Thursday, February 15, 2007


This blog is now And its time for me to go to bed now. Just a few more quick things and I'm on my way.

The Valentines Card for KC was finished about 20 minutes after Valentine's day was over. LOL. Oops. I kinda got sidetracked when I got off of here to go make it. I went to the kitchen to get a drink and saw one of my cats peering ever-so intently out the back door. So I go look b/c surely there are no birds out at this time of night for her to watch....and I see this strange cat sitting on the back porch rail.

Hmmmm. It is mighty cold outside tonight. I feel bad for it. So I'm thinking....hmmm....I can't bring it inside. Do I have something to put out there for it to lay on that might be warmer? Okay...some old towels from the garage. How bout some food and water, case it's hungry. Okay...check, check. Now let's see if it's friendly. So I open the door very carefully (b/c my cats are wanting out all of a sudden. Dumb cats. Don't they know how good they have it in this warm cozy house? Anyways, so I peer out and the cat isn't in sight anymore. Hmm....I go on out and the cat is beelining down the rail to come see me. Yep...guess it's friendly. So I put the food down and it can't decide whether to come let me pet it or to it walks rapidly back and forth between me and the food. So I pet it for a minute and then go back to get the towels before I freeze my rear off. I opened one of the lawn chairs, draped a foam exercise mat over the chair and then laid the towels inside the cave I just created, and scurried back inside the house. Last I saw, the cat was eating...checked a few minutes ago and don't see it anywhere...but I can't see inside the "cave" so it might be in there.

And that is why I didn't get the Valentine's card completely finished before the day was officially over.

Now. Normally I would not feed a stray b/c we all know how strays are when you feed them. They never go away. However, my neighbor told me the other night that her daughter (who is temporarily living with her) had a cat when she moved in a couple weeks ago, but it ran away and they haven't seen it since. So, I'm thinking, this might be the neighbor's cat since it is definitely not wild and appeared to be very hungry, so hopefully by giving it a little food and shelter, it will hang around long enough for me to notify the neighbor (or for them to look down on my back porch from theirs and see it themselves). Yes. I am such a nice person. That was my good deed for the day. Now if that cat is not theirs, I may have created a problem. But we'll deal with that later. LOL

Okay. I'm going to bed. Getting up for work in the morning is going to KILL me. LOL.


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  1. Happy Belated V Day! I hope you are able to wake up this morning. Welcome to your new place! (on blogger that is!)


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