Friday, January 12, 2007

DeLurking Week

Okay...its time for the weekend...getting ready to head out of here, but before I go....its deLurking week....I've done my part and came out of lurkdom on the blogs that pointed that fact if you're reading this and you don't comment.....could you please let me know you're there? Teehehe....unless of course you're someone who knows me and you know it would freak me out if I knew you were reading may be excused. LOL. Just can comment, too. =)

Anyways, 12-12 hopefully will be posted tonight if I'm lucky (and not too tired) or maybe tomorrow morning if I'm too tired tonight. Because it will be from dialup, I doubt there will be much besides the 12-12 posted until Monday....actually make that Tuesday cuz I'm off Monday....WOOOOHOOOO!!!! Anyways, have a great weekend all my lurking friends....don't forget to NOT lurk for at least one comment. I know you're there....or else I have a world-traveling stalker that reads my blog many times a day...and you know how I feel about stalkers, so lets hope thats not the case. Haha.


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  1. Hi :) I surf in to visit you via the Scrapjazz blogring. I thought I'd comment because I know I love comments and only 8% of the people who read my blog leave a comment!


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