Monday, March 12, 2007

Interesting Blog History

Don't know if any of ya'll that haven't been here since the beginning (as dumb as that post sounded) have read anything in the archives, but I was looking for a post on one of my trips last year to use for journalling in my scrapbook on Saturday and found a few posts that I'd forgotten I wrote. *grin*

Like this one on what my blog is about....pretty much a mission statement. I should probably actually use some of that post and create some sort of "statement of intent" to put on my sidebar....probably wouldn't hurt to have something that includes some kind of disclaimer....LOL.

And this one had a statement that sorta POPPED out at me when I read that I'm paranoid about....well....anyways. Very interesting....I had forgotten saying all that.

Oh yeah, the 100 things about me list was kinda fun. #1 and #2-100 I wonder if I could find it in myself to do another 100 a year later. Be interesting to see what kind of stuff comes up the second time around.....LOL.

Ehh...anyways. That was pretty much all the "ooh....I forgot I wrote that" posts that I've least the ones that I want to bring back up. Haha. The rest can stay back in bloggy history. *grin*

Will post the stuff on my stats later tonight maybe.



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