Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Well alrighty then!

Do you have any idea how difficult it is for me to do a Wordless Wednesday? I always have something to say. LOL. Well, not always, but it seems like I do on every Wednesday. Oh well. Welcome to the Not Wordless Wednesday, ya'll.

This is probably going to be a quick post. I say that, then it will end up being one of the longest ever.

First thing...a bloggy welcome to my mother-in-law who was just now lucky enough to get the secret code (aka link) to her favorite (and least I better be the only...hehe) daughter-in-law's blog. Yeah, I know, I keep saying I'm not going to give the link to any more people I know....but she's not feeling good, and you know how laughter is sposed to be the best medicine, right? Anyways.

Next thing....ya know, that mother-in-law I just mentioned? Well, her son made up his side of the bed this morning before he left for work. Somebody CALL THE DR.....CALL THE NEWSPAPERS...CALL SOMEBODY. Something is definitely up. LOL. Just kidding. I think he was just trying to make up for that jacket thrown across the couch yesterday. LOL.

Oh yes, and before I forget, Denise asked about the paint color in mine and KCz living room....isn't it beautiful? We love it. And being the all around nice person that I am, I actually made a special trip into the garage and looked through all the paint cans to find the name of it. *grin* Yes, I know. I'm sweet like that. (HA!) And I know you're all laughing "WITH" me right? Hehehe. So anyways, back to the paint color. Its American Tradition from Lowes and the name of it is Mark Twain House Olive Interior Satin. It's veryyy pretty on the walls. I can say that and not be bragging on myself b/c I didn't pick it out. KC did. Hehehe.

There was one other thing I was going to blog about...what was it? Oh yeah....KC bought me a laptop. Don't I just have the sweetest hubby??? Yes, I know. He's wonderful. I love him! AND I love the laptop, but I'm not happy with the Windows Vista. It makes the computer REALLY slow and it *should* be way faster than my desktop.. Anyways, I'm working on that....

Think that's all the news in my life right now. Happy Hump Day, ya'll.

Okay hang on a sec. this is too funny....I was just now talking on the phone to one of the vendors that I'm in the process of getting some stuff on....checking on the progress of the *stuff*....yes, I was actually doing some work. Anyways, so we're finishing up the conversation and he says, keep smiling and I say always. And then I don't hear anything else. I'm like, thanks for calling me back and all and we'll catch up with ya later and I don't hear any response. So I'm like, "Hello? Are you still there? Um....Okay then. Well......" Then I hang up the phone. He calls back a couple secs later and says, "I accidentally hit the mute button on my phone....i heard you talking to yourself. You were probably thinking...oh this guy is so rude he hung up on me."

ROFL! How embarrassing. After I hung up, I did happen to think to myself, I hope he really hung up b/c it would be embarrassing if he heard me say all that....LOL. Go figure..


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