baby......*GRIN*

Anyways. Later.

PS. I have decided to give up on giving up caffeine. HA! This is not a good time for that. I need all the energy I can get at this I've had a Dr Pepper every day this week so far. So THERE. OOh.....that sounded kinda two year old-ish.....oops. LOL.

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