Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hunkered Down its been a leetle teensy tiny bit freaky the last couple of hours. We're just tourists....we're not used to this kind of weather events back home in the piedmont of NC. I've seen storms, but the wind howling and flinging rain....not to mention the lightning....well....yeah. It's a little freaky. The door to the condo sounds like one of those movies where unearthly beings are howling outside trying to get in....and if you try to open it (yeah, I tried cuz I couldn't figure out what that noise was) it blows in on you and you have to put full body force against it to get it to shut back. weird. DEFINITELY!

And mom, if you're reading NOT flip out. We are perfectly safe. If you find out tomorrow morning that all twelve stories of this condominium washed out to sea, then you can worry....otherwise...try not to, okay? I know how you are. *grin* and i LOVE you, mom! Stop worrying. I'm doing enough for both of us, trust me. ROFL!

Hopefully this will blow on through shortly and the weather will perk up again tomorrow. Today wasn't too bad. We went out for lunch since it looked like we'd be stayin in for supper. Anyways, we drove down to Colonial Mall on 17 and hung out in Books A Million for awhile. The perfect rainy day activity. *smiles* Oh and did I mention that I took several naps between doing laundry (yes, even on vacation, some things never end)....anywhoo, it was SO nice to curl up on the couch with a cozy blanket and sleep IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY!!!! Yes! I am almost happy that one day of our vacation was totally stuck on indoor activities....for all those days that I have to sit at a stinkin desk and work when its soo rainy and dreary outside and can't take a was TRUE vacation! *smiles*

BUT....being indoors all day.....really made me realize how much....I MISS MY BAAAAABIES! WAHHHHHHH. Alright...whine over.

Okay that is like some serious wind, ya'll. I have to raise my voice to get KC to hear me....and he's sitting about 6 feet away from me...okay maybe slight exaggeration....but it IS loud!

I'm off now....

Later, ya'll.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

More Sun...

We are totally brown indians. Mostly no burn....except for me......apparently I didn't sunscreen enough so now I'm feelin it. Especially on my nose. KC looks red but he's not burnt....lucky dog. Anywhoo.....we were out on the beach today enjoying the last day of sunshine before Ernesto stops in for a visit and takes all the blue skies away. I was kinda surprised....its been pretty sunny all day. So we went out about 10 and came back in around 2. The beach was pretty crowded today....but we stuck our chairs right in the surf so the water was running up over our feet and under our chairs. It was great! I got a few pictures but they're on the non-digital post those later....and might not. *grin*
So blogger is being really irritating when it comes to posting pictures. So you'll have pictures on one side and then text and then pictures on the other side. *smiles* So we played mini golf last night at Mutiny Bay....carribean and pirates....*GRIN* Couldn't resist. Not sure who won....i think we forgot to add up the scores....ROFL...probably more peacable that way.
Oh yeah, this was my beach reading for today. Awesome book....its about an anonymous blogger....sometimes I think I should have kept this thing anonymous but oh well....maybe I'll go start an anonymous one, too. *grin* Anywhoo....
Thats about it for today....another exciting day of nothin but re.lax.ation!
Later, ya'll

Monday, August 28, 2006


Vacation is tiring. LOL. End of day two....we decided to spend the next couple of days out enjoying the sun as it appears that Ernesto is going to head up here and ruin the end of the week for us. Well, it won't ruin it, but it will ruin the sun part of it. *grin*

Today we were out in the water quite a bit....with a bit of pink noses to prove always, my pink nose is VERY slight and will fade by in the morning. (unfortunately, the pink will fade, not my nose....although i'd LIKE it to fade about 1/2 an inch...ROFL)

Took this picture after we got back into our condo this afternoon.....the evidence of our day drying out for tomorrow. I didn't take the camera down to the beach since we were in and out of the water and I'd be pretty dumb to leave an expensive camera sitting in the beach chair while we are out playing in the water. I have one of those underwater disposable cameras but of course it's not digital, so I can't upload anything I take with it....until after it's developed anyways.

We did go out for a little while at lunch today....went to Barefoot Landing b/c I found out there was another scrapbook store there and wanted to check it out. I definitely liked the one at Broadway better. Oh well....we ate lunch at Ultimate California Pizza (Barefoot Landing) and it was YUMMY-LICIOUS!!! And we also gave in to temptation and bought a chunkload of different kinds of fudge from the Fudgery (which is currently sitting on the table in the kitchen, name....LOL) Must hurry and finish this post so I can go indulge. I've been good so far...well, mostly....KC on the other hand....ROFL....well, lets just say the four miles we walked tonight on the beach did us both good. *grin*

This time I took my camera on the walk. Which can be quite pain but well worth the effort. I was pretty happy with some of the pictures I got. I do not have photoshop or anything on KC's computer so these are just resized....they really need to be edited b/c I am having some serious problems with fuzziness thanks to the humidity and the fog it creates on the lens. Oh how I would love to be a decent photographer. Oh well...maybe someday.

So we walked down to the Cherry Grove Pier which was two miles....this is the pier....looks pretty neat, huh? Picture quality isn't too great but maybe I can fix that once I get home. This was at the middle of our walk....and the end of my picture taking for the evening. Walking back was too dark for pictures.

Okay....I totally can't get blogger to let me rearrange these pictures. After the first two of the pier, the next one is pretty self explanatory....thats my honey. He took one of me but its discusting...LOL. And its not his picture taking skills that make it discusting....hehehe. Anywho, the next one is the pier next to our condo, not sure what the name of it is, but the picture was taken from the little walkway from our condo to the beach. And the last one was taken on our way down to the Cherry Grove Pier.

And now, I'm off to raid the fudge box....bwahahahaha.....


Sunday, August 27, 2006

"Bob" and drunk guys....

Well....its relaxation time....this is the best part of a day of vacation: having spent the day wearing yourself out with fun stuff....coming back to the condo and kicking back for an evening full of "do-nuthin." I love it. *grin*

At this particular moment, KC just channel surfed over to ABC and Pirates of the Carribean is playing....woohoo...the sword scene between Jack and Will in the blacksmith shop or whatever....LOL....and now the channel is changed. Am I the only one who gets irritated when the dear hubby constantly changes the channel in search of something are so weird.....GRRR...thats irritating (specially when its Capt'n Jack and Will...hehe). But...since I'm bloggin and on his computer doing it, I guess I'll just keep my nose out this time. *GRIN*

I didn't take my camera out much today....mostly b/c I didn't have a small camera bag and there is no way I was going to lug around that huge case. I did take a couple from our balcony though. So the first picture...the really foggy one....I couldn't figure out why it looked smoky through the lens....then I figured out that when I stepped out on the balcony, the humidity was fogging up the glass. So I wiped it and tried to take another picture but I couldn't keep it clear long they're all a leetle fuzzy. (Oh well) We went out on the beach this morning with our boogie boards and rode the waves for a few hours....these pics were taken right after we got back to our room around lunchtime. Then we got cleaned up and washed the salt off and went down to Myrtle to Broadway on the Beach. Hard Rock Cafe for lunch, and Coldstone Creamery for desert (strawberry cheesecake icecream with white chocolate chips in it.....MMMM). Mostly we just walked around and window shopped, BUT....i found a store called Scrapbooking on the Beach or something like that.....OH MY LANDS!!!! All kinds of cool stuff....had to drop a few dollars there of course. Can't window shop in a place like that. LOL. Left there and went to Tanger a couple things there...mostly more window shopping though.....finally finished and then stopped guessed it....Walmart (LOL) to pick up a camera bag so I can take the camera out of time out. *smiles*

Anyways....we came back and went down to the pool for a few minutes, but that didn't last long. If anyone has seen the movie "What About Bob" then you might understand how irritating weird people following you around can be. LOL....and let me tell you...we have a "Bob" here in the building. We "met" him the first day (and got a little TMI all at the same time). So thank heaven for small least he's not on our floor. I don't think I'm being paranoid, but he seems to follow us. We got out on the beach this morning and he came out and picked a chair about two up from us....of course, we stayed out in the waves until he left...then this evening, when we were in the lazy river, it took him about 15 minutes to show up...and less than 5 after that for us to leave. So the lazy river is on the 6th floor and the pool is on the ground floor so we just went down to the indoor pool which was pretty quiet. And who do we see peering in the window about 10 minutes after that? Yep. You guessed it. I think being in a "room" and not outside may have deterred him b/c he headed out to the beach after that. Oh and we can't forget the first day when he took the elevator going DOWN so he could keep talking to us until we got off and THEN he went back up to his floor. Sheesh. Yeah bless his heart and everything....guess no vacation can be perfect.

Speaking of imperfections.....our place is great. However last night we discovered that the walls in our bedroom are not much thicker than paper. Wanna know how we found out? We were sound asleep and bout 11:30 or so it sounds like the place is falling down around us. I'm thinking....what in the WORLD? Well the first couple thumps I was okay with....but they continued. Not only continued, got worse....doors slamming....repeatedly....people talking loudly...banging was literally like they were in the condo WITH us. I was SOO ticked....I was THIS close to banging on the wall. I even walked to the door to see if anyone was out there for me to yell at. GRRR....every time I tried to go back to sleep there would be another series of bangs and bumps. So I roll out of bed and KC goes...where are you going? I'm bang on the wall or something. He says, NO, you GET back into bed NOW. I'm confused now....what's his problem...then he says, they are drunk and you can't do anything about it...just try to ignore it. So I get back into bed....I'm totally that I'm definitely not going to do anything and I don't want KC doing anything now either. There were at least three guys in there and it must have been in the room behind ours. And after KC said that about them being drunk....about 5 minutes later we hear some more bangs and bumps and then one of them turns the shower on and gets in...and commences singing....singing this (loudly and off key): I'm singing in the shower....singing in the showerrrrrrr. Yep....seriously...and we could hear every single bad note of that little sounded like he was in OUR shower....thats how thin the walls are. Definitely had a few too many drinks. Oh I was HOT!

Well, they were finally quiet and I fell back asleep (surprisingly enough KC slept through most of it) but I wake up this morning (around 6:30-7) and the first thing that goes through my head is hmmmmm....guess they probably aren't awake yet since they were up so late....I think it would be fitting for me to start banging around really loudly and slamming doors....ROFL. it was an evil thought...I know....not exactly turning the other cheek. So I resisted temptation....but I didn't tiptoe around either. LOL.

Anywhoo....I'm getting hungry now so I'm going to raid the kitchen. Here's some pictures before I go...okay maybe not. They're not posting. OH well.


Saturday, August 26, 2006


Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE vacation? Particularly one where I can look out the door and see the ocean??? Yeah. Well. I do. *smiles*

Been here about....oh, six hours I guess....and so far have scouted out the local Wallyworld and picked up some grub and then came back to our room and took a walk down the beach at the water's edge. Nuttin like it. Only problem...just missin my babies....I hope they're being good for their Uncle Scott. *smiles*

Okay...getting off now to enjoy the evening. Am considering buying an oceanfront vacation home...LOL. Wouldn't that be nice....*grin* Yeah....thats about the extent of the consideration.

Later, ya'll!

Friday, August 25, 2006

I'm PSYCHED....iTs FrIdAy

It appears that blogger is really S L O W today, so I'm going to publish this and see if it works and then I'll just come back and edit the post. I can't stand typing a whole bunch of words and then losing it. That would make my day, which has gone SO well thus far, would make it less joyful. That wouldn't be here goes....

Okay it gave me an error message, but it seems like it DID here goes nuthin.....

YAY PEOPLE....its 4:32....only 28 minutes to go and by the time I post this, it will probably be more like 15 minutes to go.....Vacation is ALMOST HERE! WOOHOO. I have been sooo hyper today....its been a LONG time since I have been this excited over a vacation...probably since the last time we went on vacation...ROFL!!!!!

So really, I have to say has been incredible. Not that I'm superstitious, but I have to knock on wood here.....its been TOO perfect. For example: I had to go to walmart at lunch and pick up a few things for our trip. I pulled into the parking lot and all the way up next to the handicap parking was an empty one had just was just...WAITING on me. How cool is that? And this is FRIDAY at the SUPER NEVER get a front row seat on Friday! Then, I get all my stuff without having one single "stupid men" incident and get in my car and run down to the gas station which has like at least one car waiting for every pump...and somebody pulls away and leaves a pump open and NO one moved over to get I was able to just pull straight on in and fill'er up.....the best part? Didn't have a single "stupid men" incident. And the trend continued....I stop at Taco Bell for lunch (normally at least a 15 minute wait, but I figured that would be the TRUE test of my stroke of....blessings)....and what'dya know....pull up to the ordering thing, pull up to the window, pay and get my food in less than 3 minutes. SWEEEEET baby!!!!!! Why can't every day be just this good??? Now I'm knockin on me go home and find the cat dead or something terrible like that. Oooh, stop it ms pessimist.....okay. Anyway.

Can you tell by this post how HYPER i am today? Eek, its bad. I have been bouncing off the walls!

So what is UP with crazy church signs?????? I've been pondering this for the last week....its that SAME church with the crazy signs I talked about a couple months ago....if they wanted my attention, they got it, but I'd never darken the door....come on now....

Last week's sign:
(what in the WORLD???)

This week's sign:
(this one seems to be out of this world...LOL)

Okay, so I'm thinking....this has got to be a weird way of passing secret messages. Its a conspiracy....there has to be something going on....they don't make sense in ANY way....they don't make Bible sense and they CERTAINLY don't make common sense. It would be funny to watch cars going by.....either direction....a car drives by the church and the head shakes in a puzzled manner for at least 5 minutes past it.....ROFL!!! Imagine a line up of cars that have just passed the church....a whole bunch of people shaking their heads....BWAHAHA....yeah...i have a weird imagination. ROFL!

And then there are the church signs I pass that make me go, "hey...that's smart" or "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"

One a couple of weeks ago (not on the weird church):
(thats a good point!)

One today that made me laugh (again....not on the weird church):

Well....guess what?! Its 4:58.....I am SO outa here. Hopefully I'll be checking in on the HIGHSPEED INTERNET in our condo! *GRIN* Its amazing what those two words do to a person who only has dialup at home. ROFL!

Later, ya'll!!!!!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Attack of the Ants and other random details

Well...yesterday evening was not exactly one of the best nights of my life! Let me tell was downright aggravating! I didn't get to go to church b/c I got home from work last night and having absolutely no previous warning signs of this, found a couple ants on the floor in the living room....and on closer was more than a we're talking at least a couple of hundred. I mean, this happened like overnight....there was no sign of any six-legged critters the night before...or even yesterday morning. So I was up until 11:15 trying to get a grip on the ant infestation before we go out of town. *SIGH* I'm exhausted! I gave serious consideration to taking a picture to post on here, but they were those really little ants, and I didn't have the time to figure out how to make my camera take a good picture. So you'll just have to picture it in your head.

Yep, so as soon as I ate some supper, skin crawling the whole time (isn't it interesting how being around bugs or thinking about it does that to you?) I went straight down to wallyworld last night and picked up the deluxe ant traps and RAID spray that kills on contact. Then I came back home and sprayed all the ones I found and waited for the floor to dry. While I was waiting I beat the kitchen rug and sprayed it and cleaned off all the possible crumb (food) areas in the kitchen...including the crumb tray in the toaster oven and all the countertops and EVERYTHING. Once all the sprays on the floor dried, I swept all the ants and trash up, mopped the floor (like REALLY good...behind the furniture and everything and used a stronger mix of Murphy's Oil Soap) and then put the traps down and sprayed the spray in the crack at the front door (which is where it looked like they were coming in at). I also had to sweep and mop down the hallway and then I vacuumed all the bedrooms and living room furniture all the way down to under the sofa cushions....I SO meant business. Then I changed the vacuum cleaner bag (in case there were any live ants to crawl out) and took out the trash (in case any that were swept up dared to live).

There are NO ANTS ALLOWED in my house! I actually got up several times last night to go in and make sure my floor was still clean and antless. *GRIN* ....on the bright side, the living area of the house is SPOTLESS!

Yes, its me....{drumroll please}....Faith ~ the mighty ant killer!!! ROFL!

One thing is for sure....if I get home this afternoon and I see an ant.....Faith will not be the ant killer, she will be the cow haver! ROFL!!!!!

Anywhoo.....thats the story of my life for the day. Only one day and 2 hours and 5 minutes left of work until vacation. YAY! So excited. Can't wait. Can't get here soon enough.

Oh yeah....had to laugh when I saw LL today....her skirt is a hawaiian print from the 20's at least....and its worn about 6 inches above her actual waist....its bright. yellow. I asked one of her favorite guys if he had a picture of her that I could have....his response?

"I'll have to look around a little and see- we might have a print somewhere we could scan. It's tough because we generally try to keep cameras away from {LL} ; you understand."


Okay....catch ya....Later!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hump Day

And oh my...Friday can't get here quick enough! BUT there are only TWO workdays left until Saturday! Yayyyy! I really hope this vacation is at least half as awesome as our vacation LAST year at this time which was in Vegas. It would be hard to top that trip. I'd tell ya about it, but ya know what they say....what happens in vegas....LOL.

So I still don't have a picture of Looney Lady but someone was telling me today about this "tale" that she told THEM. Bless it...she does have issues....she has to....I mean, who would talk about stuff like that to just anybody they happen to come in contact with? I know I'm slightly off-balanced, but she makes me look normal...not an easy feat! ROFL!!!! Anyways, so according to what she told this person who told me (and taking into account how things get confused when passing along the grapevine...LOL) she thinks women (and this friend of hers in particular) are....well....maybe I shouldn't use that term.....but basically she thinks they get too much of a good thing. And the reason she thinks this is because her friend used to come and stay with her for a week every summer and while staying with her, one night she wanted LL to share LL's husband with her. And when LL wouldn't, the friend went out and found a guy to spend the night with her. And the friend didn't come this year....i'm assuming b/c of the "incident". But ya know....thats a strange story...knowing LL's...uh...way of thinking....she probably imagined the whole thing in a fit of jealousy. As much as she does not like me....I still can't help feeling sorry for her...I know I'm kooky, but at least I'm aware of that fact....she thinks she's normal.

*sigh* Oh well....its about time to head out of I guess I'll be talkin to ya....


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Is it Friday yet?

Oh man....I am SOO ready for the weekend....mostly b/c on Saturday we'll be going HERE! for a WHOLE WEEK! WOOOOHOOOO! Can we say EXCITED? I'm so ready to get out of Dodge! And with the month ahead....which is so crammed that there is not a free Saturday in sight until the middle of October (yeah its true...I just checked...bummer)....I think we're definitely going to need to be rested up before all that.

Now to get the house/petsitter lined up for the week so I won't worry about leaving my babies alone all week.....I'm not sure I'll be able to manage without them. *sigh* My big fat Jango sleeps on my pillow with his chin on my head most of the time and his purring puts me to am I gonna survive a week without his cuddliness. *sigh* But its vacation...and its going to be worth it...and he hates the car....he cries whenever its moving....and that would be a long five hours b/c he doesn't just "CRY" he moans, screams, yowls, etc. LOL.

Eh...anyways. Not much else going on except for the eagerly anticipated trip. Everything has been rather quiet lately. Well...ya know...not really but some things ya just can't talk about. Not that anyone is reading this who would care....but ya never know. Wouldn't want to expose how truly insane I really am. *smiles*

{Missing paragraph on the idiotic male species moved to Private Insanity}

Okay so I know I'm weird, but I seriously have a guilt complex. Its like I'm not doing anything to be guilty about so I blow little things up in my head so I'll have something to fret over. Is this a carryover from my worrywart personality that my mother handed down? KC and I discussed this at length last night. He seems to think that the things that I'm feeling guilty over are just blown up "mountains out of molehills" that I needn't worry about....but I can't NOT worry about something....yeah...I'm just weeeeird. Is very frustrating b/c I hate a guilty feeling especially when I KNOW its not something I should feel guilty over. Can't tell you the number of times I've gone to someone or apologized for something "just to be sure" and they have no clue what I'm talking about or didn't think anything of it.....that will make ya feel stupid.... GRRRRR. Oh well...whats one more frustrating issue in my "already overloaded with frustrating things" life.

Okay....nuff venting for one day....its time to head out and that means only three days left till saturday!!!!!!!


Saturday, August 19, 2006


Photo shoot was a royal disaster. GRRRRR. First we postponed it to this morning b/c neither one of us felt like it last night. Plus its way more difficult taking pictures of the person you married than a general aquaintance (and I have a few theories on that....LOL) But the biggest problem was that I apparently had the camera settings all goofed up. I got a whole bunch of seriously blown out pictures and it was quite aggravating. On the bright side (and yeah, these pictures are the effect is kinda artsy-cool....there is no way to rescue them even with the magic of photoshop, BUT....if you play with the curves and colors and all that good stuff....and pretend you did it on purpose....well...maybe all is not lost. I do love the way it makes KC's eyes look here: And the photo in my new header was taken today....its blown out but when I used the Urban Acid action on it and played with the settings, I kinda liked the effect. Oh and credits on the photoshop brushes used for the new header: ObsidianDawn and from the looks of it, the artist was redheadstock(?). I'm terrible with remembering where I got stuff....its bad when you have cool brushes but can't use them b/c you don't have the credits. *sigh* Ah well...anyways.

I think thats it for today. Here's a quote that sums up my mood of the last couple of days:
"Some days you're the dog....and some days you're the hydrant." (unknown)
"Some days you're the bug....and some days you're the windshield." (also unknown)
These days...I think I'm the hydrant. And I'm not exactly sure which is the good or bad in the second quote....both seem to lean toward bad....or good....uh....never mind. I'm tired. Off to bed now.


Friday, August 18, 2006

Finally Friday!

KC has agreed to let me photograph him tonight. *crossing fingers* YAY! Can't wait....I'll try not to torture him too much so that I can use him for a model later. LOL. He's definitely got the "temperamental" part of modeling downpat. ROFL. JUST KIDDING....I love you honey.

Just for the record, I'm seriously happy about the fact that today is Friday and there is only an hour left before quittin' time. Today has been S.L.O.W.! {That stands for Seriously Lacking On, that appears to be all I can come up with on short notice...LOL}. Anywho....I'm sure I could come up with some work to do, but since I'm stuck to the phones today (since the normal phone answerer is off on Fridays) I am just sitting here waiting on the phone to ring. I think I worked too hard getting caught up on my desk work, b/c now I'm sitting here twiddling my thumbs....and the rest of my fingers (as I'm typing).

In other news....Looney Lady is back on campus. Phiddlesticks....I don't have my camera today. Soon. Oh remember what I said about her not liking ANY lady in this building? One of the instructors came out of her office today (one that works with Jay....the biggest offense of all) and says to me: "know what today is?"
me: ", what?"
her: "the day LL shows up on campus"
me: "oh, yeah, I already saw her"
her: "oh, I can't stand that woman"
me {laughing}: "what did she do to you?"
her: "she tells all my students that I'm sleeping with Jay....and everyone else I come in contact with...."

Ah....nice to know I'm not the only one she singles out. More looney tunes to come....stay tuned.

Eh....thats about it for now I guess. I'm outa here.


Thursday, August 17, 2006

Here's Proof

that I am absolutely, positively, certifiably.....INSANE. For multiple being that I am even posting this at all. LOL.

Isn't it funny when ancient history suddenly shows up in current life? It just makes me stop and think about the fact that I love my dear hubby VERY much.....and when ancient (or not so ancient) history pops up, it just makes me appreciate the fact that I was smart enough to marry him b/c he is an AWESOME husband and one of the rare non-perverted men that I have had the good fortune (okay, so it wasn't fortune, it was God...but anyways) to come in contact with and to keep as a permanent fixture in my life. And I'm not just saying that because I found out yesterday that he DOES in fact read this blog on occasion....ROFL! Honest! Cross my heart! I don't really hope to die, but you get the picture....I'm not just saying it for that.

Anyways, so mom comes into work the other day with a handful of discs. She cleaned out some boxes at her house and found some floppy discs that were apparently my old stuff. Now most of them were just boring junk...mostly song lyrics....that I trashed. (Which is also where this one is going after this post) of them's pictures. Hmm....okay. Let's see what we have here. of ex-boyfriend..... No further comment on that.....

But here's the insane part....

WHAT IN THE WORLD do guys see in THIS??? Yeah....these pictures were ALSO on that disc. There wasn't one single flattering shot of me on there! So I'm thinking...yeah, that's what I look like?!?!? Why in the world were those two guys much less KC interested in me? Can we say *GAG*? I look drunk! I do NOT understand! Who would hit on THIS? They must be as insane as the insane person who would post pictures like this of herself on a public blog. LOL! that my appetite is totally ruined...I'm heading off for lunch....

Can I just say one more time before I incredibly lucky I am to have a guy like KC? Yeah...I am. I think I'm going to have to force him into letting me take his picture on Saturday so I can post all about him! *grin* Either that, or I'm gonna have to go find some really bad pictures of him to go along with these awful ones of me....BWAHAHAHA.....


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hump Day

Yay! I'll be happier when its Friday. Hopefully happier than I was LAST Friday anyways. Today has alternately flown and dragged by. I just realized I never finished my lunch...I went walking with my friends & coworkers today for the first part of my lunch and then I was going to the library for the rest of my lunch and now its almost five and I never made it to the library. Oops.

Thats about all the interesting news I have for the day. I only got hit on by Dennis today....and he only did that b/c he was making fun of me for that last blog entry....and b/c it bugs me. LOL....and he was actually literally punching me in the shoulder. Like I said, he was laughing at me and poking fun. Isn't that sweet? LOL...I guess I can take it from him....but he's only one of the select few allowed to poke fun. *grin* Shhhh...don't tell him. LOL.

Okay its 5 and everyone is waiting on me. LOL


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bad blogger

Yes, that would be me. I have been soo busy. Ya'd think with VBS over now, that I'd have time to post. Or at least rest....LOL. this case it was none of the above.
Saturday....oh phooey....blogger is so corny when it comes to pictures sometimes. One of them just disappeared. *SIGH*

Anywho, as I was saying....Saturday, KC an I went to Hickory shopping (I had to take some of the leftover VBS stuff back) and bought this lovely wooden word "faith" from hobbylobby which is now adorning my desk. Gotta luv that store! Got home about midafternoon and started some laundry after discovering that one (or both) of our lovely kitkats decided they didn't like me anymore and peed at least three times on my shirt that didn't quite make it to the hamper the night before. Probably b/c I've been the one force-feeding the antibiotics for their clawless feet for the last week or so......maybe? So that was fun to come home to.

{Missing paragraph on the idiotic male species moved to Private Insanity}

Rest of the weekend....pretty normal. Worked on this recipe box for myself. I am so in love. Its so pretty, neat, and organized....I'll have to find a picture of my ugly, very seriously unorganized, old recipe box. anyways, here's pictures of the new one. URGH....I can't get the pictures to show up where I want them to be. GRRRRR...oh with it.

Yesterday I was at work, but we had convocation on campus all day which left me no time to post. I had fun despite the boringness of the sessions....LOL. Susan and I took the same classes....we are such goofballs....we spent most of the time laughing at funny stuff.....and making up funny stuff to laugh at....BWAHAHA! Now its today and its almost time to go I'm going to finish up this post and head out.

Have a great afternoon and I'll talk to ya.....


PS Here's a funny quote for ya....

Me? I'm dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly. It's the honest ones you want to watch out for, because you can never predict when they're going to do something incredibly... stupid. {Jack Sparrow-Pirates of the Carribbean}

Friday, August 11, 2006

Friday. Yay.

Could you see the enthusiasm in THAT title? Yeah. I thought not. Actually. I. Am. All. Out. Of. Enthusiasm. I burned it all out in kids crafts in VBS. Along with my optimistic, creative, upbeat, patient personality. Yep...its all gone....all thats left is a guilty feeling for being burned out....oh and a little bit of complaining, negative, impatient, grumpy personality. Okay...a lot. LOL. Okay.....see there....I still have a little bit of laugh left. *sigh* just a little.

Not much to say today except I'm so tired. same old story. But on the bright side...I survived the last night of VBS crafts and all thats left is the "program." How bout a hallelujah?! Never mind.

I'm sorry....I don't have anything positive to say today. Let me go find something random to leave you with......

Ahhh...a quote:
Elizabeth Swann: There will come a time when you'll have the chance to do the right thing.
Jack Sparrow: I love those moments. I love to wave at them as they pass by.'s another....
Elizabeth Swann: It's real!
Norrington: My God. You actually were telling the truth.
Jack Sparrow: I do that quite a lot. Yet people are always surprised.
Will Turner: With good reason.



Thursday, August 10, 2006

Has it really been 3 DAYS?

Since I last posted? Sheesh....I have been SO busy. And I am SO tired. This VBS thing is killing me. I don't think I'm going to be up for it next year. I think next year, I'm taking the Vacation and leaving the Bible School to the people who have the patience and nerves to deal with it. Honestly, this has not been a good week for me....they are jumpin' all up and down all over my last nerve. I'm not sure if its because they're not mine or just the basic fact that we don't have any right now thats shortening my fuse but I'm seriously not handling it well. Maybe its just me...I don't know. All I know is I'm tired....of everything. {Gripe, gripe, gripe. Yeah, I know....I'm sorry} Another thing thats bugging me right now {sorry again...just can't stop} is that the count is up to SIX: couples in our group of friends that are due between October and March/April. And thats NOT counting the ones that are simply in the "acquaintance" group. I don't know what they're all drinking or how its missing me but I'm kinda sick of it. This has just been a rough week, top it off by being tired and not feeling well, and if I keep going I'm going to end up having a wonderful pity party complete with real crocodile

On the positive side....or would this also be negative....anywho, VBS hasn't been all bad. There are always some kids that stick out...these are my favorites this year. Yeah I know, we don't pick favorites, but everybody knows it happens, you just can't let it show. LOL. These are good kids. Makes up for some of the not so sweet ones.

Monday, August 07, 2006

I was right....

I was dead last night. LOL. I think the day I agreed to be in charge of crafts for ages 2-15 for VBS this year....well...I think I must have been out of my mind cuz I don't know WHAT I was thinking. SHEESH.

Anyways, I'm back to post those pictures I promised. Fingers crossed that blogger works today! So the first picture was taken in my favorite class of all...where we did this project of covering wooden letters. I actually covered both sides of the "A" and "T" so that I can reverse them whenever I want a different look. Cool, huh? Learned some new techniques for covering letters and totally LOVED Donna Downey. You can check her out here if you want to see some of her pictures from convention or more of her stuff. She was great!

The other classes were pretty cool, too...I didn't get any pictures in the other classes, but here is the link to one of them. The other class was a Bazzill and Basic Grey class which was VERY fast paced and I barely kept up, much less took any pictures. LOL.

One thing that kinda aggravated me was that I didn't give myself enough time between classes to do much shopping in the vendor faire....I kept passing things up b/c the lines were long and said I'd just come back later but then later I didn't have any time left at all. *SIGH* So I took $100 with me and spent around $46 and that included lunch. GRRRRR.

Something that was really cool though....I met up with this lady that I met on Scrapjazz awhile back....we didn't get to talk much but it was neat to meet an online friend. I hope she got a better picture of us b/c I'm totally cheesing in this one....{*gag* can we say dork?}....but anyways. So that was my fun weekend.

Now....gotta get ready for work....and after work....back to VBS. Joy.


Sunday, August 06, 2006

QUICK post

And I do mean quick. LOL....its time to leave for church....actually three minutes ago and I won't be home till late tonight since VBS starts tonight and I'll be up there all day to finish getting ready before it I just wanted to hop on and post REALLY quick.

Convention was totally awesome. Donna Downey's class was my favorite. She was really cool. I've got some pictures but there is no way I have time right this minute to wait for blogger to upload them, so maybe if its not too late when I get home tonight, I can post them then. Another really cool thing at convention was that I got to meet an online friend from Scrapjazz. I have a picture of that too.....and I'll be back to post all that and links later tonight...if I'm not dead. LOL.

Later ya'll!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Another Fast'n....

Man, I have absolutely no time anymore!!! GRRR. Its gonna be another rushed evening. I'm heading out of work around three (which is only 10 minutes from now) and I'll be off until 3:30 tomorrow.....when i'll come in for an hour and then go pick up my car from the shop. Okay is that a weird schedule or what?! I'd explain but....just don't have time.

Tonight we're gonna be working on getting ready for VBS....and tomorrow and tomorrow night, too....and then Saturday: THE SCRAPBOOK CONVENTION!!!!! SO I'll be pretty scarce for the next couple of days.

I keep trying to get those pictures to upload on the post two posts back....but so far no success. I'll go try one more time and then I'm outa here. If you don't hear from me before then....have a great weekend!!!!!


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Quick post

to let you know I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. I may be losing my mind, but at this point its not as bad as falling off the....well you know. LOL

Been soooo busy....yesterday I took a comp day off work and went shopping in Hickory with KR and baby G (remember cuteness?) for VBS crafts and then when we finally got back home I worked on figuring out some of the crafts so that we'll be able to show the kids how to do them. IT SHOULDN'T BE THIS COMPLICATED! SHEEESH! It looks like I'm going to need to take off Friday, too, to get this finished, although I'm not sure how I'm going to work this out since I'm going to need to pick up my car from the shop on Friday afternoon here in *the town where I work*......YIKES.

Saturday is of course the long awaited CK CONVENTION in Charlotte....super excited about that although I wish they had scheduled VBS for a different week....*sigh* Ah well. Life is crazy busy....but at least its life. Don't particularly look forward to the alternative.

Oh, must brag on my friend, Susan. She is my HERO! Knowing how totally in love with Dr. Pepper that I am....she made homemade Dr. Pepper ice cream and brought it to work for me this morning. How super cool is THAT? I have awesome friends!

Gotta run....will be back as soon as I have more time!