Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Some Days I LOVE My Job

Like today. I GOT ADOBE CREATIVE SUITE 2 PREMIUM FOR MY WORK COMPUTER. Oh ho ho....this is going to make my life SO much easier. (In case anyone is wondering, I have been complaining for awhile now about the totally scumminess of the program I've been stuck with....its called Fireworks and it crashes randomly, which random is usually a good thing, but not when its in the middle of my work and won't let me save....dumb, dumb, dumb. I highly recommend that you don't buy it. Okay? Anyways, back to my original topic of photoshop...) Its currently installing. YAY. I wasn't even expecting CS2...I thought I was just getting a premium suite version of 7 since that is what the campus graphics classes currently have....then I opened the box and it was CS2. Dude! This totally rocks. Okay, so it kinda makes up for the beginning of my day, but more on that later since I'm kinda busy installing this lovely lil....well, not lil....really big actually.....program.

Oh, and by the way, yes, I loved Frog and Toad books when I was a kid.....I think it was a happy childhood memory that caused me to click on that blog to start with....just cuz I saw the name. LOL.

Back later.....

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Been a Few Days

Well....I decided since I removed that last vent, I'm not going to put it back up. Although I was tempted, in an effort to be more mature about it (unlike the whiney idiots who brought on my irritation....oops...sorry....that was immature, too, huh? LOL), I'll refrain from further whining.

Don't mean I'm happy with the decision for the new GM, but I guess I'll try to be fair and give him a chance. Maybe not a very big chance, but a chance. However, I don't think my previous faith and respect in the integrity and uprightness of certain of my co-workers was very well placed. I'm quite disappointed. I had greater expectations of some, and it appears that it has been very much mis-placed. Unfortunately. I must confess to some moments of....yes, juvenile hoping that this new GM will come in and get under their skin so badly they can't stand it. Yes, that would be poetic justice. Not revenge. Justice. LOL. So sue me. I can't help that the thought brings a moment of evil laughter. *bwahaha*

Okay. Moving right along. Lots of stuff begging to be typed out today but not enough lunch hour to do it in. I'm running over as it is. I guess I'll have to work around this post. Haha.

So we're still working on where to go for vacation this year. KC can't decide and he's blaming it on me. Not my fault that all the places I want to go, he doesn't. Now me....if he doesn't like my idea, no problem, I'll go along with his idea. Except he can't decide. LOL. Love you, honey! we're still debating.

Today I'm enjoying a yumm-i-licious rasberry lemonade from sonic. MMM. In the drinking news, I gave in to the Dr Pepper craving again on Sunday. It wasn't my fault. Really. I wouldn't have really pushed the button at the fountain in the restaurant when I stuck my cup under it, but someone that was with us hit my finger and dumped Dr P in my cup. And you know I couldn't just dump it out. LOL. But I'm not going to get hooked again. Honest.

Speaking of hooked. I was going through my old posts to make sure there were no "duh" moments where I specifically mentioned (or photographed) something that would help people connect the dots in real life and stalk me or anything, when I realized that I quit caffeine in December of 05 and picked it up again in May 06, and then I quit in December 06 for the second time. This is beginning to look like a trend. Haha. I'll just wait until June to pick it up again. hehehe.

I gots lots of babblin' goin on today. Sorry. I'm making up for the missing posts the last five days. LOL. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow. JOY. Its just a cleaning but I know I have cavities, so it's inevitable that I will be scheduling some return visits to get that dumb drill poked up in my mouth. I hate that thing. Besides the fact that they never get my mouth quite numb enough, the sound of the stinking thing is like fingernails on a blackboard. It hurts me all the way to my toes. EEEEK. *Dreading it already*

In other news, I hit the jackpot in my blog surfing when I found this link to the 2007 Share The Love Blog Awards. In the nominees (and also in last year's winners), I have found a few new blogs to read. (My subscription list is now up to 119 blogs--in case you wanted to know that) Here are my favorites of these new (to me) blogs: (eventually I'll try to get them linked over in my sidebar, but for now....)

Daring Young Mom - cool sense of humor
Diary of the Nello - funny blog name and some hilarious kid stories
Frog And Toad Are Still Friends - VERY interesting blog name and a way too funny Jan 30th post which sounds SOOO like something I would do.
OutOfMy-Element - I like her writing style. She sounds like someone I would get along well least from the handful of posts that I've had time to read so far. I'll let ya know if my opinion changes in six months. LOL
The Pink Shoe - whoa, she is one crafty chic! Check out her flickr pictures (in her sidebar) of the altered pants remade into OH-SO-CUTE skirts. I might have to try my hand at something like that....or get her to do one for me....she apparently does it for others. TOO cool!
She Says It's Pretty Dumb - What can I say? I'm a sucker for unusual blog titles...hehe. Actually, the reason I subscribed to this one was this post. BWAHAHA!!
Teacher, Mom, Madwoman - a certain connection here....

Okay. That's it for today. It's taken forever to finish this post while working. LOL. Good thing I know how to multi-task. haha.


Thursday, January 25, 2007


This is post #225. Not that that means anything except the fact that I've been blogging awhile now. It will soon be a year. Whoa.


The batteries on my keyboard died on the first sentence of this post. Not a good sign. LOL. I put new ones in. If they last as long as the old ones did, we might be in good shape. This is completely useless and irrevelent information, and yes, I'm fully aware of that. But who knows....maybe in 3 years when I have to change the batteries again, I'll look back and wonder exactly when I replaced them last. HA.

Thursday Thirteen:
Thirteen Places I'd like to go on vacation to.....

1. Hawaii....wanna go scuba diving. Scuba divers don't normally get eaten by sharks or anything do they? Maybe I'd rather just take pictures of the sunset. Haha.
2. Alaska....just sounds like fun
3. Australia...CRIKEY. G'day, mate!
4. Italy....where some of my ancestors are from
5. Montana....i think it would be cool to see the west
6. Back to Las Vegas
7. The coast of Washington State....don't know why....just would like to see it, I guess.
8. Skiing in Colorado (which will never happen....KC don't care too much for skiing. Not to make a whole vacation of it. LOL)
9. The tip of Maine.
10. The end of Florida....hmm....maybe this is a subconscious message from my inner self...something about boundaries and pushing the limits....LOL.
11. Wyoming (ditto of number 5)
12. A castle in France...or anywhere in Europe for that matter....I love big houses. LOL
13. Utah.....where all the scrapbooking stores are....hehehehe

So. to narrow it down to where we want to go this year. Which means it needs to be narrowed down to ONE. And not a super expensive ONE at that. LOL.

Here's more useless information for you. My cat is currently laying on my lap again. Actually this time, I'm sittin in the chair normally and his head is laying on my wrist as I type. Which is kinda awkward. Again. And my foot that I'm sitting on (yeah, kinda dumb idea, that) is going to sleep. Again. Oh, and the useless information? Jango is SIXteen pounds. Last time I said he was fifteen. Just guessing. I weighed him a couple of days after that. WHAhhhh. He broke the scale. LOL.

Went to a home interiors party tonight. Bought a pitcher and a candle. The candle is Strawberry Shake. It smells SOO yummy. I want to eat it. *sigh*

Okay...I'm tired now. Going to bed.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hump Day

Would be better if it was FRI day but since its not, and since its getting here, I guess I won't complain. Not too loudly anyways. LOL. I don't have much to complain about least my kids aren't sick. My sympathies to my friend, Dawnie, who has recently rejoined the blog-osphere. YAY! (about her blogging again, that is. Teehee)

Speaking of other bloggers, my lil buddy, "Mike" (otherwise known as homeschool girl) blogged a nice little post with a blurb about our choir director. Who happens to be my KC. Who also happens to be "Mike's" sparring buddy.....KC takes great pleasure in tormenting poor "Mike," who has no qualms about returning the barbs. (all in good fun, of course) Anyways, I had to laugh out loud b/c it was so different than her usual voiced opinion of him. Hehehehe. It was great.

So have had a couple of suggestions on my photography name. KC says just keep it simple....go with Always Faith Photography. LOL. "Wally" says call it "Pretty Good Pictures" (which, unfortunately, is already in use as a business name). Pretty Good Photography isn't all over the place, but Pretty Good Pictures sounds better. I dunno. Maybe I will just keep it simple and do the always faith thing. I don't know. *sigh* I guess I got a little time to think about it before changing all the links and stuff....

On that note, don't forget to mark my new site (see the Important Announcement Post for more details). Only 22 days until the changeover and then current link will no longer get you here.

Alrighty then. Guess that's all for today. Have a happy hump day ya'll.

Embarrassing Phone Moment

So its been awhile since this happened, and I try to forget embarrassing stuff like this, but as best I can remember.....

I was at work and had finally gotten around to returning some phone calls....and I'm calling this lady about something with her membership (don't remember what). So I dial. Then it rings. And rings. And rings. And then the voicemail picks up. So I leave her a message.

I should insert here that I occasionally have a very bad habit of letting my mind wander and talking on autopilot, which is not a real good idea when you're talking...especially to an answering machine.

So I'm leaving a message. "Yes, this is Faith at *a place of business* returning your call regarding your membership....blah, blah, blah......blah....blah blah....if you have any questions, you can just give me a call back. The number here is 101-101-1010* and my extension is 101* Jesus name, Amen......(GULP)......(long pause) mean.....uh....." CLICK.

Oops. :-O My cheeks were SOOO red. I don't think she ever called back. LOL.

*These are not the phone numbers. Changed for identity protection. LOL.

Anyways. Maybe someday I'll outgrow my tendency to do embarassing things. Doubt it, but one can always hope.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Is it Friday Yet?

Please tell me it's Friday. Can I be off work tomorrow? Phooey. That's not what I wanted to hear.


So I have alternately been crazy busy and crazy bored at work today. Mostly the boredom comes when in order to continue working, it becomes dependent on another person who is not available. *sigh* is a dependent moment.

So while I'm in that moment, I've been trying to come up with a name for my photography besides my real/full name so that I can take my name off that website like I'm doing for this one. Unfortunately every single cool name for photography is taken. *sigh* I'm going through the thesaurus and I found a really cool one: Spittin' Image Photography.....the good news is there is only one other one of those that googled up. (compared to the fifty of everything else I've tried) *SIGH* I like some other ones but they end up really The View From Here Photography or Through The Lens Photography..... of course the short ones like Pixels or nFocus are all over the place. I don't like any of the ones that are "conceited" like Foxy Photography....Yuck. I want one that is factual....a statement, not an opinion b/c everyone has a different opinion. *sigh*

Well, its almost time to go, so I guess I'm out of here. Not much to say today....have choir practice tonight....that should be fun. Glad I'm not the choir director, is all I got to say about it. hahah. Unfortunately, I live with him (which isn't unfortunate at all, except for the fact that I get to share his frustrations with "situations" {read: people...HA} which isn't so fun sometimes.) Not that it's his fault. Oh well.


Reminder to self: future blog topic - my embarrassing phone moments. I forgot a funny story, but someone reminded me of it today.....that's definitely a classic one that shouldn't be forgotten. Hah.

Monday, January 22, 2007


May I have your attention, please?

*AHEM* *is my mic on?* *oh, good*
I would like to let ya'll know that my blog address will be changing on February 15, 2007. If you would like to continue visiting me (and I hope you will), please bookmark the new site:
You have 24 days to visit me at the current address, then I will be changing this blog address to alwaysfaith. Everything will stay the same, except you will have to type to get here instead of I'm trying to make the identity of this blog a little less obvious, and putting my full name in the box is not a real good way to do that. Duh.

Thanks, ya'll!

Another Monday

Some days it's really hard to do the right thing. And some days it's altogether to easy to do the WRONG thing, which makes it all that much harder to do the right thing b/c first you have to admit you did the wrong thing. *sigh*

I think God must be trying to tell me something about my patience regarding people in meetings that should not be in the meeting to start with, much less doing the amount of talking they seem to feel is necessary (although I have news for them, the amount of talking they're doing is completely NOT necessary.) So yesterday at the church news-letter meeting (in which I have recently been drafted into the position of cover art/layout editor, and am now required to attend the meetings), there were a couple of people who (in my opinion) should not have been there. What I thought was kinda funny (now that I'm not sitting there trying to keep a handle on my impatience factor) is the way that certain people wanted to be given an article to write, claiming they would be faithful, when in fact, they have only been back to services (and irregular at that) for the last two weeks. Before that, it had been over a month since they attended (again irregularly) and that period of attendance was maybe a couple of months, and this has been a regular pattern of irregularities. Don't get me wrong, I'm fully aware that these people have souls and God loves them, I just don't see how they could sit there and expect to be given an article that is due every month (FAITHFULLY) when they haven't even been there a month this last time. I just don't get it, and that's all I'm gonna say about least until the next time it gets under my skin again. *grin*

Weekend was alright. Had a headache all day yesterday and up into today that no medicine seemed to's finally easing off now (Thank God). Not sure what causes my headaches, but I guess I should be thankful they're not migraines. They're definitely irritating, but at least I'm not immobilized completely.

My friend, *Mike* (homeschool girl), spent the afternoon with me and KC yesterday. That was fun. She's such a sweetheart. Out of all the young girls at church, she's my fav. And yes, I know you're not supposed to have favorites, but I can't help it. She's my buddy. She's growing up on me though, which is really sad. She's almost as tall as I am now. *sigh* I'm feeling old.

Not a lot else going on right now. I got the digital scrapbook pages back from MPix that I did for my 2005 album, so as soon as I glue down that *one* *last* photo, 2005 will be officially ready for the bookshelf. YAY! I am totally loving the way the digi sb pages turned out, too. It's so cool. I'm still going to do a lot of paper scrapping b/c I don't want to give up the hands-on stuff, plus I have an awful lot of papers and embellies that I haven't used. LOL. Now if I can get 2006 I can start on this year.....well. Lots to do, lots to do.

Off for now. Later!

Friday, January 19, 2007


I am FA-REEZING!!!! My fingers are so cold I can barely type! The heat wasn't that low, but I just kept getting colder and colder, so I just turned it up. Strange.

Was bad today and drank a Dr. Pepper. Oh my, but it was SOO good. LOL.

So I'm home alone. Its almost 9 and KC still isn't home. Sheesh. Wonder if they're still sitting at the restaurant. Scratch the "lucky dog" comment from last post. LOL. What a fun Friday night.

It seems like I had something I was going to blog about, but its not coming to me right now. Oh well....maybe I'll go get some more interesting tidbits off of my blog stats counter. Hehehe.

Lets see.....oh thats interesting. Someone from Denver, CO came to my blog on 1/17 by searching blogger blogs for leaving prints. Had a visitor from London, England on the 13th...they only stayed for 0 seconds. It says 9 came from the link on my blog on appears that all nine clicks were from my Newark friend....who clicked on my page 4 times on the 13th, 2 times on the 15th, and 2 times on the 18th. that last one was yesterday. I give up...who are you? If you don't want to post your identity on here, you can email me...there is a link over there in my sidebar. Come on, I'm clueless. Can you at least give me some HINTS???

Here's some honor of the chill factor in my house...I think I'll just change my blog decor to a seasonal look. I'll bring back the flowers in the spring. =) This is just a quick design...nothing spectacular. Enjoy.

Well, its now 10:11. KC just called. He's just now leaving the steakhouse. Geesh. Hope that's not a sign of how long the annual church business meeting is going to last. LOL.

Okeydokey. Guess that's it for tonight. I'm going to post this so I can go change the blog decor.


Woohooo! Happy Friday!

Love Fridays. Especially busy Fridays b/c they fly by. Yay. Today was a good day except that for some reason every time I kidded around with somebody today, they got grumpy with me. Sheesh. I'm about to get a complex. Apparently no one is in the mood to be kidded with today. *sigh* Either that or its me. Probably me. LOL.

Oh well. Its 2 minutes till five. That makes the day worthwhile.

Now I get to go home and fix supper and my lonesome. KC has a trustee meeting at the steakhouse at six. Lucky dog. Oh well. I've eat out for lunch the last two days, and not off the dollar menu either, so I guess its okay that I'm going home to open a can of beans. Haha.

Maybe I'll post more tonight...I'll probably be bored, so I'll have plenty of time to sit and wait on the stinkin dialup connection. Haha.


Thursday, January 18, 2007


using a different picture.....hmmm...


Okay, so I'm cracking up at the comments on my last post. *grin* Tooo funny. But its rather nice actually, b/c I needed a good laugh. Haha.

Yesterday's staff meeting was the kind that makes the temptation to kill somebody (or at least duct tape their mouth shut) very.....well....TEMPTING. LOL. Argh! I sure wasn't laughing last night though. It was so aggravating. It wouldn't be so bad if certain people who don't need to be putting in their two cents anyways would just zip it up and not take up so much unneccessary time. 2 hours and 15 minutes and about 40 minutes of it was worthless. My patience ran out at five after five. At twenty after, I could feel smoke coming out of my ears. It wouldn't have been so bad except it was Wednesday night and I don't have any time to spare on Wednesday I sit through that stinking meeting, get in the car and drive home for another 45, get home and change my shirt, turn right back around and get back in the car to drive 30 minutes to church (grabbed a sandwich at McDonalds to eat while I was driving, since I didn't have any time to eat at home), and then sat through another two hours of church. Then the icing on the cake: it's our week to clean the church, so we stayed after service to ourselves. The people that are on our cleaning team haven't been at church yet this year, I don't think. Course it is only the middle of January. Anyways. *SIGHHHHHH*

The foster parent newsletter came in the mail yesterday. There was a list of the current foster parents in *our county* along with the contact info and all that stuff....including preferences and vacancies in their home. It's kinda like my blog stats...a leetle confusing....but from what I could tell, it looks like there are quite a few vacancies for homes that are wanting babies. The no vacancies....well, they're all the ones that are open to older children. Which is kinda what we knew all along but anyways. We'll get called eventually, I'm sure. I was a little surprised however that we are the only ones on that list from our class. Actually, I was a lot surprised b/c there were several couples that I thought would definitely be approved. Very strange. Some of them, of course, I wasn't surprised about not seeing on the list. LOL. Oh well anyways.

Supposed to be winter weather here today. I'll believe it when I see it. Be nice if it would do something so I could go home early. LOL Oh well

Nothing else happ'nin right now I guess. Need to get to work.


Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Okay.....I really hate my desk. Why are desks made for short people. Not that I have anything at all against short people...I know some very NICE short people, but SHEESH already. I cant sit at this stinking desk very long at all before my legs and back start hurting. Right now I'm propping {insert hubby's comment here: "some people are just never satisfied" ARGH....pshaw on him} now what was I saying? Oh yeah, as I type this, I'm slouched down in my chair with my feet propped up on the desk and the keyboard in my lap (gotta love wireless keyboards). Now if I could only find a way to make the corner of the desk not dig into my ankle and find some way to be able to use the wireless mouse comfortably in this position, I'd be all set. Should also note here that I'm at home, not at work. My desk at work is made for tall people. Its like countertop height, so the keyboard tray is almost perfect to the comfortable chair height. My office predecessors always complained, but I LIKE the odd height. It's....odd. Like me. *grin* Maybe thats whats wrong with this desk here at's too normal and average. Well, that and the fact that in order to fit my long legs under it, my chair is practically lowered all the way to the floor, which means my knees are always poking up. Awwww...never mind. This paragraph is growing altogether too long. LOL

So, moving on. Thank you to my faithful friends who have left me comments. I really appreciate knowing you're out there. And for the nice things you said about my scrapbooking efforts....oh, and catching my typos....LOL. Denise, I found that. Oops....don't know how I missed it. Teehehehe.....oh well....keeps me humble I guess b/c I'm forever picking out other people's typos. LOL.

Okay, must insert here that kitkat joining my keyboard in my lap is not increasing the comfort level of my ankle digging into the desk. ARGH. Said kitkat weighs 15 pounds. Owowowowow OW. just a sec...must rearrange before my legs break. oooh....major indentation in my ankle. No wonder it hurt. kitkat shows no signs of remorse at the trouble he's causing.

back to the topic of my blog readers: according to those little things that track visitors, I've got a repeat offender in Newark, OH. Now my hubby is from there, and has family from there, but I can't think of anyone in the family that might know about this thing...not to mention that they haven't said hey. Those little visitor info things are really quite interesting, however, they don't seem to make much sense to me. Like the way that it shows how long someone looked at my blog as zero seconds but they came back 5 that for real? I pretty much discount all those that say they came 1 time for 0 seconds, although there have been some of those from very interesting places. Like Prague, Czechlosovakia....did I spell that right? I didn't take time to look it up. I've got a couple of faithful friends from Texas....I'm not positive, but I think they are the ones that are my blog buddies. Anyways, very interesting stuff, statistics. LOL. Too bad I can't figure out how to make heads or tails of it. hehehe.

In case its not obvious by now, this is a very random blah blah out of my head day. To continue the trend, I'll just say that its been a rough couple of weeks. I did great for awhile with every stinkin woman around except me being pg but it seems like the last couple of weeks it's driving me crazy again. I hate it. I especially hate that it makes friendships awkward. *sigh* Its not so difficult to keep a positive attitude when its friends that are not directly around me that are prego but when two due dates are coming up rapidly for two friends at church, it gets a little rougher. I've done made up my mind that there is no way I'm going to subject myself to the two baby showers in the next couple of weeks. One friend I know will understand, she said she would, and she does. The other, I don't feel comfortable saying anything to, so I'll just buy a gift, take it to church and come up with some other pressing duty that requires my presence elsewhere at the time of her shower. Trust me, if I went, and had to sit and watch all the gifts being opened and hear everyone talking about all the details of pregnancy and etc, then I will have some serious issues and they'd wish I hadn't showed up. Better for everyone if I just stay away. *sighhhhhhh* I can't wait for this feeling to smooth back over again so I can go back to being "okay" with not being pregnant. Maybe if we'd just get a phone call with a baby that needs a home.... this point, I guess that is a selfish part of me that says that, not for the sake of helping a child. But then I wonder, is this really just me being selfish to want a child, so that I can be a mom, b/c right now it feels that way. I feel much better when I am not having a hard time over the PG issue. Of course, when I'm not having a hard time over this, I'm selfishly wondering if I really want to have a child that will require me to give up more of my time and effort and money and blah blah blah. Maybe I'm just a horrible person all around. *sigh* Ugh. I'm really trying not to be awful. *sigh*

okay, my cat is KILLING me. every time he moves, the keyboard moves, not to mention my legs are in severe pain again. does it look like he cares? NOPE! And in an effort to end this post on a light note, let me just pause and snap a picture of said kitkat in his killing my legs position for your viewing pleasure. LOL. Please note, I would have tidied my desk for the picture but I'm kinda immobilized at the moment. You're just lucky the camera was in reach. Ha. Oh and don't look at my pale white legs either. Hey, I said DON'T! (Wally, that was for you. Hehehe) LOL. Anyways, blame it on the cat....not the white part, but the fact that they're showing...he's kinda maneuvered all the material in my skirt to make a nice little pocket for him to lay in. Tehehe. Stinkin animal.
Alright, the pain is forcing me to end this deadly long post. If you're still reading, you have my must be bored stiff. either that or you really love me. Hehe. Okay....gotta go. Ow ow ow ow.......................................................... ......................... .................................. ........................................... ........................... .................................................. ............................

Monday, January 15, 2007


Busy....that would be me. Here's what I've been up to today....trying to catch up on my scrapbooking. I only have to get a couple of pages printed and a picture, and I'll be FINISHED with the 2005 album. Yay for me.

Okay I'm going to try to post it as a slideshow from photobucket. I'm on dialup so I'm not sure how its going to work...guess we'll see. for the fun stuff...

1. Title Page 2005 Album
Paper: Amy Tanabe "Homespun" (digital)
Fonts: Castellar, CK Cursive, & CK Higgin's Handprint
Flowers: ScrapOutsideTheBox_Elements: Misty Cato (digital)

2. KC's friend's Ordination Service
Paper: 2006 My Minds Eye (background) & Misc Scrap Paper
Ribbon: AC Moore
Vellum Monogram: Forgot to write down the brand
Title: Paper Studio Rub Ons
Font: My handwriting

3. Winter CM
Paper: Cardstock-HobbyLobby, Flower Pattern-Paper Studio "Emily's Flowers"
Chipboard Flower: HobbyLobby
Ribbon: AC Moore
Title: Rubber Stamps - Clearly Wordsworth
Font: My handwriting

4. Photo Shoot Left & Right
Papers & Flowers: Leaving Prints "Romance 06"
Font: my handwriting

5. Photo for Photo Shoot Right Page
No digital elements used
Font: forgot to write it down

6. Christmas 2005
Papers & Elements: Shabby Princess "Seasonal Sampler_Holiday 06"
Font: HeatherBTN

7. End of 2005 Album
Paper: Brown Cardstock-Leaving Prints, Patterns-We R Memory Keepers
Ribbon: AC Moore
Font: My handwriting

Saturday, January 13, 2007

12-12 Layout


Clicking on the photo takes you to Flickr and I think you can see a larger size there.

All digital elements from Jessica Sprague's Echoes of Asia Kit (free download from Creating Keepsakes).

Friday, January 12, 2007

DeLurking Week

Okay...its time for the weekend...getting ready to head out of here, but before I go....its deLurking week....I've done my part and came out of lurkdom on the blogs that pointed that fact if you're reading this and you don't comment.....could you please let me know you're there? Teehehe....unless of course you're someone who knows me and you know it would freak me out if I knew you were reading may be excused. LOL. Just can comment, too. =)

Anyways, 12-12 hopefully will be posted tonight if I'm lucky (and not too tired) or maybe tomorrow morning if I'm too tired tonight. Because it will be from dialup, I doubt there will be much besides the 12-12 posted until Monday....actually make that Tuesday cuz I'm off Monday....WOOOOHOOOO!!!! Anyways, have a great weekend all my lurking friends....don't forget to NOT lurk for at least one comment. I know you're there....or else I have a world-traveling stalker that reads my blog many times a day...and you know how I feel about stalkers, so lets hope thats not the case. Haha.



Okay....I'm going to attempt the 12-12 project. Thats 12 pictures from your day on the 12th day of each month. So at the end of 12 months, I'll have a record of 12 days of my life. LOL. Anyways, it looked cool when I saw everyone else doing it. (yeah yeah, and if they jumped off a bridge, I wouldn't do it....thats different. hahaha)

So I got off to a great start this morning....about 20 seconds down the road after leaving the house....PHOOEY.....I FORGOT my stinkin camera. Already running late. Turned around to go get it. I couldn't figure out how to take a picture of my forgetfulness, so I just figured I'd post that little tidbit on here.

So far I think I've done about 15 pictures. Obviously I won't use all of them. I will try to post them tonight or first thing in the morning. We'll see how it turns out....and if I want to continue it next month...and the next....and the....well, you get the point.

Off to take more pics.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Random Things running through my head today...

1. That stupid dream I had last night. Why in the world I'm still thinking about it, I do not know. UGH. It was bad.

2. My blog redecorations. Wally thinks it looks homey/kitcheny (hehehe....see, i did find a way to mention that on here...LOL). Anyways, he said its not as "busy" as the old one and I should leave it. I'm still trying to figure out if I like it or not....kitcheny might be a good description. Maybe I'll tweeeek it up a little. but not right now. Oh, speaking of updates...I updated my sidebar over there a little....and still thinking about adding more.....hmmmm.

3. Work. Right now I'm currently waiting on some quotes to be sent to me so I can get some stuff ordered. I hate waiting.

4. Kids. When are we going to get called. What will I do when we do get called. What I know about formula and baby care could probably fit in a thimble. Well, maybe a BIG thimble. LOL. Well...I learn fast....and I have plenty of friends with babies.

5. Yeah, friends with babies....thats been bugging me again lately. Out of the 3 or 4 dozen couples that we are friends/acquainted with that are in our age/generation....I can count maybe 2 other couples other than ourselves in that group that are not pregnant or don't already have kids. No kidding. I'm happy for them all...really.....but sometimes it just gets to me. I do alright for awhile...then it seems like a whole new batch of prego people pop up (or I guess OUT would be the more appropriate term....LOL....see I still find humor in there....haha).

6. Scrapbooking.....trying to get caught up. My goal for this year is to get all of it caught up....all of it. Saturday is another crop (at my cousin's house this time). Maybe if I'm lucky, I'll get the 2005 album finished. Maybe. That would be just LOVELY!

7. Portrait sessions....right now I don't have any scheduled, but have some potential work for this month with the Pregnancy Care Center where my cousin works. Pictures for their annual t-shirt/advertisement. I've ordered one backdrop (a real one....yay for me) and now I'm watching one more on ebay. These ones are "official" to go on my REAL backdrop holder thingy that I got for Christmas. *smiles* I'm excited to try it out.

8. How much I hate doing laundry....I'm always behind. Like now.

9. The housecleaning that is falling behind again now that I'm back at work. The house was so clean all during the holidays...I was home to keep it picked up. In the evenings after work (the few that something else isn't already scheduled) I just don't feel like doing anything except chillin out. *sigh*

10. The fact that I've forgotten the other things that were running through my head and I'm only on number 10.

11. My to-do list that I'm currently trying to keep up with in my head. Right now some of the main things on it are to finish the last few things to be ready in case we do get a call for a kid. Like hang the fire extinguisher that is still in the box (KC is kinda like I am with the housework when he gets home from work...LOL). Oh, and the crib needs the part that holds the mattress up fixed so that it won't fall down when a kid sits on it.

12. The interviewee yesterday for the GM position here at work. I think if he gets the job, I will have to quit. He seemed to have a lot of facial expressions (not to mention he was quite wordy) that would drive me NUTS if I had to be around him on an everyday basis. Please God, I know you're reading this, could you please not let him get it? Not to mention the fact that I got the impression that he was just answering with things the committee wanted to hear....oh well.

13. Susan. She just called me b/c of something I said in the last email I sent her a few minutes ago. I've got to go show her I'm off here to figure out how to do that. LOL.

And there you have it. Scary thing, what goes through my mind. And this is a good day. LOL.


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Alright. I'm done.

Blog Re-decorated. That was actually kinda fun. I forgot I had a new kit from the shabby princess, so I played around with it last night. This stuff is from the Vintage Florals digital kit. I've got other cool kits but the only person I have been able to get permission from to use the elements on my blog is the princess. But I'm not too sad about it b/c she has some really cool freebie designs. I'm not quite ready to switch over to digital in my scrapbooking yet, but the idea is growing on the meantime, I'll just keep using the elements to redecorate my blogger. =) Fun.

Oh, and I finally changed the song, too. LOL. This one is a good one, but its not my favorite....I'm having problems finding my favorites in music videos....this one was saved on my puter already. When I find another good one, I'll change it again. =)

Not a lot else going I'll catcha


Monday, January 08, 2007

Blog Redecorating

Ugh. Shoulda probably left it alone. But I was getting bored and ready to get away from my tendencies to the dark side. LOL. Funny though, I'm already contemplating moving back. *sigh*

I'll probably play around more later when I have a bit of time. =)

Not a whole lot going on today so I'm gone for now.


Sunday, January 07, 2007


Well. Here's a bit of random for you.

An exerpt of thoughts that run through my head at least once during any given church service. (yes, I know, I'm supposed to be paying attention, but the topic of my thoughts is usually what causes my distraction...hence the thoughts...LOL):

"...I can already tell I'm gonna have to really work at not letting some kids irritate me. Hello, self! You gotta be some kind of crazy to think about taking in foster kids!?!?! You are NUTS, girl! You can't even stand some of these kids here at church; what happens if you get a kid like one of these...they will drive you up the wall!''

Not that all the church kids irritate me, and not that all of the kid antics drive me nuts, but sometimes I'll look at some of these kids and think, "God, I sure hope you don't place a kid like that in our house b/c I might have to hurt somebody and I can't touch them, so that just leaves me." HAHA. I'm kidding, really! But seriously, I have prayed that God places the right child in our house that we'll be able to help and that won't drive us completely crazy, b/c it will definitely have to be Him.

And then sometimes I look at specific kids at church and, what a real sweetheart...if we got a kid like that, it would be great. And then I look at other kids and think...oh Lord, I'd go crazy, please don't let us get one like that. LOL. Anyways. I'm kinda getting antsy, wondering when we're gonna get a call....hence the wondering about what kind of kids we're gonna end up with...LOL. Hi, my name is Faith and I worry. LOL.

So on other things.....I actually did some scrapbooking. I think I'm going to keep track this year. I have a lot of catching up to do, I'm still working on 2005. OW. But I did FOUR pages yesterday...all the way down to the title and journalling. YAY me. I did the Las Vegas trip from August 2005. I've already put all those pictures in their own album (thank goodness, while it was still fresh) so I was able to refer back to that for journalling stuff....I wanted to put those pictures in the chronological album, too. They turned out alright. I haven't been happy with my pages very much lately, so I wasn't expecting these to turn out any this point, I don't care if they're masterpieces, I just want them in there. *grin* Yes, its true...I've turned into the average scrapper. Do I look like I care? Seriously! Better scrapped average than forgotten. And with my memory, if I don't get busy, thats exactly what will happen. I could keep rambling, but I've got to wrap this up. KC has already hit the sack and I've got about 2 seconds if I want to get there before he falls asleep. Oh and Jango is (was) sitting next to the computer desk peering around at me like, hurry and come to bed mummy. LOL. He's so funny.

Speaking of of them is making me mad. Somebody peed in the papasan chair last night. This is getting OLD. I'm not sure if one of them has a bladder problem and doesn't wake up to go, or what...but they never do it in our bed and they both sleep with us a lot. Its strange...and they both normally use the litter box, so I'm not sure what the deal is. Maybe it was KC.....he never has liked that chair. When he saw what happened, his words: "well, that will be perfect, we'll just stick the rocker there....didn't have room for that chair anyways" Yeah, it was a lot of pee, too.....LOL. HMMMM. (i'm just kidding by the smelled like cat i didn't stick my face in it, it was reeking. YUK) =)

Well, the cat's meow is stuck, as it appears to be repeating (irritatingly so)....I think he wants me to get off here, so I'll see ya'll....

Friday, January 05, 2007


Short week. Total hours worked this week....uh....3.5. LOL. Except for the fact that I took 26 hours of sick time...and the fact that I really have felt like....well....fill in the would have been an alright week. So I went in to work this morning....stayed till lunchtime. Wasn't a whole lot of pressing duties, plus I still don't feel like doing much so I came home and took a nice long nap. Like I haven't slept enough this week. Oh well. So that was that. I still don't feel great. To those who checked up on me and those who took a moment to comment with sympathy and well wishes....thanks...much appreciated! I'm finally getting around to catching up on all the blogs that are on my bloglines and hopefully will be caught up again soon.

Nothing really exciting in my life to speak of....I still don't really feel normal...not that I ever was... have been... before. (LOL....we rented Pirates II during vacation and that Capt Jack totally cracks me up...that last bit was borrowed from one of his case you didn't know that).

Oh yeah, happy late b-day to my honey....he's not old. LOL. Yet. I tease him that he's always going to be way old to me. LOL. Love you honey...! Sorry I didn't feel like doing more on your b-day....had bigger plans but the recliner stole all my time and energy this week.

So....feeling kinda down about now....gonna chalk it up to being sick....hopefully will feel more cheerful soon. Off to read more blogs.


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

MIA: me

Me sick. Got sick on last day of vacation. Was supposed to go back on Tuesday. Monday night: puked 7 times (yeah I know, too much information huh?) Tuesday: no puking just terribly sore throat. Wednesday: throat worse. Went to Dr. Me have strep. (to quote the doc....not only do you have it, but it read positive instantly...result time is between 5-7 minutes....just typical for you...all or nothing) No wonder my throat is killing me. Here's what it feels like: take your hand and grab your neck...squeeze until its almost, try to swallow. No, better yet, try to eat. Let me tell ya, I'm HUNGRY. Although after the visit to the doc and stepping on the scales, it looks like that has not been my problem lately. One hundred thirty seven. AFTER puking 7 times and having nothing since but a little soup and some crackers. NOT GOOD. Now I'm sick AND depressed. Oh yeah, and hungry. Oh thats where I've been lately. Doing a whole lot of nothing....and thats what I'm getting ready to do more eyes are getting heavy again. Back to the recliner now.

PS Do you have any idea of what kind of pain a yawn in the middle of strep will cause? case you didn't know, its the kind of pain that makes driving toothpicks under your fingernails seem mild. I've yawned maybe three times in the last three days. UGH...gotta stop talking about yawning, its giving me the urge.