Saturday, September 30, 2006


It certainly is amazing what almost 12 hours of solid sleep can do for a person. I literally fell into bed last night right after posting and slept like the dead. Until almost 9 oclock this morning. I only had a few nightmares about photographing the wedding and everybody hating the pictures. LOL...hopefully that will stay in my nightmares and not real life. I have a much more positive outlook on the whole photography situation this morning. I am still not happy about the way some of the pictures turned out (due to the weather and lack of appropriate equipment to counteract some of that.....Scott W was right about the screens and stuff....oh well), but maybe, just maybe, I can do a little work in photoshop and come out with some halfway decent stuff. Here are a few....basically straight out of camera since I have no photoshop on this computer and there is only one little basic program that will resize but little else.

Playing around with the camera while waiting on the rehearsal...

a, huh? (LOL)

KC and his new hat.....hehehehehehe....isn't he adorable??

Mother of the bride taking the bride's niece for a little walkdolphins out at sea...there were a TON of them....SO cool....but they wouldn't jump high enough to see them. *sigh* This is the best I could catch. the happy couple as they walk out at the end of the ceremony
the photographs afterwards....might have to photoshop a different head for the bride. LOL and I'll post a few more over here....

but I'll be changing all that stuff around as soon as I get the edited ones from home....

thats it for now...

Later, ya'll.

Friday, September 29, 2006


this is most certainly NOT heaven. *HUGE SIGH* If I had had any idea of the amount of stress this one stinking wedding would have caused me, I NEVER would have agreed to do it. I am TOTALLY exhausted.

The main reason for that? I have had approximately 4 hours of sleep in the last um...I think 36 hours....I think b/c I'm not brain isn't working right now to figure that one out. Yesterday I took the day off (good thing, too...cuz there was a lot to get done)....had the car ready to go when KC got home, then we went to class (an experience in itself) and got home around 9:10 or so....I went to bed around 9:30 and KC had to do a couple of things for work and I think he came to bed around 10 or so....then we got up at midnight and left the house at 1am. I had the first driving shift and drove until around 3:40 and then KC drove from 3:40 to 7:30 when we FINALLY arrived at VA Beach for the wedding rehearsal which was supposed to be at 8:00. Turned out they changed it to 10...and it happened around....10:45 or 11....then we took off for the hotel to get a shower and freshen up a bit. Didn't have enough time to get a nap, although I sure coulda used one. Got back to do the pictures and found the...whatchamacallit thing they stand under (my brain is seriously not working here) had blown down and the people that WERE ready to get their pictures had changed clothes to fix, arch thingy.
Started taking pictures around 3:30-4pm and finally just left at 8:30....

Today's discoveries:
  • Its not smart to try to photograph your first wedding without proper rest.
  • It takes a LONG time to download 477 pictures. Its now on 261 and its been running for at least 15 minutes. YEOW!
  • Wedding photographers are expensive for a reason.....that is some SERIOUSLY hard work.
  • Its not smart to put a clutz, expensive camera, stress, and lack of sleep in the same equation....thank GOD I caught it before it hit the ground. OOPS.
  • I never ever ever ever ever ever want to photograph a wedding again. If I ever have a brain fart of this magnitude again, somebody shoot me. PLEASE.

I know, I know...I'm griping just happens when I get this tired. I could have seriously cried several times. Probably still could. I hate being so tired that I cry at the drop of a hat.

All I know is....please please please God, PLEASE let at least a FEW of those 477 pictures turn out okay...and if they turn out great....well....thats even better. And we'd all know the credit couldn't go to me.

If they'd ever finish, I'd post a couple, but theres still a hundred to go. LOL. I'll just go ahead and post this and maybe come back later with some pictures.

I'm crashing now.


Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #2

{Missing post on the idiotic male species moved to Private Insanity}

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Lot Of Random...

Can I just say ONE MORE much I HATE being this busy? Okay....good. Thanks. Actually, I'm pretty happy b/c tomorrow I'm taking the day off to get caught up before that wedding on Friday night. And speaking of that...OH MY....I'm so nervous....I do not like being the main photographer at the first wedding I've ever done....ARRGHHHHH....what if I mess it up?

Anyways. I had a whole lot of random thoughts in my head driving lets just see if I can remember them all.

Okay...that's a good place to memory....or in this case...the SERIOUS LACK thereof. I am not supposed to forget things like this...I'm only 23...there has to be some pill I can take for this. This is DUMB. Today...TWICE....I forgot that I had previously said I wouldn't do something, then turned around and did it. I honestly didn't intentionally do whats wrong with me? I'm pretty sure that's a NOT a good thing. Why can't I choose the things I forget....everything I WANT to forget sticks with me forever and things I shouldn't forget...well...obviously...I do. *sigh*

I got two new tires on my car today. They also did an alignment on all four tires. I got it back this afternoon and thought drives straight....I'd forgotten that cars aren't SUPPOSED to pull to the right! LOL....thats why I had to get two new tires to start with. Oops. Then I got to thinking (yeah, I know, scary, right?)...what was normal to me b/c I'd gotten adjusted to it, was really ABnormal....think about that for a sec. My normal is really ABNORMAL. And such is the story of my life. Guess that means that all those people that I think are weird....might really be the normal ones. Scary. But you know what they say....Everybody's normal till you get to know them. LOL.

There was one other thing I was thinking about...but I think I'll save it for another post...its almost time to leave for church.


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Extremely tired

again. Okay....don't even try to act surprised....LOL. This is gonna be a quick one....KC needs the internet to work and I have GOT to do some laundry. My poor poor chores are suffering terribly. (*grin* I don't really miss doing them, but I do miss them being done....does that make sense? Oh well)

Class was...interesting. KC and I have already picked out the people that aren't going to last through all thirty hours. Four definitely aren't gonna make it....course, I could be surprised, but I will say this much...if they actually become a licensed foster home, it will give me serious doubts about the "system." Well...I could say more about that, but we won't go there. Suffice it to say that in the "get to know each other activity" we did...KC was paired up with one of them and I was paired up with another and the one KC was paired up with told him (along with the things I found out from talking to him) that the one I was paired up with:
  • is his daughter's live-in (his daughter and the live-in are in the class together with her parents)
  • is worthless
  • they lost their house in a fire (completely accidental...they snuffed out the candle and it re-ignited....hmmm...maybe?)

and that his daughter (who is in the class)

  • had custody of her grandbaby
  • lost custody
  • and is on drugs as bad as her daughter (their granddaughter) who lost custody of the baby (their great grandbaby) in the first place

somebody tell me why they are in the class? oh, and this guy and his wife (the GREAT-grandparents) are like...kinda gettin "up there" if you know what I mean. You could tell (read: smell) that the daughter and live-in had definitely had a few drinks before class....enough to make them slightly rediculous and silly...hello....well....I guess we'll see.

Other than that, everything was as expected. Three hours is a long time to sit in one spot. Ya get a break, but if you go out, you run into the smokers...LOL.

Anyways, my day today BEFORE class wasn't really pleasant either....but we won't go into that...too long of a story to post in a quick post. *Grin* well...

Oy, before I a black cat ran in front of happened yesterday does yesterday's account for my streak of unhappy moments with car tires and alignments and today's flip my unhappy back to happy again? I'm losing track. I think....this makes three? In a week? EEEEEEEEk....whats up with this?

gotta run.


Monday, September 25, 2006

What day is this?

I'm completely losing track....I'm afraid to blink....its going to be Christmas. I DO NOT like my life going by this quickly. Its making me dizzy. *sigh* Okay....on a positive note....thank you to my encouraging not-so-anonymous poster (Denise) for the sweet comment. It made me smile. =)

Also a note to my not-so-anonymous posters....have you guys tried commenting under your names yet? B/c I think it is working now to comment between beta blogs and non-beta blogs. Woohoo! =)

Okay, I can't help this, I just have to have a minor vent....I was working on a form for all the changes made....basically a complete makeover of the stinkin form....and hit SAVE and exited. Well. HMPH! If it didn't lose every stupid change that I into the neverland of the computer. ARGH! Good thing I printed least that way I could remember all the changes to fix...AGAIN. What a waste of time....some days computers just make me MAD! LOL. Okay....little vent over.

No other big news today. LL was wearing an outfit that rivals the sun for extreme brightness....I was walking down the hall shielding my eyes. (bwahahaha)

So our classes start tomorrow night....that is totally filled up our calendar for the next month. Not to mention work is in the middle of busy season, and church is hectic and busy as usual. YIKES. But I won't complain. Hey, at least I HAVE a life. There are worse options. LOL. its time to go....catcha


Sunday, September 24, 2006

Blah Blah Blah

and thats exactly how I feel today. I just got up from a nap....honestly, sometimes I think I'd be better off not to fall asleep on Sunday afternoons...I ain't hardly worth shootin' afterwards. *sigh* I could so go in there and fall back asleep and not get up for a couple of days. I had to force myself to get out of bed in enough time to wake up before we have to go back to church. The effort is barely worth it. Yeah, so I'm still groggy about now....and if I don't make sense....well...duh, thats why!

Friday night wasn't terrible. We only had a couple of crash-bangs on the choir home around 10 and then went BACK to the church around 8:30 Saturday morning for the workday. That turned out pretty well...I think pretty much everyone at church (except a couple that had to work for their paying jobs) turned out to help, which is a first (I think), but a lot was accomplished. Left there sometime after lunch, got home, did a load of laundry (the highlight of my day...NOT) and got a birthday card made for KC's mom and then headed up there Saturday evening for her birthday. home around 9:30 and then up and back to the church by 9:30 for sunday school this morning. *sigh* Is there any wonder I'm tired? Besides the fact that at the workday I was on the window washing crew....washed about 10 or so...inside and out....which included having to hang out the window of the upstairs level to wash the upper about working the muscles in your tummy. That chore also included washing the blinds and around the right arm hasn't worked that hard in a long time. LOL.

And now....we have to leave for church in about 30 minutes...and I have to go do something to this rats nest on my head....*sigh* I know....I'm full of complaints today. Being this busy has made me grumpy. With everybody. ARGH.


I'm going away now. I'm such a ray of sunshine....but I just can't help it. I'M TIRED OF BEING BUSY. I NEED A VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, September 22, 2006

The Best Time...and other Random Thoughts

It's almost 5:00 on a Friday. Woohoo! Too bad the night is the story of my life. My calendar is so full that I have to schedule bathroom time now! BWAHAHA....just kidding...its not THAT full. But its pretty close. *sigh* So tonight is our choir singing at church...I'd skip it, but since I sing in the choir and the slave driver/choir director is also my dh, I don't quite think I could get away with it. LOL. Anyways, speaking of that DH, my phone is ringing passionate kisses....okay I'm back now.

And then my office phone rings. So after another brief pause in typing (which I'm sure you did not notice) I'm back again. LOL..

Got a lot done at work I'm just waiting for the responses to my emails and calls and requisitions and all that lovely stuff...or 5 oclock...whichever comes first. *smiles* At this point, its looking like 5 oclock is coming first. *GRIN*

Random ponderings of the day:
Who writes the little remarks on the hot sauce packets from Taco Bell. I was just thinking the other day....these are getting kinda old....its been the same ol "bike tires scare me" and "I read a great deal of pleasure in your palm" for a long time now....and voila...its like they read my mind. I open my taco bell bag today and pull out my lunch and what do I see but a bunch of FRESH hot sauce wit! *grin*

Today's hot sauce messages:
  • "Ahhh...we meet again."
  • "I'm taking the day off. See next packet."
  • "Will you marry me?"
  • "I'm just doing this between films"
  • "Will you scratch my back?"
  • "Not it."
  • "Scratch & Sniff. Gotcha."

Too favorite was the packet taking the day off....LOL. many hot sauce packages do they think I need for one burrito? SHEESH.

One last pondering....maybe if I sit here and slurp all those hot sauce packets they will kill my voice and give me a good excuse to miss the singing tonight....yeah....I know...bad idea. LOL


Thursday, September 21, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #1 it is....thursday thirteen UNO edition! I may eventually link up to the official thursday thirteen thing (which I discovered through Denise's blog) but that is EVENTUALLY. thing to note....this is my
perfect that it falls on my first thursday thirteen!

Thirteen Things I Have Never Tried/Done:
1. Sushi (never want to...EW....unless its the kid version that I've heard about...LOL)
2. Kissing a frog (hey, I found my prince...who needs a frog?)
3. Skydiving (don't really think I want to, but I would if my life depended on it)
4. Scubadiving (this would be interesting...maybe I'll try that on our trip to Hawaii...sometime in the distant future....or would that be in my dreams? LOL)
5. Living in a big city (somehow, I don't think downtown *our town* would fit that description)
6. Stealing a car (I'm thinking this is a good thing NOT to try....LOL)
7. Asparagus
8. Parasailing (another one that I'd LIKE to try)
9. Visiting a foreign country
10. Kissing up to someone I can't stand just to get what I want (now I HAVE kissed up to someone that I LIKE to get what I want....LOL....but thats a different story. LOL)
11. Energy drinks (I can't stand the smell!)
12. Alcoholic drinks (and its not in my plans either!)
13. Singing karaoke in front of a crowd (I'd have to be drunk and thats not going to happen....LOL....see #12)

Okay...thats thirteen....that wasn't too bad.

However, lunchtime is over....back to work now.


Oh, PS...Susan....I'm very very glad it went okay. Hurry up and get back to work! LOL!

Blogger ADD and other random morning thoughts

So this is a quick post before i forget...and before I have to get busy working....I'm going to try to come back at lunch and post a Thursday Thirteen (had to say that out loud so I'd be more likely to actually come back and do it...LOL).

Yesterday I'm reading my bloglines and get to this one and I was like that MY name? I had to laugh out loud....Blogger ADD....that is tooooo funny. Becky is definitely ranked right up there with me....I mean, look at the name of her blog....think we have anything in common? *grin* A woman after my own heart! *grin* She's very cool and you can check her out at Random Thoughts from the Queen of Scrap. (and I'm not just saying that because she talked about me....ROFL!)

Susan....glad yesterday went okay for you! Hope today goes well and they don't find anything at all....I thought about you this morning at 7:02! *smiles* Hey, you need to get back in here to're missing all the excitement. *smiles*

Here is a great RANDOM WEIRD song that I've been singing to myself for the last couple of days and thought I'd share. Its like a strange spinoff of Romeo & Juliet and its called Lady Margret. It is apparently a folk tune but I heard it on the Cold Mountain Soundtrack. I had to think about it for awhile before I figured out what it was talking about and then CV googled it (gotta love google). My favorite part of the song (i guess cuz of the strange dreams I had earlier this week):

......Lady Margret appeared all dressed in white
Standing at his bed feet
She said "How do you like your bed?
And how do you like your sheet?
And how do you like your fair, young bride that's laying in your arms asleep?"
He said "Very well do I like my bed.
Much better do I like my sheet.
But most of all that fair, young girl standing at my bed feet."
Then once he kissed her lily white hand
And twice he kissed her cheek
Three times he kissed her cold corpsy lips then he fell into her arms asleep.
The night passed away and the day came on
Into the morning light
Sweet William said "I'm troubled in my head
by the dreams that I dreamed last night.
Such dreams, such dreams as these I know they mean no good...... good. Anyways....thats all the random for now.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

To My Anonymous Commenters...

Are you the same person or do I have two anonymous commenters? I'm not sure if I like the anonymous thing....since I have no clue who you might you think you could add a name at the end (preferrably YOUR name...LOL) or would that defeat the purpose? *GRIN* I'm assuming that the reason for posting anon. is because you're a blogger that isn't beta yet, in which case, you're really not trying to hide who you are and not that you really don't want me to know who you are. either case...I have guessed the following (perhaps correct, and perhaps not...which is usually the case when guessing....LOL):
  • You probably do not know me in real life, since I don't think any choir members that I know in real life read this blathering bit of webspace.
  • You must have read at least a few entries since you are used to my randomness.
  • You might be Denise or Becky since you (or at least ONE of my anonymous posters) are involved in a choir.
  • The anon. person who is involved in a choir...I sense a kindred sense of humor....which reminds me of comments by Denise in the past.
  • The anon. person who can't read the right column of this blog sounds like a totally different person....and that comment was a little confusing....could that commenter please email me so I can figure out if that problem is something I can fix or not....probably not, but maybe its got something to do with the size of your screen, b/c the only column that is blocked on my screen (and only when the screen is not maximized) is the left column and who needs to read my profile anyways. just email me if you're still having problems. thats all the guessing I have for now. Did I win, did I win? LOL.

Susan, hope its going well for you is boring without you here to make me laugh!

Well, my lunch is going to be over if I don't get busy and get some food, so Happy Hump day, ya'll and catch ya....


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Another busy day

I am SO tired. Work was very busy today, and after I got home, we headed straight (well, not exactly, we made a pitstop at KFC/TacoBell) to church for choir practice. My darling hubby (the slave driver/choir director) kept us for TWO and A HALF HOURS!!! EEEK. Yeah, after he said in the car on the way that he was going to try to make it short so we could get home before our car turned into a pumpkin. LOL. Okay so he didn't quite say it like that, but my way sounds better. ROFL!!!

Anyways, so in other news....poor LL (remember her?)....she had a terribly rough day today. *shaking head in sorrow* Let me see....this morning she saw me walking across campus with a human of the MALE persuasion (also known as my coworker, Roger). He's older than my dad, not to mention engaged, AND we were coming back from the business office through a totally public place on a completely innocent errand, but I'm sure that won't stop LL's imagination! THEN, she comes into our building looking for her "boys" only to find that they are not there today.....they went on a business day trip out of town WITH LL's FAVORITE FEMALE INSTRUCTOR (of course, they were back this afternoon, but alas, LL missed that...and I'm sure she also missed the BUSINESS part of the trip AND the one day part...LOL....wonder what kind of rumors will come from that!). And as a final insult, she was in the audience at a presentation on a historical event, during which she proceeded to talk even after being "shushed" and someone went up to her and told her to "shut up." OH! OH! Her "bad" list is growing longer. Now mind you, I didn't hear all this myself, but I have it from a very reliable source. Poooor Lady. *shaking head again* Just terrible. Speaking of terrible, I have to be careful...I almost said her name twice....THAT would be bad! LOL.

It seems like I had other things running around my brain that I wanted to dump out on here, but unfortunately....they're not coming to me...and KC is falling asleep on me, so I need to jump off here anyways. of them: a black cat ran in front of us on the way to choir practice. And then our wait at KFC/Taco Bell was the fastest ever!!! AND we made it to choir on time even though we should have been late. Do the bad luck black cats ever have the reverse effect? Or should I be waiting for the other shoe to drop? LOL. Just kidding...I'm not superstitious *knock on wood* ROFL! I'm so stupid. LOL


No Rocks Allowed

Well, this morning has all appearances of being a better morning than yesterday. I don't feel nearly so still hurts a little, but nothing I can't deal with. Yesterday was definitely rough. *sigh*

Another night of weird this time I dreamed:
  • I found a baby doll in a cradle outside at the house I grew up in....and it was getting wet from the rain so I rescued it.
  • I was at a yard sale....the guy tried to sell his kid and some other guy bought him and then dumped him off and someone was trying to hurt him so I followed him...suddenly we were in the parking lot of the church where I grew up and the kid was trying to survive and I was his thing I knew, the kid's brother was helping me fight off some guy that was trying to get all of us and we were using pitchforks and I didn't want to kill him. Then I woke up.

Weird? Definitely.

Well, its time to head out for work and today I am not ready. LOL. No excel file/rock in my stomach woke me up today. LOL...thank goodness!


Monday, September 18, 2006

Well, after re-reading this morning's post....I'm....don't know the word that fits here, but just let me say that this morning was apparently "random unconscious typing whatever flowed out my brain" at its finest, since I remember blogging this morning, but I do not remember typing out all that. Maybe I should blog that early more often b/c I just VAGUELY remember dreaming all of that now, but I was still barely awake when I typed that, so it was still pretty fresh. Very interesting concept there. Kinda scary actually....maybe blogging that early would not be a good idea since there is no real control over what comes out of this mental fog I'm operating under at that hour of the morning. LOL. Actually, that mental fog never really goes that means I should shut up now. ROFL.

Oh yeah, only five more posts and there will be exactly 150 meaningless rambling posts on this lovely little spot of webspace.

Well, I need to get off here....housework to do and KC needs the phone line to plug in to work....(as usual....its okay though, I love you anyways, dearest).


Is there such a thing....

as UNDERsleeping? I'd laugh, but its really not funny....I had a HORRID night....I so don't feel good this morning. I don't have to leave for work until 7:30-7:40 and its 7:20 now and I have been ready for...oh....around ten or fifteen minutes....that NEVER happens. But then, I NEVER actually get out of bed at 5:30 either unless I absolutely have to, but today...I woke up at 5:15 with a rock in my stomach....only I wasn't quite awake. I was dreaming that the reason I didn't feel good was in an excel file for THAT is kooky. After tossing and turning for another 15 minutes, I woke up enough to realize that the excel file was a dream and my stomach really was hurting. At that point, I crawled out of bed and went to the side of the tub next to the toilet. Have you ever WISHED you could throw up b/c to NOT throw up feels worse? That's me today. After staring at the toilet for a little while (and thinking...hmm...I don't think I want to get a closer look in there....flylady was right...if you ever get sick, you're gonna wish you had kept the toilet a little cleaner...LOL....sorry...TMI) I just got in the shower. As long as I was in the shower, i felt okay....unfortunately, there isn't enough hot water to stay in there all day. *Sigh* I wonder if this is my punishment for my bad attitude yesterday. I have a bad feeling that today is going to be a rough day....I really don't want to go to work, but there is too much to do. *sigh* I'm just taking a toothbrush and toothpaste in mouth needs a little refresher later. LOL.

I wonder if dreams mean anything... Cuz the excel file was not the only strange dream I had last night. At one point, me and a whole lot of other people were in the forest somewhere and there was a building with a person inside who was trying to get us all to come inside quietly b/c there was a...wild thing that was going to kill us all if we didn't get to safety....kinda reminded me of jurassic park....weird....then another one I was jogging with another group and we were survivors from something (don't remember what) but we were trying to get to safety maybe? Okay....I'm seeing a pattern here....unfortunately I don't remember anything else and what I do remember is very vague....and definitely weird. DEFINITELY!

Well, its time to and the rock in my tummy are off to work now. Joy.


Sunday, September 17, 2006

I don't CARE!

*warning---not a good mood*

Chalk another one up....I've lost count now...I'm not even going to bother. But you know what? I don't care. I really just DON'T CARE! I can't think of a single GOOD thing to say right now, so I'm not going to bother with that either. Because frankly, if I typed out all the thoughts in my head right this minute....well, it would most definitely get ugly. I've already picked a fight with KC....all the way home from church....he's most assuredly getting the brunt of my bad mood. Poor guy. We have made up now (okay, so that is ONE good thing) but I'm still mad. Not at him, I never was, he just happened to get in the car and say the wrong thing, which wouldn't really have been the wrong thing had I been in the right mood. *sigh* But you know what.....


And thats all i have to say.

I'm going to bed now. Maybe a nap will improve my mood. That is, if the scowl on my face will relax enough to fall asleep.

Saturday, September 16, 2006


Have I mentioned lately how incredibly irritating dialup is??? Well, in case I haven't....IT IS! GRRRRRR.

Today's random ponderings:
Watched bicentennial man today and that is a really sad movie. *sigh* I do not like movies that make me think about my own mortality. One day I'm going to be old and going to friends funerals and knowing that mine will probably happen soon....(unless of course I die young, which isn't exactly a nice thought either since I'd like to enjoy life a little longer)...and looking in the mirror, I'm going to wish I still looked good enough to get hit on even though it really irritates me now, not to mention the thoughts of sitting in some home somewhere, looking out the window, wishing I could go out and play a game of tennis or go rollerblading just one more time before I died and knowing that my body wouldn't ever be young enough to do it again...its very depressing. I mean, if I live to be 70, I've already used up almost a third of my life and what good has it been? I wish I could stop time now. Chances are, this is the best part of my life and its flying by.....ugh. too depressing.

Oh yeah...a happy note....KC is home now. YAY! He got home yesterday afternoon. I was...and still am SO happy that he's back. I actually slept good last night for the first time since Sunday night. Sweet.

Today we went to Carowinds for the company picnic where KC works. That was....interesting. LOL. He works with a lot of nice people. However, I thought I was going to die when one of the nice people said he liked this blog....oh my always flips me out to find out that people I know sometimes read this. YIKES. I mean, its a public blog, so anyone can see it, but I never imagined people who know me in real life might be interested enough to check it out. *grin* Anyways, KC was apparently bragging about my pictures (he's very sweet like that) and opened my blog to show the nice people he works with. Speaking of the photography...I need to get busy again and post some new pictures over there...I've been quite lazy lately....oops...digressing again. Back to the topic of was totally crowded and there were long lines even for the crummy rides....that was aggravating. So we just picked the rides that we REALLY wanted to ride and waited...and waited...*Sigh* I hate lines. Favorite ride: DropZone (as usual) 2nd favorite: Top gun (also as usual) one we didn't ride b/c the line was wayyy too long: the borg. And that about sums it up.

So I finally got a myspace page (although I tried searching for myself and i'm not found, but I have public profile....its strange)...not that I'm going to use it for anything besides chatting with friends...I can't believe how many people I KNOW on there. Kinda crazy....but anyways....I'm happy with my blog here and I do good to keep one going, so I'm not even going to attempt to blog in more than one place. ROFL. Its kinda bad already b/c I will blog all this stuff on here and then I'll go to tell somebody something and they'll say...oh, yeah...I knew that my conversations with friends and family that check up on me here regularly starts out like this: have you read my blog lately? Okay then....let me tell you about what happened....or....Okay then....never mind. ROFL.


Okay...nuff rambling for one night. I'm seriously tired and I want to go to bed.


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Too Much Fun....

I am totally loving the huge difference in difficulty (or lack there-of) of the beta blogger for changing things around. I'm having way too much fun with this.

So if you were lucky enough to catch my blog before 10am this morning, then you caught the 12am changes...but I'm thinking, you're probably luckier if you missed those. I totally wasn't loving it in the light of day. LOL. BUT, I got an answer to my email to the Kristie at, who said I could use her digital scrapbook elements from this collection to decorate my lil blog. NOW...I'm lovin it. And its not McDonalds either. *GRIN* My only bug that I can't seem to get worked out, is the looks great if you maximize the screen, or at least it does on mine, but if someone has a smaller screen or if the screen is not maximized, then the polkadots end up running into the sidebar on one side and you can't even see them on the other. So if there happen to be any people reading this that know how to fix this so that the background will shrink on smaller screens....can you let me know please? I'm stumped.

Anyways, hopefully tonight, I'm going to change my header to incorporate the elements from the kit....then it will all match....yay! *smiles* And HOPEFULLY, tonight I won't be the wide-eyed chick from the previous post, b/c I sure don't plan on staying up that late again. Especially since this is the second morning in a row that I have overslept. It was 2:30 this morning before I finally fell asleep and I don't even remember the alarm going off. I woke up 4 minutes after the normal departure time, and I didn't fly to work or anything, and I still made it 5 minutes early. How good am I? *GRIN*

So no news in my life right now. I need to get back to those random postings stuff, but not least not right now. I'm pretty out of it today even though I did catch a 40 minute snooze in my car at lunch. *grin* I would have gotten an hour, but Jethro in the maintenance department decided to mow the grass near where I was parked....just long enough to get me good and aggravated before moving on so that I couldn't fall back asleep before my time was up. *Siiiigh*


My new look

So what do you think? Its like 12:33 and after being sleepy ALL day b/c its been one of those chilly rainy days that make you want to grab a blanket and crash for NOW I'm stinkin wide awake. And not only THAT? I'm sitting here GOOFIN OFF instead of using this wide awakeness to get something accomplished. Hence the new look of my lovely little blog. I'm not sure yet if I like it....this stuff is harder than I thought it was going to be....however, it is much easier now to put it back if I decide I'm not likin it....sweet huh?

So I'm going to leave it for a day or so....and see how I feel about it when its NOT 12:30 am and I have a little time to sleep on it. I really need to do something fix that flyer for church or fold the laundry....or sleep...yeah...there's a novel idea. But nooo....Faith is going to be ZONKED....again....tomorrow....b/ days....and nights.....MIXED...UP. *SIGH* I survive all day long but when it comes to being here by my lonesome....I stink at it. Yeah. Whine, whine, whine. Now all I need is some cheese. LOL.

Yeah, and check out THIS new look! See I was painfully honest when I said that I was totally wide-eyed. Yikes. This girl is wacko....and she desperately needs to go to you know its now 1:03 am? I NEVER stay up until 1:03 am! *sigh* I am feelin every bit of it too....

Okay, so I really did think about being a good girl tonight....but then I stuck in a movie (EDtv....which made me laugh out loud although there were some parts I could have passed on) and worked on my blog stuff while I was watching the movie and then before I knew it....sheesh. I'm thing is for sure, I do wish the Dr. Pepper had this effect when I'm trying to wake up in the mornings.

{missing paragraph on the idiotic male species moved to Private Insanity}

Okay....its 1:29 and I have officially beat last night's record. I highly doubt I will be going to sleep anytime soon, but I do need to at least ATTEMPT to work on that flyer. *HUGE SIGH*

Later, yawn...I mean ya'll. LOL

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Don't ya know, its VERY irritating to be at work trying to do your job and have the network keep dropping out. It always happens when I've typed out an email and hit send. Luckily, emails stay in the outbox instead of disappearing. Unfortunately, blogs don't do the same. LOL.

So I might just come back later and finish this post b/c I am not in the mood to type a long post and then have it disappear. *GRRRR* =)

Kay....I'm back now. So its a good thing I didn't try to finish posting earlier b/c the internet dropped again right after I saved the above two paragraphs. Progress is great even though the bugs on the way can sometimes be annoying....but, once the bugs are worked out, it will be lovely.

So its getting late and I'm contemplating going to bed...I just want to make sure that I'm tired enough before I get there to not lay there and stare at the ceiling for hours. This evening was not quite as productive as last night. I've been much lazier tonight. *sigh* I just don't feel like doing anything. I'm restless and grumpy. I hate that. Plus my stomach hurts. Not sure why.

I watched Bewitched a few minutes was alright. It seemed kinda dumb and not really as funny as the previews made it look. Then again, I'm not in the best mood, so maybe that has something to do with it. I started watching Anger Management and fast forwarded through the first 5 scenes. That didn't help my mood any. Not a good idea to watch a movie with multiple scenes containing excessively angry people....can we say potty mouth? Not to mention a few other things thrown in that I didn't care too much for....bummer. Oh well...least they're borrowed and not rented....didn't waste any money on those.

KCz cat has been unusually loving to me tonight. Normally our cats are...well...our cats. My cat doesn't get along too well with KC and KCz cat doesn't get along too well with me. But tonight, she's been rather cuddly. Kinda freakin me out a little. When I was watching Bewitched, her pupils got really big in the scene where what's her name tells the guy that she really is a witch and she looked at me really creepy like and then jumped off my lap. Sometimes I think that cat is...strange. I'm not kidding. Its why we don't normally get cat is not that way at all....i love my cat. Anyways, so if you don't hear from me again, its because KCz cat has turned me into a toad or somethng. ROFL. Just kidding. LOL What is really funny about Snowball is that she HATES my singing. I don't care what song it is, if I start humming, singing, or whatever, she will come out from whereever she is and come head butt me....its like she's saying PLEASE STOP. LOL. It kinda gives me a complex. ROFL.

Well, I think I'm going to go play this little Yahoo game that MV hooked me up on called Cake Mania or something....or another game....something to occupy me until my eyelids refuse to stay open any longer.


Monday, September 11, 2006

One less worry

He had a safe flight. Thats one less thing for me to worry about. Now....I'm sure I'll come up with something return flight for example. At least that one won't be on 9/11...

See....he wasn't going to mention the fact that his flight and 9/11 were the same day. Until someone mentioned it to me....(if you're reading know who you are, and I still love you, girl)....anyways, then I mentioned it to KC and he's like....oh. You put it together. I was hoping you wouldn't. There isn't anything to worry about....and I knew you would. So I'm I'm not worried. Its been 5 years, right? Thats not like a significant anniversary or anything. Why worry? LOL. Then....I sat at my computer at work and kept refreshing the page with the flight information from the airport....waiting for it to show that his plane had landed. No, I wasn't worried. NOT IN THE LEAST. Right.

But it is all good. I will surviveeeeeeee.....hey hey....(LOL)

So....on the positive side:
  • I get to spend some time with my lil' bud from church who is hanging out with me here tonight.
  • We ate Japanese for supper...YUMMY (KC hates Japanese food, so I rarely get to eat it)
  • I got my scrappin desk cleaned off.
  • Did a load of laundry.
  • Went through my closet and weeded out some stuff that I haven't worn in forever.
  • Finished my book....

So its definitely been a more productive Monday evening than usual....but I'd rather have you home, baby (if you're reading this). Of course, I'd rather have you home even if you're NOT reading this, but thats beside the point. OH by the way...if you're reading this....MV says she doesn't want you home....but don't listen to her. I love you, KC-babe.

Okay....nuff mushy, sappy junk. MV is laughing. She says "AMEN" I don't have a clue why. ROFL! =)

Anywho....I've been contemplating a blog makeover....not sure sure what I'm going to do yet, but I'm thinking about it. I'm getting bored. Maybe I'll work on that tomorrow night. It's already 9:30, so I don't really want to start it now.

Alrighty...I'm heading off for now since that is about all the blather that I feel like typing out of my brain right now.


A Garfield Monday

Speaking of Garfield, the comic in yesterday's paper was pretty funny. I think its hysterical how much our two cats are so like Garfield and Odie....but anyways, I digress

So I can already feel the beginning of a rough week. A LONG rough week. *sigh* *humming off key* ....I will surviveeeee..... (just as long as he does...LOL). Anyways, am I a little freaked out by the fact that he's in a plane on the anniversary of 9/11....yeah a little. Will I be worried until I find out that he made it okay...yeah, most definitely. So until lunchtime I'm going to be biting my nails....the worst part? They're gonna be taking down our network to do some changes here at work so I won't even have the internet to distract me from worrying. YIKES. Which is why I'm getting on here now and typing out all my frustrations. Sometimes it helps just to open this screen and pound out on the keyboard all the thoughts that are running around inside my head. Of course, then I have to go back and screen all the un-postable thoughts out.....*grin*

Well....have to run....time is getting short for net time....


Sunday, September 10, 2006

blogger in beta and other ramblings

So to answer the comment from NYNative on Blogger {Beta}....the different things about it are being able to rearrange the blog without having to use as much html...thats great. It does take a little bit to figure out...well, it does for me anyways, and I found myself still going back to the html several times trying to figure out how to make the header do what I want. Overall, I think I like it....and once you figure it out, it is definitely more user friendly (IMHO). Its just the figuring it out part...LOL. I DON'T like the little weirdness on the comments, but you can still comment and get comments from blogger {not beta} by using the option that is not being logged in or anon. I don't remember what exactly the option is, but I used it to comment right after I switched and it let me do that. The only difference I noticed is that it doesn't show the profile picture on the comment but who cares about that? The beta version also seems to be faster for posting and changing things...which is cool. Most of this info is in the blogger site....I'm one of those freaks that reads every bit of information on a subject before I go for it, so I read all the FAQs and tours and all that stuff before I jumped....LOL. But I like it. Thats all I can think of for now, but if I think of anything or notice anything later, I'll let ya know. =)

In other news....KC is needing to work today and he needs the internet, so I guess I should head off here...I need to do laundry anyways. Yesterday was so busy that I didn't get to do my usual chores, so I put them off til today. Joy, joy...that means my usual Sunday afternoon nap is probably not going to happen. Too bad.

Well, I'm off to it.


Saturday, September 09, 2006

Unplanned Events and other such stuff

Too bad life can't go like we plan, huh?

Today's plans:
  • Get up early
  • Straighten the house
  • Get ready to go out
  • Get scrappin stuff together
  • Leave around 9 to go to a crop at my cousins

What really happened:

  • Slept in
  • Straightened the house
  • Got ready to go out
  • Got scrappin stuff together
  • Getting ready to walk out the door at 9:10 (not bad, huh?)

Then KC comes in the door and says, I'm sorry, honey, you're not going to be able to go for awhile. I'm like, huh? You're kidding right? Nope. Why? Well, because of this:

So....I'm sitting here at the house waiting for him to come back with the car and his new tire. It is now 10:36. Bummer. Oh, and its a $75 bummer. I'm beginning to wonder....last time I tried to go to my cousins for the crop....well...remember the back of my car? LOL. Is there some reason why I'm not supposed to be going here? Well....anyways. At least this time its not my fault.....and its not really KC's either....he forgot the trash when he went out, so he turned around to come back and get it and there was something in the road where he turned around at that gashed his tire. Total loss.

Well, I hear I'm heading out now. Finally. =)


Friday, September 08, 2006


This is definitely going to take some getting used to....I think. I also think I like it, but the jury is still out on that one.

Haven't posted in a little while....things have been quiet and I haven't had much to say....or at least not that I can post on this blog anyways. LOL.

I'll say this much...sometimes I amaze myself with my incredible stupidity. It took me two days of thinking about it before I went: Oh DUH....*smacking self in forehead*

Sister's Night Out was last night....we had a good time...ended up at KR's house and had pizza and played was great.

Tonight KC and I are going to go to the Historic Downtown *our town* Festival....its always lots of fun....I doubt I'll take my camera just cuz its usually packed and I'd hate to lose it or it get stolen, plus I'm too lazy. LOL. So what else is new?

Well, I'm outa here....oh yeah, by the way, HAPPY FRIDAY!

Later, ya'll!

Testing...1, 2, 7....I mean 3

So I did it....i switched to Blogger in to figure out how to get it all back in order......

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A bit of random

Somebody was busy while I was on vacation last week. I walked by the bulletin board next to the drink machines on my way to lunch today and saw this ad:

"Books for sale from _____ (Loony Lady)
At the side of the Radio/TV building
From my copper-colored Buick Le Sabre"

Then a list of various college textbooks from geology to humanities to administrative to criminal justice (I'm telling you, she has taken it all). But what REALLY cracked me up (besides the fact that the wording of the first part is really strange -- and it is an exact quote -- except for the name of course) is the last book on her list: Weight Training for Life. BWAHAHAHAAAA....I am terrible! an attempt to NOT be such a terrible person, I will refrain from further comments. Also in an attempt to NOT be such a terrible person (can you tell I'm trying REALLY hard?) in order to protect the mean, innocent.....I won't take a picture of LL an post on here. That way, she will remain anonymous (cuz if I post a would KNOW HER ON SIGHT! ROFL!....oops...there I go again). Anyways, I'll just post this picture I found.....
Oops....was that bad? Here this one is a more accurate impression of her.....ROFL!

Okay, okay, okay....I really stink at being NOT terrible. So I guess that makes me terribly sorry....bwahahaha. I will say that the more amusement I get out of her antics, the less she gets on my nerves in real life and that can only be a good thing, right? ROFL!


Tuesday, September 05, 2006


UGH! blogger is SUPER weird about pictures (and today its being weird about text....the pictures are showing and the text is here but it wont post. GRRR....never mind it just posted the least I didn't lose it!).....well....its a free blog....guess I can't complain. *grin*

Anyways, been a couple days since I posted....I've been a busy lil chick. Did you think I was killed by the ant army? ROFL! Speaking of the ant army...let me just say that I recommend this stuff called can buy it at Lowes. It is some POWERFUL potion, let me tell ya! The parade is GONE! Not a single trail left. And there were HUNDREDS crawling over that trap and taking that yummy stuff back to their was SO discusting....I really wanted to just pick up the traps while the ants were inside and go on another cleaning frenzy. EW. Oh and by the way, if you ever need to use those ant traps in the liquid version, let me just warn you...DON'T pick it up and tilt it to see how many ants are in it. It REALLY stirs them up b/c the liquid drowns them so they will all come RUNNING out of the trap and you don't really realize how many ants that thing will hold at one time until they all come running out. Don't ask me how I know....just let me say it was REALLY hard to NOT go ballistic at the sight. *grin* At least I can smile house is ant-less....I hope forever. If not....bwahahaha....I will bring out the powerful "potion" *grin*. It really is amazing that after those traps were out for a day, that that many ants just...disappeared! Somewhere under the floor, I'm sure is a pile of dead ants. Better there than on my desk! Shoulda got one of those traps to start with...would have saved me a ton of cleaning (LOL). Oh well.

So after watching one too many home improvement shows on tv while we were on vacation....I got home and felt like (FINALLY) doing something to my bathroom. We painted the entire house before we moved in (we are so not boring antique white offense to anyone who is), but we didn't do the bathrooms...we figured we'd just do those later. Well...a little over a year later, neither one has been painted OR decorated.....until yesterday.
So Sunday afternoon (after church of course), we went to Lowes and I picked out these colors (sheesh, paint is SO expensive!). So we got home and I started painting the edges. I got most of that done and then after church Sunday night, I finished those and KC rolled it for me. It looks like a peanut butter milkshake....MMM. Then I had bought an ivy stencil a long time ago, and I wanted to use on my day off yesterday, I started on it.

Oh my goodness....almost 12 hours of work later.....I ended up with this.
Pictures really don't do it looks so much better in real life. Its a three part put one color on, then you layer the next stencil over it and put a second color, then the third stencil for the third and fourth colors (I had to mix the two greens for a darker color so it would show up on the peanut butter).

I don't have pictures of all of it....there is the stuff behind the door, over the top and down both sides of the mirror, and then a smaller little section in the left corner over the shower. It looks really awesome even if it DID take forever! I had some SERIOUS neck achin' by the time I finished. I started around 9-ish and finished about breaks (only stopped to pour a drink a couple of times and at lunch I took two minutes to stick some popcorn in the microwave....but then I ate it while I was working....brush in one hand, popcorn in the other.) And naughty me, I didn't stop for supper and I didn't eat breakfast before I the popcorn and dr pepper was the only sustenance for the day....I didn't even notice that I was hungry. So once I finished painting, I cleaned all my mess up, put all the paints away, and then I unpacked all our clothes from the trip and straightened the rest of the house....and still got in bed by 10:15....not too shabby for a lazy butt like me. *grin* Some days I feel good about myself. (Its rare, but it does happen occasionally) Okay and I admit to taking a little teensy bit of pride in my work (only a little...promise...LOL)....I kept walking in the bathroom after it was all put back together to admire my work...and you know me, I had to criticize it a bit, too...I'm too much of a perfectionist. The little mistakes...I did those on purpose....just so I couldn't be perfect. ROFL....just kidding. It was really me just being myself: Klutz....Kapital K! *GRIN*

Blah blah blah....nothing important to say. Back at work again...feels like I never had any time off....why IS that? Good thing I took pictures b/c its already a blur. *sigh*

Well...need to get busy...gotta get caught up.


Sunday, September 03, 2006

It's official!

Faith has had MULTIPLE cows. Not only that, the COWS have had cows. So we got home last night to a welcoming party that was MOST unwelcome. Our home has been invaded by the ant army once again. Only worse. This time they came in through a hole next to the bathtub in the hall bath....and proceeded to migrate their troops throughout the house. As I sit here typing, a parade of ants is marching across my desk. I would kill them, but we got some extra strength ant traps from our neighbor and they are eating it up, so I'm just waiting for them to parade back home and kill all their friends. GRRRR. We cleaned all the house last night, but this morning they are still here. So we broke out the ant traps. How IRRITATING.

Oh, and we're back to dialup again. THAT is irritating. Last week's high speed spoiled me. In the time it took for the pages to load to get me into this screen, I got my clothes ironed for church, put lotion on, got dressed and came back and still had to wait a few times. I HATE dialup, and I HATE the end of vacations....but it is good to see my babies again. *GRIN* The cats were SO happy to see was almost funny.

Anyway....rant over for now.....gotta finish getting ready.