Tuesday, February 13, 2007

ROFL! This is TOO funny...

Here's a little humor for you from yesterday.....

Okay...first off....I get this email yesterday afternoon. Subject: gaston college? busted....

LOL! I never expected to get a response to my query about the identity of my visitor from gaston college (particularly since "Newark" has yet to let me know who they are). So ya'll will be happy to know that my gaston college visitor is not a stalker.....just another blogger who found my blog originally by searching for *the place i work* back when I had posted a specific name b/c he was interested in blogs referencing *the place where I work*. *smiles* Mystery solved.

And then, ya know how yesterday was my 12 picture on the 12th day thing? So I was taking pictures all day. I got home and was cuddlin on my kitkat and thought....I'll just take a picture of me lovin on him. Teeeehehehehehehe. It took about 5 or 6 tries to get the ones I wanted, but....the "trying" part....well....I'll just let you see for yourself....

Ugh....not a great picture......it takes serious coordination to keep the kitkat from wriggling out of the picture and holding the honkin' daddy camera AND snappin the picture....LOL.


Okay....this is almost there....except the fact that I look like I'm holding the cat like a gun and getting ready to shoot myself....BWAHAHA.


Okay....now he looks like he's being tortured....and I'm cracking up......but that ain't nothing.....check out the NEXT shot.


ROFL!!!!!! I promise I'm not choking him. He looks like he's in SERIOUS misery. I pulled this picture up on my computer last night and I thought I was going to DIE laughing. I love my kitkat. =) (yeah, even though he didn't think so in these pictures....BWAHAHA)

So anywho.....I'm going to try to get my 12-12 page finished tonight and I might post it if I get a chance. =)

Later, ya'll!


  1. Anonymous11:38 AM

    ...Hhhmmmmmm...I don't know...that Kitty looks kinda mad....maybe he's not had sumptin' ta' eat inn'a while???.....

    Your friend...

  2. LOL....No, Mix, that kitkat is sixteen pounds of fat cat....I could NEVER be accused of starving him. ROFL!!! I think he was just mad cuz I was pinching all his fat. LOL


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