Wednesday, November 29, 2006


So I'm sitting in the staff meeting here at work composing this blog entry as I listen to all this tech talk about the programming end of the business. Its flying all over the air above my head, but its not making a bit of I'm t.....errrr....that part concerned me....stop for a moment to make a note here....okay back to tuning out. Right now they are discussing the prejam event which I have ZERO interest in, except for the fact that I just got the task of making some banners for the stage. Its just a wild party that I have no desire to partake all. No, I don't want to help staff it, and no, I don't want to even attend....for starters, the guy who is MCing drives me up the wall. Spend time listening to him? I'd rather sit at home and count the cat hairs that are piling up on Jango's favorite seat. Plus listening to music late at night in the midst of people getting drunk and who knows what all else just has no appeal to this lil straight-laced church of God chick.

Anyways....I'm going to have to continue this post later. I don't have any time left. One thing I'm sure glad of, is that I don't have to handwrite blog entries....that is why I blog rather than journal. It took me about 3/4 of the staff meeting to write the entry and about 3 minutes to type out the first 1/3 of it. I just don't have another 6 minutes to finish the rest, so I'll come back later and type up the rest.

Later ya'll!

Okay...I'm back. Picking up where I left off....

So I found a new blog...these two teen girls from my church have "followed my example." Yahgherlarrrrrgh!!!! Scary thought, that. So anyways, someone asked me if I'd seen ___ & ___'s blog and I said, no, what's their link and they didn't have it right off, so I go to the girls and ask for their site {innocently...and for curiousity's sake} and she laughs and says oh yeah, we looked at your blog to figure out how to do it. {arrrgh....oh nooo....another 'people looking at my blog' incident to freak me out and not only that, these are impressionable preacher's kids...I'm gonna REALLY have to start 'censoring' my posts now...LOL!} So I'm like, you're on blogspot then? Yep. So I go check it out.....they're just getting it going, but it looks like they've got a good start. SO. If any of my blog buddies would like to go visit them and encourage their latest endeavor, that would be really nice. =) =) =)

Argh. This meeting is STILL going on...and its about 20 til 5....wonder if I'll have a minute to quickly type this into a new post before we leave. Hmmm. [and the answer to that was no, obviously....LOL]

Anything else? Um....can't think of much else going on right now. This week is some serious busy (again). We have tent revival near the church that the choir is going to be singing at....Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday night. Speaking of the choir, last night was choir practice....ugh. My DH, the slavedriver, gave me a solo...not that I'm complaining b/c it's a great song and everything but its HARD. That, plus I'm terrible with timing when I get nervous (good thing I don't play the drums huh? HA) and the hard part of the song is the timing. Its not so bad when I'm singing it in my car, but when there's a mic in my hand and people listening and I'm trying to figure out where I'm at in relation to the music....well, lets just say its showing a painfully accurate snapshot of my singing abilities....or lack thereof, to be more precise. *sigh* I hope God still works miracles...cuz if I'm that terrible in practice without being in front of a crowd, its gonna TAKE a miracle when we sing it in church. *SIGH*

Okay gripe over. Everything else is going good. The kids room project is at a standstill, due to lack of time. Oh ya, I forgot, the other thing contributing to lack of free time this week is Saturday, the crop party is at my house (woohoo....that monthly cropping thing is one of the cool things thats happened this year) and then Sunday after church, I've got a photo session with a family at church, so I have zero personal time for the rest of this week. Its okay though. I ain't mad about it. LOL.

Well, thats all I wrote in the meeting, so now I'm going to a busy day today and need to get moving.


  1. This is TOO funny! I almost felt like I was in the meeting with you! I'll check out that website. Have a great weekend.

  2. Ooo girl, you'll be fine when you sing. If your DH decided to have you sing in front of guests, he has faith in you, you'll be fine. Just close your eyes - lol.
    I'll go check out the website. It's scary for people that know me (except for Denise) to read my blog.


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