Saturday, February 03, 2007


Like I've been a very boring person for the last couple of days. Nothing exciting to report in my life right now. I guess thats a good thing, but it is kinda strange not to have anything to vent about or poke fun at....hahah. Guess I'll have to be good.

I've been doing a lot of reading lately. Mostly books, but I'm working on catching up my bloglines, so to make up for my complete boring-ness (is that a word?) I'll just link ya a few of the posts that made me let out a few heehaws. Maybe I'll be an interesting person again soon. LOL....

And without further ado......(hehehe..i've always wanted to say that. Hah)
well.....maybe I won't appears that I'm not the only one suffering from a lack of funny/interesting things to post. LOL...I'm down to the "F" blogs (that is the LETTER know) and have yet to find something new that I want to link.....but I'll keep going....I still have the rest of the alphabet....
Okay here is a HILARIOUS one! White Picket Fences like Nancy Kerrigan's Teeth and other equally amusing analogies and metaphors (my personal favs were #5, #11, #12, #20, and #23....bwahahahah!)
.okay i'm in the "S"s and nothing else yet...I may be forced to go find some older posts that struck my funny bone. hhehehe
.Oh this one is pretty funny....its the post titled Wimps (2/2/07) over at So The Fish Said
back to some older posts.....this two thursday thirteens from Rochelle at Dream Bigger were pretty funny....
Thirteen Random Thoughts About My First Week Back On Campus
Thirteen (More) Things About Biology

Okay....its like 11:00pm now so thats all you get for now.

Later, ya'll.

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  1. Hey! I have been out of blogdomville for a little now. School is consuming me! Last week and today have been a bit crazy, but it feels good to be organized about it! :) Anyways... said all that to say this - thanks for the link! I am glad others can find a little humor out of Mr. Biology Guy and the rest of my university life! Staci (Glimpses) came to campus to check out Mr. Blog Guy and I sure she will soon be giving her version!


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