Saturday, February 10, 2007


It's getting seriously close to February 15th. And if you're wondering (like my dear little hubby, who just asked me....) what that means....well. It's when I am going to be changing this blog name to So. Don't forget to change your links. K? Good.

Know what else Feb. 15th means? Well....I can't tell that on here....until Feb 15th. (Just in case my paranoia is real and "they really are out to get me" -HAH-) So anyways, I'll tell you what it means....later.

Oh and I can tell you means that Feb 12th will have already passed. Know what Feb 12th is? Yep, that's right...its another 12-12 day. The 12 pictures on day 12. I'm saying all this for my benefit. I'm afraid I'll forget and I already bought the album for all my 12-12 pages to go in, so I don't want to forget a month. LOL.

Yes, we already know that I'm a nut. So get over it.

The church newsletter meeting was last night. It was *slightly* better than the first ever newsletter meeting that I attended awhile back. I'm trying to keep myself from getting too involved. At this point, I can still not care how un-organized it is....the more involved I get, the more it's going to bug me. Actually, the more I think about it, the more it bugs me, so maybe I should move on without further commenting. Speaking of refraining from more in-depth griping, I think I'm going to lay off a bit on the church end of my life....particularly since more and more people that go to my church are picking up on the fact that I have a blog (and not necessarily b/c I have mentioned it.....) and that could be bad. Cuz. You know.... Some people might get on my nerves, but....they ain't stupid.....well....on second thought....hehehe....nah. Just kidding. Anyways. I'm sure there is no way I'll be able to curb it completely, but ya know.....well....I'll try. *grin*

Ya desk/chair situation is getting on my nerves again. (Just thought I'd throw that in there for the fun of it...LOL)

I took a picture of my fat fat fat cat tonight....I thought about posting it, but I didn't feel like retrieving it from the camera and resizing it and uploading and all that. Ya know....I'm lazy, remember? Speaking of lazy...I went to the monthly crop group at my cousin's again today....I got one page done. I had a good time....some of the girls got new Right. TOOLS. (LOL) Anyways, one got the Cricut and the other got the the Cuddlebug. Ooh. FUN. Now where was I going with this? Oh yeah....I'm feeling lazy what I was going to say, is that I thought about taking a picture of my page and posting it. Refer to the end of the first sentence in this paragraph. LOL. See....I'm too lazy to post the reason again. *grin*

I went through my pictures tonight and picked out and edited a whole bunch of pictures to get printed. At the scrapbook thing today, I really didn't have a whole lot of pictures in my 2006 album...(that weren't scrapped). Which means that I've been really bad. See, a couple of months ago, I went through all my printed pictures and sorted them into the pages of my chronological albums. Then I went through and started working on getting them scrapped. So I finished the loose picture pages in 2005 and started on the loose picture pages in 2006. Only problem is that when I started on the loose picture pages of 2006 today, I realized that there weren't very many of them. And not because they'd already been scrapped either. Not good. And it's also not because I didn't take any in 2006. REALLY not good. LOL. So now, I'm going to get these printed and then I'll have quite a few loose picture pages that will need to be worked on. I seriously need to get busy b/c....guess what?!?! It's already almost middle of February. 2007 (Only 10.5 months til Christmas ....give or take a few weeks....LOL) and I haven't even gotten a BOOK for 2007 yet...much less any pictures or scrapped pages to go in it. =O

Yes. I know. I'm rambling. Sorry.

I guess I should go now. I'm really getting rather tired. (story of my life). *SIGHHHHH* If I were a really dedicated person, I'd go check my work webmail about now and see if the stuff I was waiting for came through so I could pass it on before Monday. But I'm feeling neither dedicated or motivated right at this particular moment (as evidenced by the wet laundry that has been waiting to be put in the currently empty dryer for the last two hours)....specially since this is Saturday and Monday is going to be here soon enough. (AND Monday is the 12th.....heheheh)

Argh. I'm gone now. Maybe I'll get the laundry in the dryer before tomorrow. Or not. Later.

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