Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Awgk.....I survived. I made it through my Tuesday. Thank God for small favors....choir was cancelled, so after the funeral, we came home. It could have been much worse. Could have been better.....dummy me caught the sun in the lens and had a serious flare issue....had to photoshop that set. Duh. Oops.

And the campus-wide "long session of complete boredom"??? Well, it lived up to all expectations. Was kinda funny actually, when everyone went back to their own buildings for the morning session: part three.....which was lockdown drill and bomb threat/fire evacuation drill (part of campus safety)....anyways, so nobody ever notified us that the lockdown drill was over, we just suddenly heard that now we were evacuating.....so i head outside.....thinking that everyone was on their way out....ooops. Good thing it was a drill....three coworkers missed the evacuation notification and were still locked in their respective offices. BWAHahaha. I can laugh....it wouldn't have been funny if it hadn't been a drill, of course. LOL.

Funeral was....slightly depressing....but pretty much what you'd expect at a funeral, I guess. If there's one thing I want, its to live my life so that when it ends, there are no question marks.

Happy thoughts, happy thoughts. I'd gripe about the fact that my stomach is very unsettled, but thats an unhappy thought, too. LOL. Trying to get away from that. I'm going to watch Cheaper by the Dozen II now....that movie is full of funny happy-thought creating moments..........

I'm gone for now.

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