Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Just a bit of fun stuff....

Blog Posts that I read today:

The First Step Is Admitting It - can I just say that this lady makes me laugh out LOUD and I totally feel the same way...only about Dr. Pepper. *G*

Five Reasons I Blog - Actually, she did six. Which makes her a rebel (her words) and which makes me like her all the more. *G* I especially liked this line from her first reason...

"So, I blog. I didn’t even send out a Christmas letter this year. If anyone asked, I told them, “Go to the blog. Everything you want to know is there. Plus a bunch of other stuff you’ll wish you could erase from your head.”"

I think that little tidbit was the final push that made me add her blog to my bloglines. LOL. That and the info she put about herself in the sidebar that cracked me up. Go ahead...see for yourself.

Amazing Grace - this song started playing and I fell in love. It almost made me cry. Except for the fact that I'm sitting here at work...and I don't care to cry in public if it can at all be helped. Anyways, I followed the link and grabbed this song for my blog. Side note here that it made my mother (not in-law) happy that I replaced the previous song, which, in my defense, wasn't BAD. I really liked it for the song, not the video anyways. Oh well. Now it's Amazing Grace. Everybody happy now? LOL

Okay, so that wasn't all the blog posts I read today, but those really stuck out and they're all I have time to mention for now. Catch ya'll.....


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