Thursday, January 25, 2007


This is post #225. Not that that means anything except the fact that I've been blogging awhile now. It will soon be a year. Whoa.


The batteries on my keyboard died on the first sentence of this post. Not a good sign. LOL. I put new ones in. If they last as long as the old ones did, we might be in good shape. This is completely useless and irrevelent information, and yes, I'm fully aware of that. But who knows....maybe in 3 years when I have to change the batteries again, I'll look back and wonder exactly when I replaced them last. HA.

Thursday Thirteen:
Thirteen Places I'd like to go on vacation to.....

1. Hawaii....wanna go scuba diving. Scuba divers don't normally get eaten by sharks or anything do they? Maybe I'd rather just take pictures of the sunset. Haha.
2. Alaska....just sounds like fun
3. Australia...CRIKEY. G'day, mate!
4. Italy....where some of my ancestors are from
5. Montana....i think it would be cool to see the west
6. Back to Las Vegas
7. The coast of Washington State....don't know why....just would like to see it, I guess.
8. Skiing in Colorado (which will never happen....KC don't care too much for skiing. Not to make a whole vacation of it. LOL)
9. The tip of Maine.
10. The end of Florida....hmm....maybe this is a subconscious message from my inner self...something about boundaries and pushing the limits....LOL.
11. Wyoming (ditto of number 5)
12. A castle in France...or anywhere in Europe for that matter....I love big houses. LOL
13. Utah.....where all the scrapbooking stores are....hehehehe

So. to narrow it down to where we want to go this year. Which means it needs to be narrowed down to ONE. And not a super expensive ONE at that. LOL.

Here's more useless information for you. My cat is currently laying on my lap again. Actually this time, I'm sittin in the chair normally and his head is laying on my wrist as I type. Which is kinda awkward. Again. And my foot that I'm sitting on (yeah, kinda dumb idea, that) is going to sleep. Again. Oh, and the useless information? Jango is SIXteen pounds. Last time I said he was fifteen. Just guessing. I weighed him a couple of days after that. WHAhhhh. He broke the scale. LOL.

Went to a home interiors party tonight. Bought a pitcher and a candle. The candle is Strawberry Shake. It smells SOO yummy. I want to eat it. *sigh*

Okay...I'm tired now. Going to bed.

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  1. Oh, a strawberry shake sounds good. A strawberry shake in Hawaii sounds even better. :)


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