Monday, March 05, 2007


So I'm sitting here at mom's house. I'm so totally missing the cats. *grin* No really, I miss KC first, and then I miss the cats. I'm staying up here for the night while KC is away. I miss my house. I don't miss being alone in my house.

The last time KC was gone, I had a girl from church staying with me (KCz idea...although I didn't really mind) and later on when he got back, she got up in church and thanked God for protecting us b/c one night when we were there we heard this huge creak (which I later discovered was probably the lawnchair on the back porch that blew over) and Faith grabbed a screwdriver (which was the only thing that was handy, thank you very much) and went through the house to make sure we were still safe. Yeah. So she says that in church. And everybody cracked up at the thought of me attacking someone with a screwdriver. KC turns to me and didn't tell me about that. ROFL. No, DUH. I didn't tell ANYONE about that. Thanks a lot MV! LOL. So this time....KC says he's leaving again and Big Daddy (a guy at church) turns around and whispers....I've got a really big screwdriver...would you like to borrow it??? ROFL. Too funny.

But I hate it when he leaves. I'm not cut out to be all by my lonesome. When I got my stuff together to come stay up here at mom's tonight, I came THISCLOSE to grabbing the shirt he wore yesterday that smells like him, and bringing it with me. I did actually pick it up and smell it. Pretty pathetic actually, since he had only been gone about an hour when I started getting my stuff together. LOL. Pretty pathetic considering he isn't going to be gone that long. LOL. Guess it's just a good thing he's not going to be gone a long time or anything. How do these people survive when their hubby's are gone all the time. That would kill me. Plus (TMI Warning) it's kinda hard to try to make a baby when half of the equation is out of town at all the right times..... LOL. Told ya it was TMI.


Going away now.